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New Integration Alert! Chekin

New Integration Alert! Chekin

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Today we want to introduce you to Chekin, a tool that will allow you to save hundreds of hours per year, avoid thousands of € and earn more money increasing your reservations.

Do you want to know what it consists of?

If you are the owner of a tourist accommodation, surely you know that you usually waste a lot of time with the entire check-in process of your guests, but you don't probably know how many hours this task involves. Spoiler: For each property you normally spend more than 300 hours per year.

These are the tasks that are usually done in every reservation:

  • Capture the data of every single guest
  • The guest data must be kept in a visitors' book for a period of 3 to 7 years.
  • Register one by one all the data of the guests to the appropriate authorities.
  • Calculate and pay the tourist taxes
  • Drawing up rental agreements and making guests sign them
  • Verify the identity of guests one by one
  • Moving to the house for key handover
  • Verify the payment of the reservations depending on the platform you use
  • Capture the deposit
  • Charge guests for extra services

Can you imagine a tool that will automatically do everything for you?

This is what Chekin is all about. Imagine not having to do any of these processes manually again. You will be able to manage all the properties you want without any effort and making sure that you comply with all the legal requirements.

You will be able to configure your Chekin account to enable online check-in or even add a self check-in and never have to visit the property again to hand over the keys. Your guests will be happy. They will enter and leave the property easily with no need to worry.

In case you were wondering if they are integrated with your PMS or your remote access service, here are all the Chekin integrations.

Start using Chekin now. You will have 14 days for free to try everything.

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