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Most Profitable Events, Weekends, Holidays, and Times of the Year for Airbnb Hosts

Most Profitable Events, Weekends, Holidays, and Times of the Year for Airbnb Hosts

Operating an Airbnb business makes you a part of the hospitality industry. And the hospitality industry is subject to peak and low seasons, weeks, and even days that vary throughout the year. Maximizing revenue earned during peak season is crucial if an Airbnb host wants to remain profitable on average throughout the year, weathering the waxing and waning whims of the traveler.

Knowing which times of the year are the most profitable for hosting on Airbnb allows Airbnb hosts to prepare ahead to maximize their revenue earned.

What are the Best Holidays for Airbnb Hosts?

According to Airbnb data, some of the most profitable holidays for hosting on Airbnb are:


A major holiday in North America, many travellers will either visit family or take a family trip over the holiday. In the US, Airbnb hosts earned over $112 million over Thanksgiving in 2021 (Nov 25) while in Canada hosts made over $13 million each day of the October 2-9 period.


A major holiday all over the world where people travel to visit family, and friends or go on holiday as they catch up on their remaining days of leave, Christmas is a profitable holiday for hosts globally. According to Airbnb, hosts in the US earned over $107 million (Dec 24) and over $104 million (December 27) in 2021.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is one of the most booked nights of the year on Airbnb, despite cancellations based on fears of potential guests throwing parties. In 2021, nearly 4.5 million guests stayed in Airbnbs in over 53,000 places around the world with guests traveling farther from their homes than before, to South America, Asia, and Europe.


One of the busiest weekends for hosts and airports, the Easter weekend usually sees people fly back home to visit family and friends and/or take a trip, with the average spend in 2022 up 74% year over year.

Spring Break

Spring break may be best known for college students amassing in the sunshine state of Florida to party by the beach like there is no tomorrow, but families and other responsible adults also take spring break vacation. Coastal locations tend to be a favorite for guests, with those not attending university choosing to venture to destinations such as Jamaica, Cabo San Lucas, the Bahamas, Belize, and even other beach destinations in the US and Canada.

Most Profitable Events, Weekends, Holidays, and Times of the Year for Airbnb Hosts

What are the Best Weekends for Airbnb Hosts?

Any weekend is an excuse to travel, whether they are holiday weekends or regular weekends. According to Airbnb, the most profitable weekends for hosting on Airbnb are:

Labor Day Weekend

As travelers scramble to enjoy the last of summer weather before the cool chills of Fall take over, Labor Day Weekend in September is a favorite among many families to travel. In 2021, US-based Airbnb hosts earned over $140 million (September 4).

Memorial Day Weekend

Marking the unofficial start of summer, many people choose to travel out of town this weekend to enjoy the warm weather. In 2021, Airbnb hosts in the US earned over $126 million (May 29).

Fourth of July

A major holiday in the US, people choose to travel all over the country to celebrate the weekend with their family and friends, characterized by barbecue and fireworks displays. In 2021, US hosts earned over $120 million on July 3.

Non-Holiday Weekends

In the first two quarters of 2022 however, non-holiday weekends made up nearly half of the top 10 grossing weekends according to Airbnb, with hosts earning over $2.2 billion globally. The top-earning non-holiday weekends for Q1 and Q2 2022 were:

  • June 25 and 26
  • June 11 and 12
  • April 2 and 3
  • April 9 and 10

What are the Best Seasons for Airbnb Hosts?

Peak seasons and low seasons are highly dependent on the locale. For example, warm coastal destinations like Miramar Beach and Destin, enjoying more tourists during winter, ski markets hitting peak tourists during the November to February period, and outdoorsy locales like Whitefish and Lake Tahoe receiving more visitors during Spring and Fall.

According to Airbnb data however, Fall and Summer were the peak travel seasons in 2021.


Airbnb hosts based in the US enjoyed their fifth highest day of earning in the year on October 2, earning over $109 million.


With warm weather beckoning, US Airbnb hosts earned over $108 million on August 2, despite it being a Monday, as families and other travelers taking time out to travel.

Shoulder Season

Shoulder seasons – generally April to May and September to November – can be nearly as profitable as more budget-conscious travelers look to enjoy a vacation with fewer crowds and without having to fork out peak prices. They are also favored by businesses organizing corporate travel who are looking to cut down on travel costs.

Most Profitable Events, Weekends, Holidays, and Times of the Year for Airbnb Hosts

What are the Best Events for Airbnb Hosts?

Music festivals, film festivals, sporting events, fashion weeks, and other events can all draw a large number of travellers. However, this is highly dependent on the location of the event itself. For example, Miami Swim Week only takes place in Miami while the Olympics changes location each time it is held.

With this in mind, some of the most profitable events for hosting on Airbnb include:

The Super Bowl (February)

This annual event is not only one of the biggest sporting events in the US but overall and attracts large numbers of travelers to the host city, driving prices up many fold.

Coachella (April)

One of the best-known music festivals in the world, Coachella attracts music fans willing to pay high fees for tickets and accommodation across southern California including Joshua Tree and Palm Springs.

South by Southwest (SXSW) (March)

SXSW is a renowned festival that combines music, film, and tech and draws thousands of visitors to Austin, Texas each year.

New Year’s Eve at Times Square (December)

New Year’s Eve at Times Square in New York City is more than just a televised event. It attracts millions of visitors to the city from all over the world.

Comic Con (July)

Comic Con in San Diego has grown from being a nerd convention to one that brings the biggest movie studios, producers, and stars and attracts fans from around the country.


Maximizing revenue during peak times is a crucial component of any property manager’s Airbnb finances strategy. Knowing the most profitable days, weekends, holidays, and events is a key component of that, during both peak and off-season times. It allows hosts to prepare their revenue strategy by adjusting pricing and minimum nights policies to maximize revenue as well as prepare their properties to better attract and provide a great guest experience to their guests.

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