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How to make your luxury Airbnb property stand out?

How to make your luxury Airbnb property stand out?

Today, the vacation rental industry is becoming stiffer and more competitive each day, which ideally is harder to impress and convince guests to book your property out of millions of properties available. More so, if you are considering renting out your property, making your place stand out in the sea of options is possibly an impossible task. It’s either you take the leap or sink when jumping into the Airbnb business.

However, the good news is that little things help to set you apart from the rest of the Airbnb which will encourage guests to book your vacation rental.

Tips to Make Your Luxury Airbnb Stand Out

1. Invest in high-quality photos

Invest in high-quality photos

To help make your luxury Airbnb property stand out, firstly ensure to use high-quality photos when creating your Airbnb listing, whether you choose to hire a professional photographer or take photos yourself.

In addition, photos should be taken in daylight as it helps guests grab their attention and more, would look inviting when photos have good lighting. If say, you choose to take photos by yourself or hire a professional photographer, consider showing the best key features of your property such as the garden, pool, fireplace, etc. which highlights your listing.

Another tip is not to overcrowd your property with furniture or other items as clustered spaces do not translate well in photos.

Cleaning Your Space

Before taking photographs of your Airbnb property, ensure the spaces included like the bathroom, rooms, kitchen, and dining hall added in your listings are well cleaned and set up in such a way that will help attract guests. More so, considering simple things like adding flowers, personal touches, or a book on a coffee table can enhance the attractiveness of your home making guests picture and feel at home.

2. Be accurate in your listing description

One great way in securing your booking and setting guests’ expectations is your Airbnb listing description. However, keep in mind to always be accurate and informative when writing your listing description. No guests would want to be surprised with false promises and expectations when your Airbnb does not deliver.

Ensure your Airbnb listing description include:

  • a brief overview of your property
  • the uniqueness of the property-what makes it special?
  • atmosphere and surroundings
  • are there any pets or allergens in the property you are listing?
  • any luxury amenities provided for guests and so much more.

More so, it is important, to be honest with your potential guests, and if you must sell your luxury Airbnb property, use it creatively and positively, for example, ‘Loud and bright space located in the main heart of New York city- Ideally for party-goers’.

Overcoming Writer’s Block

Have some friends or family over your vacation rental and ask for feedback on what it’s like staying at your property? With that, draw a reaction and think of qualities that come to mind in describing your property.

Naming Your Listings

Your unique selling point that will help stand out is your Airbnb listing name or title. It is the very first that appears when guests look for a place to stay. Therefore, consider events or points of interest when creating your Airbnb listing title.

3. Update listings

Keep in mind, potential guest does not prefer to hunt details of your property and policies. Furthermore, guests do not like surprises when booking a vacation rental as that could result in a negative review. With that said, it is always essential to frequently update your property and policies as soon as possible including photos, if there are any changes made to your listings.

More so, take note to always complete every section of your Airbnb listings, the more complete it is, the more likely guests will book your vacation rental.

4. Create a superior Airbnb host profile

Pic 3

It goes by saying “The first impression counts”. By all means, this is true and a fact! Create an Airbnb host profile that will absolutely connect with your guests, allowing them to know more about you such as your personality, traits, interest, etc., and giving a peek of what you represent before booking your vacation rental.

Doing so will stand out from other hosts as well as a great way to stand apart from other Airbnb properties. And take note, an Airbnb host profile helps guests feel assured that you are transparent, reliable, honest as well as eager to host their stay.

Add Credibility

It is important when creating your Airbnb host profile to verify your identity as it adds credibility and builds on trust and transparency in the Airbnb community. More so, you can request recommendations from previous guests, friends, or other people who know you well.

5. Respond on-time

It goes without saying that ‘A good customer service goes a long way’. And without a doubt, by just simply responding promptly to potential or future guests in regards to queries or all communications, the more positive guests will feel about your listing and their visit.

More so, treat your guest’s communication as an urgency to respond that will also encourage guests in leaving outstanding and positive reviews at the end of their stay.

6. Family-friendly additions

pic 5

If you aim at offering family-friendly options such as high-chairs, baby gates, air mattresses, toy boxes, etc. ensure to have a process in place to routinely inspect for each of the baby products before each rental; that way these tells apart from other listings.

More so, an option to consider is to work with a local baby gear rental company that can safely deliver and set up to ensure the products are in good working conditions. Take note, doing so will improve the chances of attracting families booking your vacation rental while ensuring the safety of the children throughout the stay.

7. Offer welcome gifts

Offer welcome gifts

By simply offering guests ‘Welcome Gifts’, it pleases guests with a warm fuzzy feeling. You can add personal touches with your welcome gifts that will help you stand apart from other luxury Airbnb listings.

The welcome basket/gift could be anything from fresh fruits, a bottle of wine, or samples of local delicacies. More so, you can also include little notes to the guests such as ‘Welcome Home’ to make them feel special and thought of, resulting in giving glowing reviews.

Take note to let your guests in the Airbnb listings know with an enclosed note or when checking in that the ‘Welcome Gifts’ are for free and will not be charged for it.

8. Offer a Local Guide

Local Guide

Offer guests especially those who are passionate about exploring your local area with local guides such as giving advice and tips on local attractions and restaurants.

Even more, an option to consider is to go as far as offering to be a local guide for a few hours for new guests to help settle in the neighborhood though keep in mind to consider your personality trait before offering this as a freebie option as some guests may drive you crazy.

Think of this option as definitely worth providing to guests who are staying for a considerable amount of time.

9. Get personal


To stand out, offer guests an added price such as couples romantic weekend getaway with an added romantic picnic basket or wine and strawberries or sunset dinner cruise as an example.

Apart from couples, you can create offers that cater to special events or occasions such as family reunions or weddings. Doing so will help enhance your Airbnb listing as well as sell your Airbnb location too.

Bonus Tip: Showcase photos of past events at your vacation rental.

10. Know your ideal guests


Another point to consider in making your Airbnb property stand out is to know your ideal guests. This means that by knowing your local area and what it offers, you can easily grab the attention of potential guests by recommending one-of-a-kind designs or specific touches that show the character and personality of the property which could be anything from a piece of chic furniture to a local beer.

Doing so will help guests provide the best for your guests and more get booked as well as improve your Airbnb listing.

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