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All your Important Short-Term Rental Stats Now on One Page

All your Important Short-Term Rental Stats Now on One Page

Dear followers,

When you are running a vacation rental property management company, having access to a quick and easy to use overview of statistics is important. Our developers are proud to announce to you Hostaway stats overview page version 1. A great way to quickly find more information about your listings performance, guest reservations, new and upcoming task, guest messages and more.

The new overview page

When you are logging in to your dashboard you will now automatically be redirected to the menu Overview. On the page you will find:

  • Reservations stats - A quick view on check-in, revenue, new reservations and much more.
  • Messages stats - A quicker view to see what messages have been sent, who is waiting for a reply and if automations have been sent.
  • Listings stats - A new way to quickly see if your listings can be improved with new content and details.

Reservation stats


The reservations overview includes:

  • Check-in, The last 30 days and shows you how that compared to the month before.
  • Revenue per guest, do you earn more in average per guest.
  • Total revenue, Quickly see what the total recorded revenue was for the last 30 days.
  • Confirmed reservations, How many reservations are confirmed bookings.
  • Upcoming reservations, a quick view for the next 7 days with quick links to the reservation details.
  • Staying guests, Quickly see who is currently staying at one of your apartments and find the reservation details.
  • Pending reservations, those reservations that are not yet confirmed by the guest or rental channel.
  • Inquiries, often used for Airbnb so you can quickly pre-approve or deny the inquiry.

Messages stats


The messages overview includes:

  • Sent, a quick view to see how many messages have been sent in the last 30 days.
  • Average sent, a quicker view to see how many messages were sent to guests per day.
  • Received, how many messages have been received during the last 30 days.
  • Average received, to see how many messages you get on average per day.
  • Automation sent, see how many automatically send emails have been sent out during the last 30 days.
  • Automation avg sent, How many automated emails are sent out per day.
  • Unread conversations, Your guest who have sent you a message that has not been read yet including links to the messages.

Listings stats


  • Total listings, the total number of listing created in your Hostaway account.
  • Inactive, listings that are imported to Hostaway but are not activated for reservation syncing.
  • Incomplete, the hostaway software improves its listing data based on the latest needs. Here you can see what information is missing per listing.

With the information above the Hostaway channel manager and vacation rental management software already provides you a great overview for your listings. Currently the stats are only available on the dashboard and have set date ranges. During the upcoming months more improvements can be expected based on our ideas and your feedback.

Do you have some great ideas for the overview page?

We invite you all to work with these stats views and see how they work out for you. When you have some brilliant ideas on how we can make it even better collect them in an email and sent them over to support@hostaway.com.

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