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How to write Airbnb & VRBO Titles + Examples

How to write Airbnb & VRBO Titles + Examples

When it comes to optimizing your listing, one of the most critical aspects include listing descriptions, photographs, and composing a catchy title on Airbnb or VRBO listings. Think about it! It is what draws attention to your vacation rental property.

And more so, it is what sets you apart from the other competitors. If you are wondering, why your listings haven’t been getting as many clicks or inquiries as you expect, then your title might not be just doing it right!

Read on to discover:

  • How to write a Catchy Title?
  • Proven formulas in creating your Airbnb Title
  • Common mistakes to avoid when writing an Airbnb & VRBO Title
  • 8 Tips for writing enticing titles
  • Top 3 Airbnb and VRBO title examples

How To Write a Catchy Title?

1. Identify your ideal guest

When composing a title/headline for your property, think about who your audience is. Ask yourself, who is the property perfect for, and what will draw the attention of the potential guest? Would it be a couple, business travelers, or international travelers?

Nevertheless, rather than appealing to everyone, it’s best to consider a title that will appeal to potential guests. More so, a great way to appeal to your target audience is to include suggestive words. For example, Oasis Resort w/Private Sunset Beach, Romantic Getaway.

2. Brainstorm all the amenities/Highlight the best features

To grab the attention of potential bookers, a captivating title would be highlighting the property’s best features such as Free WiFi, Hot Tub, etc. Therefore, brainstorm all the amenities that highlight the property.

More so, think about what guests love about your property or what sets you apart and amend it to add to your new title. Doing so will draw in potential bookers a peek or visualize of the property.

3. Use symbols and abbreviations

Symbols are a great addition when composing a title. Do not be afraid to use them and be creative as this is what helps in making your title easy to digest and readable.

Apart from symbols, abbreviations are a great and creative way to save space. For instance, With- w/ or Bedroom- BR. Though, do not overuse symbols and abbreviations as potential bookers might take your title seriously.

Pro Tip: Use Emojis in your headlines. It can be anything from a heart to a star or anything that speaks volumes about the location of your property.

4. Be Concise!

Take note, to be concise when composing a title. Make sure to utilize the max as much as the given space in your headline/title.

Although keep in mind, the maximum number of title characters given for Airbnb is 50 characters while VRBO is at 80 characters. It is understandable it can be difficult to keep your title short but the use of symbols and abbreviations makes a huge difference.

5. Mention a nearby landmark

A great title that draws the attention of potential bookers isis ideally titled with a mentioned location. For instance, instead of mentioning the city or neighborhood of the property, state a nearby landmark or popular attraction within the walking distance.

This way, it describes the location and more so, it attracts possible guests to book, if say the title states walking distance to the beach, making your listing stand out by delivering convenience to the potential guests.

What are the Proven Formulas in Creating Your Airbnb Title?

 Proven Formulas in Creating Your Airbnb Title

It is no rocket science when composing a grab-attention title. By simply using proven formulas, it allows you to develop an eye-catchy title for your vacation rental resulting in possible potential guests booking your property. Here are some of the formulas worth considering:

Formula 1:

(Adjective) (Rental Type) w/ (Features)

Formula 2:

(Adjective) (Rental Type) Near (Landmark): (Distance)

Formula 3:

(Adjective) (Rental Type) Perfect for (Experience Type)

Formula 4:

Enjoy (USP) at (Adjective) (Rental Type) in/at (Location)

What are the Common Mistakes to Avoid when Writing An Airbnb & VRBO Title?

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Writing An Airbnb & VRBO Title

Mistake #1: Generic Adjectives

It is important not to use generic adjective words in your title like “nice” or “good”. These words used are common and could describe just about any property. More so, it does not tell potential guests anything specific about your listing which, therefore, opt. for memorable words that best portray your property such as “Insta-worthy”, or “Eclectic”, or even so “Rare” are great examples to add in your title.

Mistake #2: Broad Location Descriptions

Never use broad location descriptions. Think about it, potential guests know the location they are searching for, and using generic location descriptions is a waste of valuable real estate space.

For example, say a guest is looking for a room in New York, your title does not need to say “Nice room in New York”. Do you see it?

Mistake #3: Repetitive Information

Take note, it is important not to create titles that are giving repetitive information. This means that the title should not have the same information you see in the listing overview.

Again, keep in mind, potential guests use filters when looking for a property which means they already know what they want, and the listing description overview just simply shares that information. Therefore, it is unnecessary to repeat the same information in your title.

Mistake #4: All Capital Letters

Never use all capital letters when composing your title to grab the attention of potential guests. Take note, by using all capital letters is similar to shouting on the internet.

It does not do good as it discourages potential guests from booking your vacation rental. More so, all it does is create an impression of low quality or a potential scam to your listing.

8 Tips For Writing Enticing Titles

Tip 1: Take your time

Ensure to take the time it deserves when composing your title. It comes as no surprise for hosts to spend an hour or more in creating the perfect combination of words highlighting their property listing.

Tip 2: Work on your “One-Two Punch”

A great marketing punch is to have both eye-catching lead photos along with a super solid headline working together that will help captivate potential guests into your vacation rental listing.

Tip 3: Scrutinize every word

A good title is ideally short and sweet which, therefore, give or take crammed on things you want to say in the least amount of words as much as possible. More so, omit words that may look unnecessary and do not hold any weight in the message.

Pro Tip: Analyzed your titles and see if there are unwanted words, making most of every character allowed.

Tip 4: Use descriptive words

As much as pictures are great in attracting potential guests. Keep in mind, pictures make a potential guest think but having a descriptive detail in your title lets potential booker paint a visual picture through your words.

Pro Tip: Use descriptive words before the feature or benefit the property offers.

Tip 5: Deliver your unique selling points

What is your Unique Selling Point? That is what separates your property from the others. Use it to your advantage and include it in your title. Keep in mind, a rule of thumb is to at least include three to five USP within your listing title.

Note: A strong listing title will have both powerful USPs and descriptive adjectives weighting your properties’ benefits. For example:

Secluded Cottage,* Near* Lake, Fishing Pier

Tip 6: Compare

It is important that when composing your title, write at least three to four listing titles about your property. Doing so will allow you to compare, evaluate, judge by the impact you experience when read. Take note, to ensure that titles composed are different from one another. That way, you can pick what’s the best option in grabbing a potential booker.

Pro Tip: Ask family or friends to review the titles and receive feedback that gives them more impact. Then eliminate one by one until you are left with ‘the one’. More so, compare titles to others in the marketplace giving an idea of how others are performing in their listing titles.

Tip 7: Test your Titles

The best way to determine what works best for you is to test your titles in real-time and see how well is it performing. Is there an increase in inquiries or listing views? These all can be looked at within your property dashboard.

If your title is not performing as what you hope or expect, then it’s time to tweak the title according to what gives more visual impact that will make potential bookers booked.

Pro Tip: Tweak or change your titles according to seasons, events, or special offers to give better results.

Tip 8: Be unique

If I can give you a piece of advice, it would be: don’t be like others, be you. This means, compare and see what other titles are in the market and doing something that they are not. And if you get it right, your listing will potentially increase occupancy, demand more views, and so forth from potential guests.

Top 3 Airbnb & VRBO Title Examples

Example 1: Spacious Brooklyn Loft w/Private Rooftop Cityview

Spacious Brooklyn Loft w/Private Rooftop Cityview


  • The title is straightforward and attracts potential guests by using the word ‘Spacious, Private, and Cityview’.

  • Captivating and gives a picturesque imagination of how the property is.

  • It highlights the best features of the property promoting Brooklyn with its Private Rooftop Cityview

Example 2: Ocean Beach, Breeze, Retro/Cozy, Studio Cottage only 3 blocks to beach! #3

 Ocean Beach, Breeze, Retro/Cozy, Studio Cottage only 3 blocks to beach! #3


  • The title is straightforward mentioning its popular landmark which encourages potential guests to book.

  • The host uses descriptive words to describe the property enticing potential guests.

Example 3: Stunning Guesthouse Oasis & Summer Garden in Downtown Core

Stunning Guesthouse Oasis & Summer Garden in Downtown Core


  • A perfect example as the title delivers its USP which is the Oasis&Summer Garden with the perfect combination of the lead photo.

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