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How To Make Your Vacation Rental Listing Stand Out on Vrbo

How To Make Your Vacation Rental Listing Stand Out on Vrbo

The vacation rental market is growing rapidly, according to reports, with a roughly 10% year-over-year vacation rental market growth rate, the industry will be close to $20 billion in 2025. Vrbo is one of the largest and most popular platforms for property owners to list their properties and reach potential guests. With an increasing number of properties being listed on the platform, it’s more important than ever for property owners to make their listings stand out to attract potential guests. In this article, we’ll provide some tips on how to make your vacation rental listing stand out on Vrbo.

High-quality Photos:

High-quality photos play a crucial role in making your vacation rental listing stand out on Vrbo. A picture is worth a thousand words, and it is the first thing that potential guests see when they visit your listing. Good photos can help you attract more guests, while poor-quality photos can deter them.

To take high-quality photos of your vacation rental, it is important to keep a few key factors in mind. Firstly, make sure that the space is clean and well-lit. A bright and tidy space will look more appealing to potential guests, and good lighting will help to enhance the details of the space. Secondly, use a wide-angle lens to capture the full scope of each room. This will give potential guests a better sense of the space and how it can accommodate their needs.

In addition to taking photos of the interior of your rental, be sure to also take photos of the exterior, including any outdoor spaces, common spaces, and any surrounding views. These photos will give potential guests a sense of the location and what they can expect from their vacation.

It is also important to take photos that showcase the unique features and amenities of your vacation rental. If your rental has a hot tub, fire pit, or any other special features, be sure to take high-quality photos of these items. This will help to distinguish your listing from others and entice potential guests to choose your rental.

Accurate and Detailed Descriptions:

Providing accurate and detailed descriptions of your vacation rental property is crucial to making your listing stand out on VRBO. The description should accurately and succinctly describe the property, its amenities, location, and other important details that potential guests may want to know. A well-written title and detailed description will not only help to attract more guests, but it will also help to reduce the number of questions and inquiries you receive, saving you time and improving the guest experience.

It's important to include key details such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the size of the property, and the type of beds and linens available. If your property has unique features or amenities, be sure to highlight them in the description, as these can be major selling points for potential guests. Additionally, be sure to include information about the surrounding area and local attractions, as well as details about parking, transportation options, and any rules or restrictions.

Highlight Key Amenities:

Many travelers have specific needs and preferences when it comes to amenities, so being clear and upfront about what your property offers can be a major selling point.

Some of the most popular amenities include Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a fully equipped kitchen, a washer and dryer, and access to a pool or hot tub. If your property offers unique amenities, such as a private beach, hot tub, fireplace, private pool, or a rooftop terrace, be sure to mention these in your listing description and include photos to showcase them.

It's also important to be clear about what is included in your rental. For example, if you provide linens and towels, be sure to mention this in your listing. If you offer additional services, such as airport transportation or a daily cleaning service, these can also be highlighted as key amenities that can set your property apart from others.

It is important to remember that amenities can vary by location and culture, so be sure to research which amenities are most important to travelers in your area. By highlighting key amenities and being clear about what your property offers, you can make your listing stand out on Vrbo and attract more guests.


Pricing your property correctly is critical to making it stand out on Vrbo. Pricing your vacation rental correctly can help you attract more bookings, increase your revenue, and compete with other listings on the platform. To price your property correctly, you should research similar properties in your area to understand the market rate, consider the time of year and demand, and factor in the costs of operating and maintaining your property. It's also important to be flexible and adjust your prices as needed based on changes in demand and market conditions. By taking the time to price your property correctly, you can help ensure its success on Vrbo.

There are several tools that can help you get your pricing right on Vrbo:

  1. VRBO's Smart Pricing: This tool automatically adjusts your rental price based on real-time market data, helping you to stay competitive and attract more bookings.
  2. Competitor analysis: Research similar properties in your area to understand the market rate and see how your property stacks up in terms of price, amenities, and location.
  3. Seasonal pricing: Consider adjusting your prices seasonally to reflect changes in demand, such as peak travel seasons, holidays, and special events.
  4. Revenue management software: There are a variety of revenue management software platforms that can help you optimize your pricing on Vrbo by analyzing demand data and market trends.
  5. Booking history and guest feedback: Review your booking history and guest feedback to understand what's working well and what can be improved, including pricing.
  6. Use dynamic pricing software: Dynamic pricing software is a tool used by vacation rental owners and managers to help set the most optimal rental price for their properties. This software uses algorithms and market data to adjust prices in real-time, based on factors such as occupancy, demand, and competition. By using dynamic pricing, vacation rental owners and managers can maximize their revenue while still staying competitive in the market. Dynamic pricing software can integrate with vacation rental platforms like VRBO, allowing the owner to automatically update their prices based on the latest market data. This helps to ensure that the property is priced correctly, which can help to attract more bookings and increase occupancy rates.

Here are a few examples of dynamic pricing software that are popular in the vacation rental industry:

  1. PriceLabs: A cloud-based dynamic pricing software that integrates with popular vacation rental platforms like Vrbo.
  2. Beyond formerly known as BeyondPricing: An AI-powered pricing solution for short-term rental properties that offers real-time price recommendations and automatic updates.


Location is indeed a critical factor in the success of a vacation rental listing on VRBO. Properties in popular tourist destinations, near attractions, and with good access to public transportation tend to perform well on the platform. On the other hand, properties located in remote or less accessible areas may struggle to attract guests.

Providing detailed information about the local area can help make your vacation rental listing stand out on Vrbo. This information can include popular tourist attractions, local restaurants, shops, and other amenities that potential renters might be interested in. Additionally, including maps and directions to your property and popular sites close to it can make it easier for potential renters to find your property and plan their trip. By highlighting the unique features of your property's location, you can differentiate your listing from others and make it more appealing to guests.

Reviews and ratings:

Reviews and ratings can have a significant impact on the success of your listing because they provide potential renters with valuable insight into what it is like to stay at your property. Positive reviews and high ratings can help to build trust and credibility with potential renters, making them more likely to choose your property over others. On the other hand, negative reviews or low ratings can discourage potential renters from considering your property, making it more difficult to attract bookings. As such, it is important to take reviews and ratings seriously and to take steps to encourage guests to leave positive feedback, such as providing a clean, well-maintained property and offering excellent customer service.


Responding promptly and professionally to inquiries and questions from potential renters can help build trust and establish a positive relationship. This can increase the chances of a rental booking, and positive reviews from satisfied guests can further boost the success of your listing. On the other hand, slow response times and poor communication can lower the interest in your property and reduce the chances of bookings. To make your property stand out on Vrbo, it's important to be accessible and responsive to potential renters in a timely manner.

Tips on how to respond to guest inquiries:

  1. Be prompt: Respond to inquiries and questions as soon as possible to show that you are an attentive and responsible property owner.
  2. Be thorough: Provide clear and detailed answers to any questions about your property, including information about its amenities, location, and surrounding area.
  3. Be personal: Use a friendly and personal tone in your responses to help build rapport with potential renters. This can help to build trust and increase the likelihood that they will choose your property.
  4. Be flexible: Consider offering flexible check-in and check-out times, and be open to negotiating on other details, such as rental rates, to accommodate potential renters.
  5. Use high-quality images where necessary: Provide potential renters with plenty of high-quality photos of your property to help them get a better understanding of what it has to offer.
  6. Provide additional information: Consider including additional information, such as local maps, travel guides, and recommendations for nearby attractions and restaurants, to help potential renters plan their stay.
  7. Keep it professional: Make sure all of your responses are professional and free of errors, typos, or grammar mistakes to help build trust with potential renters.

Tools to use to respond to potential Vrbo guests promptly

There are several tools that can help you respond promptly to potential Vrbo guests:

  1. Automated response system: You can set up an automated response system to automatically respond to inquiries and questions. This system can provide basic information about your property and its availability, as well as your contact information.
  2. Mobile app: Many vacation rental management platforms, including Vrbo, offer mobile apps that allow you to receive and respond to inquiries and messages from anywhere, at any time.
  3. Customer relationship management (CRM) software: This type of software allows you to manage all your communications with potential guests in one place, making it easier to respond promptly to inquiries and questions.
  4. Email and calendar integration: You can use tools like Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook to integrate your email and calendar, allowing you to quickly respond to messages and schedule viewings.

By using these tools, you can ensure that you are always available to answer questions and provide information about your property, helping to make your Vrbo listing stand out and attract more bookings.

Personal touch:

By adding a personal touch, you can make your vacation rental listing feel more authentic and approachable, which can help increase the appeal of your property to potential renters. This can include writing a welcoming message that sets the tone for the rental experience, sharing information about the local area, or including personal anecdotes or experiences about the property. Personalizing your listing will not only help it stand out on Vrbo but also help potential renters feel more connected to the property, increasing the likelihood of them choosing to rent from you.

Here are some examples of how to add a personal touch to your VRBO listing:

  1. Write a welcoming message: Start your listing with a personal message that welcomes potential renters and gives them a brief overview of your property.
  2. Share your story: Explain why you decided to list your property on VRBO, and share any interesting or unique stories about your property.
  3. Provide recommendations: Offer recommendations on local attractions, restaurants, and activities that your guests might enjoy.
  4. Personalize your property: Add personal touches to your property that reflect your style and personality. This could include unique decor, artwork, or other items that guests may appreciate.
  5. Provide a local guidebook: Create a local guidebook for your guests that includes information on the local area, nearby attractions, and any recommendations you have for your guests.

Utilize Vrbo's features:

In addition to utilizing high-quality photos and descriptions, highlighting key amenities, and pricing your property correctly, taking advantage of the features offered by Vrbo can help make your vacation rental listing stand out. Virtual tours, booking tools, and marketing tools are just a few of the features offered by the platform that can help increase visibility and interest in your property. By making use of all the tools available to you, you can maximize your chances of attracting potential renters and making your property stand out on Vrbo.

Vrbo offers several tools for property owners to optimize their listings and improve visibility to potential renters. Some of these tools include:

  1. Listing optimization tools: Vrbo provides guidelines and recommendations for creating high-quality listings, including the use of clear, high-quality photos and accurate, detailed descriptions.
  2. Dynamic pricing tools: Vrbo offers dynamic pricing software that can automatically adjust prices based on demand, market trends, and other factors to help property owners get the best return on their investment.
  3. Booking and payment tools: Vrbo provides easy-to-use booking and payment tools, including a secure payment system, to make the rental process simple and hassle-free for both property owners and renters.
  4. Marketing tools: Vrbo offers a variety of marketing tools, including targeted advertising and email campaigns, to help property owners reach a wider audience of potential renters.
  5. Analytics and reporting: Vrbo provides property owners with detailed analytics and reporting to help them understand their listing performance and make informed decisions about pricing, marketing, and other factors.
  6. Customer support: Vrbo provides customer support through phone, email, and chat, to help property owners with any questions or concerns they may have about using the platform.
  7. Marketmaker: One tool that hosts highly recommend is the Marketmaker. "MarketMaker" is a tool offered by VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner) that allows vacation rental property owners to optimize their listing and improve their visibility to potential renters. It uses data analytics and artificial intelligence to determine the ideal rental price for a property, taking into account factors such as demand, competition, and market trends. It also provides recommendations for optimizing the listing, such as offering discounts, changing the pricing strategy, or improving the property’s amenities. By using MarketMaker, vacation rental property owners can increase their bookings and improve their overall success on the VRBO platform.

Keep your listing up-to-date:

Keeping your content up-to-date and relevant on Vrbo is vital to making it appealing to potential renters. This includes updating your photos, descriptions, prices, and availability. It's also important to respond to any questions or inquiries in a timely manner, as well as to keep track of the performance of your listing and make changes as needed. Staying active on the platform and making updates to your listing can help increase visibility and attract more potential renters. Additionally, keeping your listing up-to-date can also help establish trust and credibility with potential renters, which can lead to more bookings and positive reviews.

In conclusion

Making your vacation rental stand out on Vrbo requires a combination of factors, including high-quality photos, accurate and detailed descriptions, highlighting key amenities, correct pricing, location information, and responding promptly to inquiries. Personalizing your listing, taking advantage of the platform's features, and regularly updating your listing can also help increase visibility and attract potential renters. With these tips in mind, property owners can maximize their chances of success on Vrbo and increase bookings for their rental property.

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