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How to List your Property on Furnished Finder | Step by Step Guide

How to List your Property on Furnished Finder | Step by Step Guide

As a property owner, you may have already experienced listing on a variety of alternative vacation rental booking sites developed for hosts and predominantly vacationers but perhaps you are now looking at renting to a professional tenant on a long-term basis? Travel nurse housing is in constant demand as it is growing rapidly in popularity. So, if you are interested in hosting professionals on a long-term basis and have a furnished space on hand - perhaps a spare room, a basement, an apartment, or anything of the sort -- then this article is for you!

The hospitality industry is experiencing a growing need for accommodation for traveling medical personnel. In today's market, sourcing furnished monthly short-term rentals are in such high demand that they don't stay on the market for long, making it hard for travel nurses who need housing on short notice to secure housing.

Who is a Travelling Nurse? The traveling nurses represent a steady group of healthcare professionals that travel up to four times a year. Most often traveling nurses are on-board for a period of 3 months, and there may be a renewal where they are asked to extend their contract for another 3 months. This means no downtime or turnover, simply another term of guaranteed rent.

The post-pandemic era has simultaneously seen many companies move towards a nomadic workforce, giving professionals of all types the ability to move between cities and remote locations with ease. So it is not surprising that there is a massive demand for an online travel platform to cater to the needs of medical personnel and business professionals alike, which is precisely the topic that we are discussing today.

Founders of Furnished Finder

In 2014, Brian Payne along with his wife founded Furnished Finder. The idea for Furnished Finder came to Brian and his wife when they listed his wife's home for rent and several travel nursing companies contacted them about putting travel nurses in that unit for three months at a time. As a result, Brian and his wife began buying properties in California and Texas for the sole purpose of renting them to traveling nurses.

What is Furnished Finder

What is Furnished Finder?

Furnished Finder is an Airbnb alternative for travelers seeking a furnished rental for 30 days or longer. Traveling professionals and remote workers seeking furnished housing in the U.S. can use Furnished Finder's housing platform to find furnished housing for rent on a monthly basis.

Furnished Finder is an online portal for monthly furnished rentals with the vast majority of the tenant traffic coming from traveling nurses, allied health professionals, and locum tenens. Furniture Finder is by far the USA’s leading provider of traveling nurse housing and a trusted source for all their housing needs. Other non-medical professionals can also use the platform, such as athletes, engineers, military personnel, business travellers, and relocating families. The similarity in their travel patterns allows them to accommodate such travelers.

Furnished Finder also owns KeyCheck, a website that offers property owners tools, such as online rent payments, free tenant screenings, and customized leases.

Furnished Finder predominantly operates within the United States. However, the site is open to both domestic and international visitors.

Top 5 Reasons to Rent Your Property to Travel Nurses

Top 5 Reasons to Rent Your Property to Travel Nurses

Travel nurses make an excellent target audience if you are thinking about capitalizing on the booming short-term rental market.

  1. Travel nurses typically work 13-week assignments, unlike vacationers or business travelers who stay for a few days.
  2. Renting to travel nurses is ideal because they are reliable and trustworthy and they make it easy to gain the most from your rental property. Most of the time, they have been through a thorough background check to be eligible for employment, so your chances of dealing with an unruly tenant go down dramatically.
  3. In the event that you are considering renting a room in your home and sharing common spaces with the tenant, you know that she or he will spend some time at work and will also be out and about site-seeing and exploring the city.
  4. Additionally, you can be assured that they will pay their rent on time once they move in because they receive a monthly housing stipend from their employer.
  5. Travel nurses are also high-reward and low-risk tenants for property owners.

How Furnished Finder Works For Property Owners + Benefits

  • There are no booking or commission fee charges

  • Direct contact with the tenant via phone, email, or chat on the Furnished Finder app

  • The minimum booking period is for 30 days.

  • There is a minimum listing period of one year for a fee of $99 and a fee of $175 for a listing period of two years.

  • Once you register, your rental will be advertised on both the Furnished Finder and Travel Nurse Housing websites as well as on the Furnished Finder mobile app. Once your listing is live you will be able to manage it through either platform and connect with travelers via email, phone, or text.

  • Furnished Finder provides free screening of the traveler as well as the property owner to ensure safety. Furnished Finder hosts can get a free credit/background check (including eviction history) by setting up an account on KeyCheck and submitting a tenant screening request.

  • Using the automated matching process and the Housing Request System, you can be matched with travelers who meet your rental criteria.

  • The property owner controls all communications directly.

  • Property owners receive an unlimited number of matches each year.

  • Renting to traveling professionals means less turnover, less wear and tear, and more predictability.

  • The property owner can save expenses of frequent cleaning, check-ins, and check-outs.

Pro Tip: Want to see the travel nurse housing demand in your area? Log on to Travel Nurse Housing Stats where you can dive into more information and learn about travel nurse demand, common specialties, staffing companies, and housing options in your area.

How to List your Property on Furnished Finder

List Your Property

Begin your listing today by clicking "List Your Property" and filling out the short form below:

How to list your property on furnished finder

How to list your property on furnished finder

Connect with Potential Travellers

  • Complete your listing in your custom manager dashboard by providing all the information a traveler would need to make a decision about your property. This would include price, description, images, availability, pet policy, house rules, etc.

  • Submit details about your property rental to Furnished Finder.

  • Talk with a Furnished Finder housing specialist to approve your property and listing. All property owners are verified and screened to make sure they are a good fit for Furnished Finder travelers. (Not all listings are approved)

  • Once your property is approved (verification may take up to 24 hours), Furnished Finder starts working by displaying your listing within their network and recommending your property to travelers who request housing help.

  • Once approved, your listing is published across a nationwide network including the Furisned Finder app and

  • Each day your property listing will reach over 10,000+ traveling healthcare professionals which include travel nurses, AHP's, Locum Tenens, and medical staffing coordinators.

  • Once the listing is approved edit your listing as needed, and ensure your availability stays current to ensure maximum visibility on the furnished finder map.

  • It is also recommended to enable SMS/text alerts to be notified when you receive booking requests and traveler messages.

Negotiate Terms and Rates

  • Connect directly with your traveler leads to find the right fit for your property.
  • Negotiate your own terms for rent and length of stay.

Side Note: Furnished Finder does not get in the middle of the booking and does not charge booking fees.

Confirm Booking with Tenants

  • Use the free tenant screening tools, and background and credit checks to pick the right tenant for your property.
  • Complete your rental agreement directly with the tenant.
  • Use one of the Furnished Finder-provided state-approved leases geared toward furnished units and rooms.
  • Send confirmation and your property is rented.

How to Get Your Property to Rent Quickly Through Furnished Finder

1. Actively Engage on the Platform

Furnished Finder promotes the properties that are most sought after by tenants. In comparison to property owners who take longer to respond to inquiries, those who respond quickly receive a higher score. Make sure your response rate is exemplary at all times. This would gain you great reviews as well.

2. Decide on a Strategic Pricing Approach

The stats page can be used to determine the rental range based on area comparisons. Renters with Furnished Finder are professionals who travel for work, not vacationers. These are long-term stays with a minimum of 30 days. Make sure you compare similar properties in your area with your research and comparison. You will be sure to have a steady stream of tenants throughout the year.

3. Lower Deposits

Furnished Finder renters move on average every 90 days, and they have to wait to get their deposit back from their previous property owner. Therefore, lower deposits work best. Find a balance between price and deposit requirements.

4. Stay Up-to-Date

Keep both your profile and your listings up-to-date at all times. Your calendar and pricing should reflect the latest information, and positive reviews should be posted regularly. The best marketing tool is glowing reviews from previous tenants.

5. Request Reviews

The best way to get reviews is to request them from your tenants at the end of their stay. Explicitly asking a former tenant for a review is a great way to increase the odds that you will receive feedback that can help market your property.

What else can you do to make your listing stand out?

Choose the Owner Verification Badge at checkout. The travelers on Furnished Finder look for new housing every 2 months and go to great lengths to protect themselves, due to safety needs. Going through the verification process gives the traveler extra reassurance that you are the owner on record with the county and are not currently going through a foreclosure. This badge gives the traveler the assurance that you’ve gone through an extra layer of vetting and can be trusted as a reputable property owner.

Property Requirements for Travel Nurses

Property Requirements for Travel Nurses

By taking certain factors into consideration and preparing your property to meet the unique needs of a travel nurse, you can help with the transition and make their stay more enjoyable. Providing a good tenant experience will also earn you positive reviews and help you generate more business.

The following are the qualities that travel nurses will seek in the perfect property:

1. Safety is Paramount

You should keep in mind that 92% of nurses are female and the majority of travel nurses mostly travel alone. It is vital for them to feel safe at home, at work, and on their commute. Invest in a sound security alarm system, install surveillance cameras at your back and front entryways, and make sure all doors and windows have secure locks.

2. Budget

Unlike vacationers, travel nurses are on a tight budget. In larger urban markets, particularly, they may receive a housing stipend that is stretched too thin. Keep this in mind when pricing your rental.

3. Access to public transportation and work

Rental properties close to work that are also safe is an important factor for travel nurses. A short commute is always preferred. You may also benefit from being located near public transportation so that they do not have to fight traffic.

Pro Tip : Don't forget to include the proximity of your property to hospitals in your listing. You should also highlight the fact that you are within walking distance of a bus or train stop.

4. Furnishings

The basics of a furnished rental property include kitchen utensils and other living essentials.

Choose modest decor plus make sure your interior is modern and neutral to appeal to as many people as possible.

5. Wi-fi and Cable

Today, WiFi is practically an essential part of everyday life. Although it isn't required, a cable can add a touch of comfort too!

6. Utilities & Laundry Facilities

Make sure you include utilities in the rental price and clarify terms in both the listing and rental agreement. To attract tenants, make onsite laundry facilities easily accessible.

7. Amenities

Travel nurses need easy access to conveniences such as grocery stores and coffee shops, as well as parks and entertainment venues. You will be able to attract more tenants if your location has a lot to offer.

8. Pet Friendly

Travel nurses are often pet owners and allowing pets may increase your pool of potential candidates. The extra costs you incur from having a pet can either be offset by a pet deposit or by an additional monthly fee.

9. Parking

Particularly in big cities with limited parking, a designated parking spot can be a big selling point. Provide your tenants with a safe and easy parking spot if you can.

10. Reviews

To find the best housing in each city, travel nurses consult reviews from fellow travelers. Reviews will certainly affect your prospects, so you should go the extra mile to provide tenants with a safe, comfortable, and budget-friendly space that they can feel good about recommending.

In Conclusion,

When you have a plan in place, you can easily prepare your rental for travel nurses. Knowing the specific wants and needs of these tenants will empower you to take concrete steps to prepare your property, create attractive listings, and ensure a pleasant rental experience.

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