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How to List your Property on Furnished Finder: Step by Step Guide

How to List your Property on Furnished Finder: Step by Step Guide

The hospitality industry is experiencing a surge in demand for short-term accommodations for medical personnel, particularly travel nurses. Furnished monthly rentals are scarce and difficult to secure, making securing suitable housing challenging.

Given the growing demand for travel nurse housing, property owners with experience in vacation rentals might consider transitioning to long-term rentals for professional tenants.

If you have a furnished space and are interested in hosting professionals for extended stays, this article is perfect for you.

What is Furnished Finder?

Furnished Finder is an Airbnb alternative for travelers seeking furnished rentals for 30 days or longer. It is an online portal for monthly furnished rentals, primarily used by traveling nurses, allied health professionals and local tenants.

Furnished Finder is the top choice for travel nurse housing in the U.S., also welcoming athletes, engineers, military personnel, business travelers, and families needing long-term stays. While focused on the U.S., it's accessible to both domestic and international visitors, making it a versatile platform for various lodging needs.

9 Reasons Why You Should Rent Your Property on Furnished Finder

  1. There are over 100 million page views annually, with an average of over 30,000 daily users.
  2. Furnished Finder was built specifically to serve the monthly traveler.
  3. Travel nurses are a prime target for businesses looking to capitalize on the growing short-term rental market.
  4. They typically work 13-week assignments, unlike vacationers or business travelers who stay for a few days.
  5. Renting to travel nurses is a reliable and trustworthy option due to their thorough background checks and ability to maximize rental property. This reduces the risk of dealing with unruly tenants and ensures a smooth rental experience.
  6. When renting a room in your home and sharing common spaces with the tenant, you know they will spend time at work, exploring the city, and also spending time at home.
  7. The tenant is guaranteed to pay their rent on time upon moving in due to their employer's monthly housing stipend.
  8. They are high-reward and low-risk tenants for property owners.
  9. Approved listings are displayed across Furnished Finders' partner network, including over 20 platforms, including Travel Nurse Housing, Travel Nurses.com, Marvel medical staffing and Nomadicare.

What Are the Benefits of Furnished Finder for Property Owners?

Listing and fees

Furnished Finder provides a platform where property owners can list their rentals without incurring booking or commission fees and directly interact with tenants through phone, email, or the app's chat feature. Listings require a minimal duration of 30 days, with a $99 fee for a one-year listing or $175 for two years.

Visibility and security

Upon registration, your rental gains exposure on the Furnished Finder and Travel Nurse Housing websites and the mobile app, allowing for efficient management and connection with travelers.

Furnished Finder also facilitates free screening for travelers and property owners, including credit and background checks. By setting up an account on KeyCheck and requesting tenant screening, Furnished Finder ensures a secure and beneficial arrangement for all parties involved.

Moreover, The Housing Request System and automated matching process enable users to connect with travelers who meet their rental requirements.

Enhancing rental management for traveling professionals

Property owners maintain direct control over all communications and enjoy unlimited matches annually, benefiting from renting to traveling professionals. This approach leads to lower turnover, less wear and tear, and greater predictability in tenancies. Additionally, owners can cut costs associated with frequent cleaning and the check-in/out processes.

A valuable tip for property owners is to visit Travel Nurse Housing Stats to gain insights into the demand for travel nurse housing in their area, including information on common specialties, staffing companies, and available housing options, enabling more strategic decisions.

How to List Your Property on Furnished Finder

List your property

Begin your listing by clicking "List Your Property" and filling out the short form below:

How to list your property on furnished finder

How to connect with potential travelers

  • Create a custom manager dashboard listing by providing all necessary information for travelers to decide on your property, including price, description, images, availability, pet policy and house rules.
  • Submit details about your property rental to Furnished Finder.
  • Consult a Furnished Finder housing specialist to approve your property and listing as all property owners undergo verification and screening to ensure a suitable fit for Furnished Finder travelers.
  • Furnished Finder displays your property listing within its network after approval and recommends it to travelers seeking housing assistance within 24 hours.
  • After approval, your listing is published nationwide through the Furnished Finder app and TravelNurseHousing.com.
  • Your property listing will reach over 10,000 traveling healthcare professionals daily, including travel nurses, AHPs, Locum Tenens and medical staffing coordinators.
  • Once your listing is approved, make necessary edits and ensure your availability remains current to maximize visibility on the furnished finder map.
  • Enabling SMS/text alerts is recommended to be notified when booking requests and traveler messages are received.

Negotiate terms and rates

Directly engage with traveler leads to match your property with the right tenant and independently set rental terms and stay duration.

Side Note: Furnished Finder does not interfere with the booking and does not charge booking fees.

Confirm booking with tenants

Use the free tenant screening tools, and background and credit checks to pick the right tenant for your property.

Complete your rental agreement directly with the tenant

You can seamlessly finalize your rental agreements by utilizing the state-approved leases provided by Furnished Finder, explicitly tailored for furnished spaces. Once you've sent the confirmation, your property will be officially listed as rented. This streamlined process ensures a secure and efficient rental experience for both property owners and tenants.

What else can you do to make your listing stand out?

Enhance your listing's appeal by selecting the Owner Verification Badge during checkout. This badge reassures Furnished Finder travelers who seek new housing bi-monthly and prioritize safety by confirming your ownership status and financial stability. It adds a layer of trust, signaling that you've passed additional verification as a credible property owner.

What Travel Nurses Look for in an Ideal Rental

1. Safety is paramount

The majority of travel nurses are female, and 92% are female. They need to feel safe at home, work and commute. Install security cameras at your back and front entryways and make sure all doors and windows are locked securely. You should also invest in a sound security alarm system.

2. Budget

Unlike vacationers, travel nurses are on a tight budget. In larger urban markets, particularly, they may receive a housing stipend that needs to be narrower. Keep this in mind when pricing your rental.

3. Access to public transportation and work

Rental properties close to work that are also safe are an important factor for travel nurses. A short commute is always preferred. You may also benefit from being located near public transportation so they do not have to fight traffic.

Pro Tip: Remember to include your property's proximity to hospitals in your listing. You should also highlight the fact that you are within walking distance of a bus or train stop.

4. Furnishings

The basics of a furnished rental property include kitchen utensils and other living essentials.

Choose modest decor and ensure your interior is modern and neutral to appeal to as many people as possible.

5. Wi-Fi and cable

WiFi is an essential part of everyday life. Although it isn't required, a cable can add a touch of comfort!

6. Utilities and laundry facilities

If you want to attract tenants, make onsite laundry facilities easily accessible and include utilities in the rental price.

7. Amenities

Having easy access to grocery stores, coffee shops, parks and entertainment venues will help you attract more tenants.

8. Pet friendly

In addition, traveling nurses tend to be pet owners, so allowing pets may help increase your candidate pool. A pet deposit or an additional monthly cost can offset the extra cost of having a pet.

9. Parking

Providing tenants with a designated parking spot can be a big selling point, especially in big cities with limited parking.

10. Reviews

Travel nurses often consult fellow travelers to find the best accommodation. Go the extra mile to provide tenants with a safe, comfortable, and budget-friendly space they'll be happy to recommend. Reviews will certainly affect your prospects.

Upgrading Your Hosting With Furnished Finder

Craft a detailed plan that addresses travel nurses' specific needs and preferences to prepare your rental for them effortlessly. This strategic approach enables you to make targeted preparations and design appealing listings.

By doing so, you will provide an exceptional rental experience that distinguishes your property. This will ensure a positive and unforgettable stay for each travel nurse who visits.


How do I get started with listing my property on Furnished Finder?

To list your property on Furnished Finder, navigate to the website and click on "List Your Property." Then, fill out a form with your property details, including price, description, images, availability, pet policy, and house rules. After submitting your property information, a Furnished Finder housing specialist will review it to ensure it meets their criteria for travelers.

What are the costs associated with listing my property on Furnished Finder?

Furnished Finder charges a fee for listing your property: $99 for a one-year listing or $175 for a two-year listing. There are no additional booking or commission fees.You can negotiate and set terms with potential tenants directly.

How does Furnished Finder help ensure the security and suitability of tenants?

Furnished Finder offers free screening for both travelers and property owners, including credit and background checks. Setting up an account on KeyCheck and submitting a tenant screening request ensures a secure and beneficial arrangement for all parties involved. This process helps in selecting the right tenant for your property.

What kind of exposure can I expect for my listed property on Furnished Finder?

Once your property is successfully listed, it will be advertised across Furnished Finder's extensive network, including its partner network of over 20 platforms like Travel Nurse Housing and TravelNurses.com. This ensures your listing reaches over 10,000 traveling healthcare professionals daily, maximizing your property's visibility and potential for booking.

Can I update my listing details after my property is listed on Furnished Finder?

Yes, you can make necessary edits to your listing details anytime. Keeping your availability, pricing, and property information up to date is important for maximizing visibility and attracting potential tenants. Furnished Finder also recommends enabling SMS/text alerts to stay informed about booking requests and messages from interested travelers.

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