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How to Find Homeowners and Grow Your Property Management Portfolio | Tips for Property Managers

How to Find Homeowners and Grow Your Property Management Portfolio | Tips for Property Managers

In the ever-more competitive vacation rental industry, property managers play a crucial role in ensuring the success of property owners' investments. As demand surges and the market is poised to grow at CAGR 5.08% to 2030, more property owners are looking to step into the short term rental market, making it an opportune time for property managers to grow their property management portfolio.

Top Tips for Property Managers to Find Homeowners

  1. Build an impressive online presence
  2. Offer exceptional services and testimonials
  3. Network with local real estate agents
  4. Partner with HOAs
  5. Join co-host programs
  6. Attend industry events
  7. Offer competitive and transparent fees
  8. Create a data-driven case

How to Find Homeowners and Grow Your Property Management Portfolio

Attracting homeowners and convincing them to choose you as their property manager requires a strategic approach and a solid understanding of the market. In this article, we will explore effective ways vacation rental property managers can find homeowners and foster the growth of their property management portfolio.

1. Build an Impressive Online Presence

Create a professional website that showcases your expertise, experience, and the services you offer. Include high-quality images and videos of the properties you currently manage, as well as their reviews and rates, to give potential homeowners a glimpse of what you can offer. Ensure your website is user-friendly and optimized for mobile devices to reach a broader audience.

Additionally, invest time in maintaining active social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Establish yourself as an authority in property management by posting tips and updates. Engage with your audience by responding to inquiries and sharing positive guest experiences. A strong online presence builds trust and credibility and attracts homeowners.

2. Offer Exceptional Services and Testimonials

Word of mouth is a powerful tool for attracting new homeowners. Providing exceptional service to your current clients will encourage them to recommend your property management services to others. Ask satisfied homeowners for testimonials and display them prominently on your website and marketing materials. Positive reviews from happy homeowners can significantly influence potential clients' decisions to work with you.

3. Network with Local Real Estate Agents

Establish relationships with local real estate agents who may come across homeowners looking to rent out their properties for short-term vacation stays. Offer commissions or other incentives to incentivize them to refer homeowners to your property management services. Real estate agents can be valuable allies in your quest to grow your portfolio.

How to Find Homeowners and Grow Your Property Management Portfolio | Tips for Property Managers

4. Partner with Homeowners Associations (HOAs)

Many vacation rental properties are part of homeowners associations (HOAs). Approach these associations to discuss how your property management services can benefit their members. Offering reliable and trustworthy management solutions may convince HOA members to trust you with their properties, especially if you can demonstrate experience in handling similar properties in the area, or better yet, working with other HOAs.

5. Join Co-Host Programs

List your property management services on programs like Airbnb’s Experienced Co-Hosts Services Platform or property manager marketplaces like CoHost Market.

6. Attend Vacation Rental and Hospitality Events

Participate in industry-related conferences, trade shows, and networking events. These gatherings provide excellent opportunities to connect with vacation rental homeowners, fellow property managers, and industry experts. Engaging in these events can help you stay updated on market trends, build relationships, and increase your exposure in the vacation rental community.

7. Offer Competitive Pricing and Transparent Fees

Pricing is a crucial factor for homeowners when selecting a property manager. Conduct thorough market research to ensure your pricing is competitive and aligned with the services you provide. Be transparent about your fees.

8. Create a Data-Driven Case

Just like you use your short term rental data to optimize the performance of the properties you manage, prove your bona fides by providing data-driven case studies of how you have delivered significant ROI to the owners of the properties you’ve managed.


Finding homeowners and growing a vacation rental property management portfolio requires a combination of effective marketing strategies, excellent customer service, a strong online presence, and ultimately, making a data-driven case for engaging your services. By focusing on building relationships, providing exceptional service, and leveraging various marketing channels, property managers can expand their portfolios and position themselves as industry leaders.

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