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How Airbnb ID Verification Works for Hosts

How Airbnb ID Verification Works for Hosts

The initial objectives of Airbnb ID Verification were to establish trust and ensure the safety of both hosts and guests utilizing the platform. Initially, Airbnb ID verification was introduced in 2013 to increase trust among members of the Airbnb community. Though, now, it is a requirement for registration and helps Airbnb combat fraud, identity theft, and security concerns. Yet, the issue of identity verification on Airbnb continues to be a topic of debate and anxiety among platform users.

In this article, we’ll delve deeper into::

  • What is Airbnb ID Verification?
  • Why is Airbnb ID Verification important?
  • Is it mandatory?
  • When does Airbnb request Identity Verification?
  • How does the Airbnb ID Verification work?
  • How to add your ID to Airbnb
  • How long does Airbnb take to confirm identification?
  • Does Airbnb keep a record of my ID information?
  • Does Airbnb check age?
  • What data is disclosed to an Airbnb host?
  • How does Airbnb combat fraud?
  • What benefits do hosts get from Airbnb ID Verification?

What is Airbnb ID Verification?

Airbnb ID Verification is a procedure that requires a valid identification document to validate your identity in order to authenticate users and hosts' accounts, along with making sure the person is who they claim they are.

This not only confirms identification through the platform but also fosters trust and guarantees the safety of every user on the platform.

Why is Airbnb ID Verification Important?

The importance of identity verification shouldn't be overlooked. The primary goal of Airbnb ID Verification is to create a trusting environment for both users of the platform—guests and hosts. Remember, there are higher risks for hosts on Airbnb than for guests.

By verifying your identity on Airbnb, you can discourage fraudulent activity, and dishonest behavior, and remind guests of your expectations by informing them that it will be simple to locate them if they leave your property in disorder.

Also, while booking with verified hosts, guests feel more secure. Furthermore, bookings that have been confirmed by the guests provide hosts with more assurance. Simply put - it provides protection from fraud.

Is it Mandatory?

Nowadays, you need to have your identity verified in order to register your home on Airbnb. It is then up to the hosts to decide whether they wish to rent out their property to unregistered guests due to the fact that all hosts must have their identities verified.

Furthermore, before accepting a booking, some hosts may choose to disable Instant booking and require potential guests to verify their identities. With this additional guarantee, hosts can rent out their homes with less anxiety on their part and greater responsibility for their guests.

When Does Airbnb Request Identity Verification?

While identity verification is not required for setup and onboarding on Airbnb, any of the following other circumstances could necessitate requesting identification verification from you:

  • To book a property or an experience, some hosts may require guests to provide a valid ID
  • To make sure you are the one logging into the platform, Airbnb may request further verification
  • To verify that you are at least 18 years old, your legal ID may be requested by Airbnb

How Does the Airbnb ID Verification Work?

How Does the Airbnb ID Verification Work?

During ID verification, Airbnb will require users to take the following actions:

  • Update your profile with a current photo.
  • A valid official identification document such as a passport, license, national ID card, or visa, ought to be photographed.

In some cases, users may also occasionally be required to take new images in addition to the one that serves as their profile image so that Airbnb can compare them to their ID. However, keep in mind that the photo-matching process might not entirely be precise due to a number of factors. Furthermore, Airbnb caution hosts against using the photo-matching procedure as a reliable means of confirming a guest's identification.

Note: Documents proving identity are never disclosed to outside parties.

How To Add Your ID to Airbnb

When adding an ID to Airbnb, you have the option to either:

  • Scan your ID via the Airbnb app on your smartphone. Ensure to keep your phone steady to successfully scan and upload your ID
  • Capture a photo using via webcam
  • Upload a photo previously taken from your desktop

How Long Does Airbnb Take to Confirm Identification?

It could take up to 24 hours to verify your ID on Airbnb. Although, in most cases, an Airbnb account is accepted in a matter of hours.

In the verification tab of your profile, you can also view the status of your verification. That being said, reach out to Airbnb customer care if you experience any problems with your ID verification.

Does Airbnb Keep A Record of My ID Information?

Does Airbnb Keep A Record of My ID Information?

Although, you may feel uneasy disclosing personal information. You can trust that Airbnb will protect your data by taking all necessary security precautions. Notably, the Airbnb Privacy Policy protects your information while it is being verified.

More importantly, Airbnb does not store your ID information and only legitimate Airbnb staff who are required to do so are allowed to access this data within a given purpose. The only two reasons for an Airbnb employee to access your photo ID are for "troubleshooting or internal purposes" on the Airbnb Help Centre.

As stated by Airbnb, "Where permitted by applicable law, we may occasionally provide identification information from a government ID, such as a full name, address, and date of birth to our service providers to run background checks against public records for criminal convictions and sex offender registrations. At this time, only users in the United States are subject to these checks".

Does Airbnb Check Age?

Regarding user age, Airbnb has always been stringent. In accordance with its Terms & Conditions, Airbnb does not allow users under the age of 18. The legal inability of minors to sign a lease agreement is the cause of this. Also, Airbnb may verify your age and give this information to the host when you upload your ID.

In light of the implementation of the global party ban, checking users' ages has never been more crucial. Entire homes in neighborhoods near where they reside can no longer be booked by guests under 25 or with fewer than three positive reviews on Airbnb. Yet, they have the freedom to reserve an Airbnb outside of their current location and a private or hotel room close to their home.

What Data Is Disclosed to an Airbnb Host?

Guest users' IDs are not disclosed to the public by Airbnb. Only the following data will be provided to the host if they ask a guest to verify their ID:

  • The guest's legal first and last name
  • Whether the guest is of legal age or not (over or under 25)
  • If the guest ID was added successfully
  • The profile picture and name of the guest

Also, be aware that you will not be given access to the resources needed to verify the guest's identity, including their ID photo, the image used to confirm the ID, or their home address.

How Does Airbnb Combat Fraud?

How Does Airbnb Combat Fraud?

To help identify potential problems before occurring, Airbnb uses machine learning as a part of its ID verification procedure. It is a real-time detection system used by Airbnb to analyze hundreds of signals to detect and halt any questionable behavior.

If the algorithm detects or identifies any type of alarming conduct, the Airbnb team may take a number of actions such as deleting a questionable account, in order to prevent fraud.

What Benefits Do Hosts Get from Airbnb ID Verification?

The process of Airbnb ID verification is just advantageous to both hosts and guests. In fact, it helps in fraud prevention for Airbnb and its hosts. Besides that, ID verification helps to confirm that the transaction is legal since hosts rely on the platform to handle and collect payments from guests and because all payments are handled through the platform.

Also, hosts can get more bookings by having their Airbnb accounts verified and those hosts with a "Verified ID" badge are mostly preferred by guests when making a booking. More importantly, it is crucial to complete your Airbnb profile including all required verifications if you wish to be seen as a reliable and trustworthy host.

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