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Guest Service Tips for dealing with Airbnb Guests

Guest Service Tips for dealing with Airbnb Guests

In a short-term rental business, Airbnb offers the opportunity to serve all types of guests catered to different needs which some could be demanding while others expect excellent service and genuine hospitality.

Either way, as a host, it is our job to anticipate the needs of the guests and resolve issues if any arise. More so, providing guests with excellent service and experience leads to glowing reviews as well as a boost in revenue.

Read more to find out why a guest experience is important followed by tips on how to provide top-notch guest service to Airbnb guests.

Why is an Airbnb Guest Experience so Important?

Ideally, guests are influenced based on their Airbnb experiences. With the ongoing demand for vacation rentals, standing out from the other vacation rentals is nearly impossible. Therefore, to differentiate yourself, offering a great and unique guest experience is a great way to market and boost your vacation rental.

There are many ways to uplift your guests’ experience. With an in-built PMS, you can build guest profiles to tailor a customized experience for future stays and reward loyal guests. More so, by building guest profiles, it can boost marketing efforts as well as drive revenues through customized packages. For example, a personalized romantic getaway. Note that customized packages add an opportunity to sell additional products or services that a guest may not have thought of during their stay. And with the right marketing promotions whether is through social media, targeted emails, or your own website, take note, future and returning guests will be intrigued and eager to experience these ‘WOW’ factor packages resulting in repeat bookings and increase revenue.

Tips on How to Provide Top-Notch Guest Service To Airbnb Guests

Build trust

As a host, it is important for guests to feel right at home. With that said, a good approach is to show guests that you trust them to treat your property like their own. Be understanding and kind. Go above and beyond, ensuring your guests are welcome and taken care of.

More so, consider guests’ privacy, meaning no unexpected drop-ins or a long list of house rules that will leave guests stressed and unhappy.

Respect individual’s needs and preferences

Be aware, each guest is unique. Adapt your style to each guest’s needs and personal boundaries. For instance, if a guest is allergic to scented candles, then consider removing them from the property. That way, guests feel cared for and respected for their needs and preferences.

Establish clear communication

1. Be transparent

To a guest, transparency is of the utmost importance. Always be mindful to keep guests informed ahead of time and up-to-date if any issues arise that could impact their stay, for instance, a nearby construction.

It is also important to get ahead of common issues and quickly take action at resolving them if it arises. More so, be aware of factors that are unpredictable such as seasons, weather, holidays, and events.

2. Be caring

Be kind. This way, guests will appreciate the act of kindness as well as give a better experience throughout their day. Take note, just by addressing a need of a guest will matter the most to them and how it is being responded to.

3. Be savvy

With an app, communication with guests makes it easy to find important guest information, as well as help protect you as conversations are on record. More so, you can always go back to old conversations or reference them if in case needed for customer service.

Be available when necessary

Throughout a guest stay, keep in mind, to always be ready to assist a guest when needed especially if things go wrong. For instance, helping guests with language barriers. Ensure to always remain friendly, calm, positive when responding to a guest.

Even more, respond in a timely manner either through scheduled messages or quick replies, ideally within one hour during the stay. Doing so will give guests peace of mind that you are always available if there are issues or assistance needed and more stay in touch with guests convenience and efficiency.

Make things right

If an incident suddenly occurs that needs to be resolved or fixed, it is important to act immediately regardless of when and how the damage occurred while keeping guests informed and maintaining communication.

For instance, a pipe burst or a broken heater, immediately contact the maintenance staff to step in to fix the damage and more, apologize sincerely to your guests for the inconvenience. Additionally, offer guests to personally help if any issue is encountered.

Offer local tips

Provide guests with insider tips on how to get around the area. It could be from directions of your property to the best ways of using the local transportation. Additionally, mention any must-see places and restaurants in the area.

Even more, if there are constructions close by or restrictive parking options, offer options to the guests or inform them ahead of time. That way, it relieves some of the stress while staying at your property.


Listening to your guests is a great way to learn and more be heard. Be open and listen to what a guest has to say whether it may be to vent or to explain an issue. That way, you may even learn and get vital information that can make a huge difference in solving a problem.

Show empathy

Always show empathy to your guests when it is necessary. Though, be aware to approach in such a way where a guest will feel at more ease such as:

  • Talking to guests in a right way
  • Putting yourself in their position
  • Always listen
  • Ask for feedback
  • Be respectful even if you do not agree
  • Do not assume!
  • Be positive

Doing so will allow you to build a relationship with your guests and stand out from other hosts. Even more, this understanding forms a strong basis for resolutions that both guest and host are happy with.

Reward loyal guests

Take note, guests appreciate when they are recognized for their loyalty. This should always be at the forefront of your mind. More so, loyal guests bring new possible guests through recommendations or word of mouth. With that, rewarding your loyal guests with a loyalty program is a great opportunity for your vacation rental business that also leads to glowing reviews.

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