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Dynamic Pricing for Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia and more

Dynamic Pricing for Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia and more

Dear users, fans and followers,

We are proud to announce a major development on rates adjustments for Hostaway. Starting today, you can choose to edit your rates in Hostaway or import them through our Dynamic Pricing partners!

What is Dynamic Pricing?

Dynamic Pricing is a method for yield optimization for vacation rentals. It's similar to the models used by airlines and hotels. It measures the supply, the demand, the proximity and seasonality and provides the best possible rate for each day.

There are many companies specializing in this so we partnered up with them. Many of our clients already increase their revenues by using Beyond Pricing, Pricelabs, Everbooked or Wheelhouse.

How can I use this?

When you wish to import rates from Airbnb, and have Hostaway export them to the other channels such as booking.com, Expedia, Tripadvisor or 9flats, you can turn on Airbnb dynamic prices on the Settings page.

Does this affect me immediately?

No, we do not make any changes unless you choose so. You still set your rates and minimum stay settings in the Hostaway calendar.

How about Beyond Pricing, Pricelabs, Everbooked or Wheelhouse? If you use these services, you can connect them to your Airbnb account and let us import the rates from your Airbnb account. That way you'll get the latest rates on all channels! During this spring we are going to integrate these providers directly into Hostaway, ensuring even faster and safes price updates!

What is Hostaway Dynamic Pricing?

We are currently developing a few features that have been requested in order to give our users more flexibility. This includes

  • Seasonal rates and minimum length-of-stay
  • Weekend rates
  • Automatically open up the calendar in advance

If you have feedback about these features, you can always Contact Us or reach us on the chat. Welcome to Hostaway!

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