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Doinn and Hostaway integration & 5 secrets how to make your vacation rental shine!

Doinn and Hostaway integration & 5 secrets how to make your vacation rental shine!

We're excited to announce another partnership! Hostaway has recently integrated with Doinn. They help you to keep your apartments guest-ready at all times, making housekeeping available with just a few clicks, including laundry and check-in services, all with a quality assurance.

This integration means that their services can be scheduled automatically, with minimum effort from our platform. Want to learn more? Read our guide how to connect with them. .

As part of this fantastic partnership, they've written a blog post for us spilling the beans on some housekeeping secrets!

1.Less is more

You will find guests that are more or less minimalist in their private life, but having the objects that bring YOU memories, do not make them “feel at home”. Less things means more space and a cleaner look. Check what items are not necessary to the form or function of the room and consider removing them.

2. "Follow the Wall" trick when cleaning

Using the walls of the apartment as a roadmap ensure that every single part of your space is looked at in a slick and systematic way. You can always hire a professional cleaning company not to miss a spot.

3.Get rid of the old stuff

We know is very tempting to get new furniture and new kitchen stuff for your place and leave the old one for your vacation rental apartment, but your guests won't be happy about it. Vintage furniture can be lovely as long as it's in a good shape, recently polished and/or painted.

4.Get a deep cleaning every 2 months

You may think that guests won't stay in our place many hours to mess up because there are millions of interesting things to visit in our neighborhood or city, but you never know! At Doinn, making deep cleanings, we've found many nasty surprises: sweets inside a lamp, dirty tissues at the top-top shelf of the kitchen cabinet or really disgusting smoke extractors. It's normal that with high occupation rates, there's not much time for checking everything, but take the advantage of having one empty night to do it.

5.White linen

When clean, white linen gives the impression of cleanliness. When dirty, it’s easy to see where you need to work and where that little bit extra effort is needed. Doinn uses specialist cleaning solutions that not only get the linen sparklingly clean, but also hygienically clean too. It makes a real difference to the guest experience and it will also save you time and money to buy or rent always the same kits.

We hope you find these tips helpful! We'll be announcing more partnerships soon, so watch out this space!

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