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Catering to Remote Workers on Airbnb | Must-Have Amenities for a Productive Stay

Catering to Remote Workers on Airbnb | Must-Have Amenities for a Productive Stay

In today's evolving work landscape, remote work has become a popular option for many employees. Due to the flexibility of working from anywhere, remote workers are increasingly looking for accommodations that provide a conducive environment for productivity, even when they are away from their usual office settings. By catering to remote workers, Airbnb hosts and property managers can increase their bookings.

Today's blog post, we will explore the amenities that can help your property attract remote workers and ensure they have a comfortable and productive stay.

Who are Remote Workers?

Remote workers, also known as digital nomads, are individuals who work outside of a traditional office setting and are not required to commute to a physical workplace. Often, they communicate and collaborate remotely using modern technology. A remote worker can be an employee, freelancer, or independent contractor who has the flexibility to work from home, a co-working space, or any other location of their choosing.

A recent report from MBO Partners, cited by Forbes, reveals that the number of digital nomads in the US has increased dramatically by 131% since 2019, with nearly 17 million individuals identifying as such in 2022. It's noteworthy that the digital nomad lifestyle is not exclusive to freelancers and independent contractors, as the percentage of digital nomads with traditional employment has tripled since 2019, now comprising 66% of the total digital nomad population.

Why you Should Cater your Airbnb to Remote Workers

Why you Should Cater your Airbnb to Remote Workers

Catering your Airbnb property to remote workers can be a smart strategy to tap into a growing market segment of travelers.

“Where policy-makers once had to fight to attract entire companies (or even industries), today governments and destination marketing organizations must consider how to recruit individuals and families who can work remotely and how to ensure that the benefits of remote work are felt by the wider community,”

“The best approach is one that not only attracts remote workers but also integrates them into communities so that all residents can benefit from this rising trend.” - Nathan Blecharczyk, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Airbnb

The global surge in remote work since the start of the pandemic is reflected in the trend observed on Airbnb's platform, where a considerable number of guests now opt for longer stays to both live and work in one location. According to Airbnb's statistics, the long-term stay category, defined as stays lasting 28 days or more, is the platform's fastest-growing segment by trip length, having more than doubled since the first quarter of 2019.

Airbnb hosts and property managers can benefit from catering their properties to remote workers in several ways, such as:

You Can Expand Into A New Market Segment

If you cater your Airbnb property to remote workers, you open up a whole new market for bookings. Remote workers, especially those who need to stay for a long-term or mid-term stay, are constantly seeking comfortable and productive spaces to work from.

Providing amenities that meet their needs can help you attract remote workers who may be looking for a home away from home.

Longer Stays

In With the freedom of remote work available in today's digital era, people can combine work and play seamlessly by traveling the world while working full-time. People can explore new destinations, immerse themselves in different cultures, and experience unforgettable experiences while staying productive and connected to their professional responsibilities by working from anywhere with an internet connection. As a result of this exciting lifestyle, both their personal and professional lives are enhanced and cultivated.

Unlike traditional vacation travelers who stay for a few days or a week, remote workers may need to stay for several weeks or even months in order to complete a project. Consequently, you can expect more consistent and longer-term bookings, reducing the need for frequent turnover and maximizing your occupancy rates.

Premium Rates

Remote workers are often willing to pay a premium for accommodations that provide the amenities they need to work efficiently.

The nightly rate of your property can be justified if it includes amenities for remote workers, such as reliable high-speed internet, a dedicated workspace, and other productivity-enhancing features. Thus, you can increase Airbnb revenue and ROI.

Positive Reviews

Remote workers who have a productive and comfortable stay at your property are likely to leave positive reviews, increasing your chances of attracting more remote workers in the future. You may even get a referral from them to other travelers on their team that are also remote!

Repeat Bookings

If a remote worker has recurring work assignments or projects in the same area, positive reviews may also result in repeat bookings. In addition to increasing your property's visibility and reputation within the remote work community, word-of-mouth recommendations can also help.

Lower Maintenance Costs

It’s common for remote workers to spend a significant amount of their time focused on work and not engage in activities that could damage your property.

In turn, cleaning and maintenance costs and wear and tear can be reduced in comparison to traditional guests. Remote workers are generally responsible and respectful guests who prioritize a productive work environment, leading to fewer incidents and lower maintenance costs.

Competitive Advantage

In light of the growing popularity of remote work, many travelers seek accommodations that are suited to their needs. By offering amenities tailored to remote workers, you can gain an edge over your competitors.

Consequently, your property will stand out in the competitive Airbnb market and attract remote workers who are willing to pay even a premium for properties that provide the amenities they require.

Must Have Amenities for Remote Workers

 Must Have Amenities for Remote Workers

Reliable High-Speed Internet

Reliable high-speed internet is a non-negotiable amenity for remote workers. Taking part in virtual meetings, collaborating with colleagues, and completing work tasks require a stable internet connection.

Provide internet access with sufficient bandwidth to support multiple devices at once. Test the speed and reliability of the internet regularly to ensure your guests have a smooth experience. You may also want to provide guests with a wifi connection and an ethernet cable wired directly into the router for extra stability.

Dedicated Workspace

Remote workers need a dedicated workspace to set up their laptops, monitor, or other work-related equipment. Make sure the workspace is well-lit and has easily accessible power outlets for charging devices.

Provide Ergonomic Furniture

Comfortable seating and an adjustable desk are essential for remote workers who may spend long hours sitting and working.

Consider providing an ergonomic chair that provides good back support, as well as an adjustable desk that can be raised or lowered as needed.

Quiet Environment

In order to be productive, remote workers require a quiet environment. An ideal location for a property would be away from busy streets and construction sites. External noise can be minimized by installing soundproofing measures, such as double-glazed windows or carpets.

Pro Tip: Provide remote workers with advance notice of any noise disruptions, such as renovations or construction nearby.

Provide Adequate Power Outlets and Charging Stations

The majority of remote workers have multiple devices that need to be charged, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Make sure the workspace and other convenient areas of your property are equipped with sufficient outlets so that remote workers can charge their devices easily. To accommodate a variety of charging needs, consider providing a charging station with multiple USB ports.

Provide Office Supplies

Providing remote workers with basic office supplies can be a thoughtful gesture. For remote workers who may need to print documents or take notes during their work hours, stocking up on essentials such as pens, notepads, sticky notes, and a printer can be helpful.

Providing these small touches can enhance the convenience and productivity of remote workers.

Comfortable Sleeping Arrangements

A good night's sleep helps remote workers stay focused and productive. Ensure that your property offers comfortable mattresses, pillows, and bedding to provide a restful sleep experience. Consider investing in blackout curtains or shades to create a conducive sleeping environment, especially for remote workers who may need to work in different time zones.

Recreation and Relaxation Amenities Remote work can be demanding, and remote workers need to have opportunities to relax and rejuvenate.

Providing remote workers with amenities such as a selection of books with a cozy reading nook, a well-equipped home gym, or a relaxing outdoor space can help them achieve a healthy work-life balance.

In Conclusion

Turning your Airbnb property into a remote worker's haven can be a lucrative opportunity for hosts and property managers alike. By providing amenities that cater to the unique needs of remote workers, you can tap into a growing market segment and reap the rewards of increased bookings, premium rates, glowing reviews, and repeat business.

Efficiently managing Airbnb rentals is made easier with the use of vacation rental software such as Hostaway. This comprehensive platform streamlines property management tasks, saving hosts valuable time and ensuring a seamless experience for guests.

With tailored amenities for remote workers and leveraging vacation rental software such as Hostaway, hosts and property managers can unlock the full potential of their Airbnb properties. Embracing the trend of catering to the ever-expanding demand for comfortable and productive remote workspaces, hosts can capitalize on this growing market and achieve success in the modern vacation rental industry.

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