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Best Smart Home Devices for your Airbnb

Best Smart Home Devices for your Airbnb

Making your guests feel at home is one of the finest ways for you as an Airbnb host to stand out from the crowd. Your visitors can check in independently, catch up on their preferred TV shows, and more with smart devices. Additionally, smart gadgets will boost security and reduce energy costs, particularly in between reservations. Here are the top smart home appliances for your Airbnb rental and how they might enhance your experience and that of your visitors. In this article we look at the best smart home devices for your Airbnb.

Smart Locks

The hardest aspect of hosting an Airbnb can be giving visitors the keys. Physical keys might be lost, and visitors frequently forget their lockbox codes. But a smart lock fixes all of those issues and enables your visitors to check in independently using a keypad or a smartphone.

Some smart locks will create "digital keys" on their own for each reservation. These special keys are only valid from the time of check-in to the time of check-out, after which they immediately expire. You now have the option to manage your Airbnb home entirely "keyless." Even after your guests leave, you may set up "trigger events" to give your housekeepers digital keys.

Naturally, smart locks enable you to lock and unlock your door remotely in case visitors experience any issues. Additionally, you'll get notifications if your door is left unlocked for an extended amount of time. The majority of smart locks are also tamper-proof, and you'll be alerted if someone tries to break into your house.

We advise the fourth-generation WiFi Smart Lock from August if you're prepared to make the switch to a smart lock because it works seamlessly with the Airbnb app.

Video Doorbell

Smart cameras that are incorporated into video doorbells allow you to watch when visitors arrive from your smartphone. Video doorbells won't breach Airbnb rules because the camera is pointed outside and away from your house, so your visitors' privacy won't be invaded.

When it comes to placing security cameras in bathrooms, bedrooms, and other sleeping places, Airbnb has very strict rules. Additionally, any video doorbells must be disclosed in your Airbnb rental. However, video doorbells only record your visitors as they come and go. Through a video doorbell, you can check to see whether visitors are having parties or bringing animals inside when they shouldn't.

Video doorbells can automatically capture a brief film anytime someone approaches your home and feature motion detectors as well. You may keep an eye on your home in real time or replay the recorded footage the following day. Additionally, there are built-in speakers and microphones so that visitors who are unable to enter can still communicate with you.

Smart Thermostat

By installing a smart thermostat, you may both increase visitor comfort and save a ton of money. These environmentally friendly gadgets provide your visitors more control over the temperature while they are there. You can use your smartphone to switch off your thermostat after they leave.

Guests or cleaners may easily forget to switch off the thermostat when they leave. You can automate everything by setting a schedule or controlling the temperature from your smartphone by upgrading to a smart thermostat. In this manner, you can avoid heating and cooling an empty house while waiting for reservations.

To avoid wasting energy heating or cooling unoccupied rooms, some smart thermostats even have room temperature sensors. A smart thermostat often reduces energy costs by 10-12% for the average family, so it should pay for itself in approximately a year.

We recommend the Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium if you wish to replace your thermostat. This model from 2022 integrates with all smart home systems and regulates the temperature while no one is home.

Smart Smoke Detectors

One of the greatest smart devices for Airbnb hosts is a smoke detector because it will inform you if a fire starts or if the batteries are ready to run out. Similar to conventional smoke detectors, these smart gadgets have loud alarms and flashing lights.

All listings on Airbnb are required to have smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms if they have fuel-burning appliances. So, you can opt for a gadget that combines the two functions.

We advise the Google Nest Protect if you want to replace your smoke detectors. This smart device contains a "Split-Spectrum Sensor" that can identify carbon monoxide as well as both slow- and fast-burning fires.

Smart Home Speakers

Smart speakers are the ideal starter kit when it comes to giving your Airbnb guests access to smart home entertainment. These speakers look and function much like conventional speakers, but they also come with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, which are the most widely used smart assistants.

When you install smart speakers in your Airbnb rental, visitors may use voice commands to set alarms, inquire about things, and operate other smart gadgets. For instance, people may say, “Hey Google, set an alarm for 05:00 AM,” or “Hey Siri, what’s the weather like tomorrow?” or “Alexa, turn the temperature to 70 degrees.”

Smart Lights

One of the simplest additions you can make to your Airbnb house is a smart light bulb, and visitors adore them. Your guests may create the ideal atmosphere by asking Alexa to dim, turn off, or change the color of the lights when using compatible smart speakers.

If your home has a lot of outdoor space, you might wish to install motion-activated outdoor lighting, especially to illuminate any paths. You may create any ambience you choose with these vibrant lights, and they will turn off themselves when everyone enters the house.

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