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How to Automate Cleaning Tasks for Your Airbnb Vacation Rental

How to Automate Cleaning Tasks for Your Airbnb Vacation Rental

Keeping your Airbnb vacation rental clean is a continuous process. It is also super important if you want to keep delivering a top-notch guest experience and raking in good reviews. Managing your housekeeping however, everything from notifying and scheduling your cleaners at every check-out to letting them in and out of your property each time, takes a lot of work. Automating your cleaning tasks will allow you to manage this continuous process with little to no further effort and protect you from the risk of welcoming a guest to a half-cleaned property.

Why Automate Airbnb Vacation Rental Cleaning?

Cleaning your Airbnb vacation rental is a routine driven by tasks that can be reproduced in a set of repeatable processes. Repeatable processes, in turn, can generally be automated using technology. In this case, that technology is your property management system Hostaway.

1. Prevent Mistakes

Automating cleaning tasks removes the risk of human error, helping you avoid mistakes.

2. Save on Time and Effort

Eliminate a whole slew of tasks, from keeping track of every new reservation, its check-ins and check-outs, contacting your cleaners, letting them into your property, etc. Not to mention save yourself the stress of coordinating and having to constantly check on each task’s status.

3. Be on Time, Every Time

Because it’s not a person making the notifications, automation removes the chance of delayed or missed notification ensuring your Airbnb is cleaned on time and ready for guests.

4. Provide a Great Guest Experience

By consistently providing a clean and hygienic property supplied in full, you boost your guest experience.

5. Earn Better Reviews

A clean Airbnb by itself won’t earn you five stars but anything less than spotless is bound to earn you awful reviews.

6. Improve Remote Management

Choosing to automate your cleaning tasks allows you to manage your Airbnb property remotely better and safer.

7. Better Manage Your Team

Automating cleaning tasks allows you to communicate with your cleaners clearly and on time, so they can perform their tasks well without risking any errors brought on by miscommunication.

8. Scale Easier, Cheaper, Faster

Automating cleaning reduces your workload, doesn’t require you to hire dedicated personnel to manage the tasks and when you use Hostaway you don’t need to pay for additional products or services to automate.

How to Automate Cleaning Tasks for Your Airbnb Vacation Rental

Benefits of Automating Airbnb Vacation Rental Cleaning with Hostaway

When you choose Hostaway as your PMS, not only can you easily automate your vacation rental cleaning management tasks but also do so at no extra cost.

Hostaway allows you to create tasks manually and automatically including for cleaning and even assign them to a user, automatically notifying them of the new task they have been assigned.

Being a repetitive process, most cleaning related tasks can be automated.

  1. Automatically schedule cleaners

  2. Automate cleaning related tasks

  3. Automate notifications

  4. Automatically provide a checklist

  5. Automate access to the property

  6. Update and cancel tasks with automated notifications

  7. View progress of the tasks in real-time

  8. Connecting your cleaning management to smart locks means you can also automate access, so cleaners and guests can come and go without anyone having to let them in. Even better, you’ll eliminate the hassle and stress of keys getting lost, stolen, or locked inside

  9. Create recurring tasks such as deep cleaning on the 25th of each month

How to Automate your Airbnb Vacation Rental’s Cleaning Tasks

The manual task option is useful for creating one-off tasks. For example, if you have sold a last minute booking by promising to offer a free bottle of champagne, you can create a task for your cleaner to take the bottle out of the refrigerator and leave it in a bucket of ice before they leave.

Tasks can be assigned to a single user or a user group. They can also be unassigned at any time.

Users can only see the tasks assigned to them. The property manager or supervisor can see all the tasks they have assigned.

If a task is attached to a reservation, it will be automatically cancelled if the reservation is cancelled unless its modified prior. If the reservation date changes, the task will be automatically updated accordingly.

Tasks can be created specific to a listing or channel.

All automated tasks are visible in the calendar.

The status of each task is also visible. For example, to do for tasks not yet picked up; in progress for accepted tasks that are being worked on; and done for tasks that are completed.

Tasks can be filtered by assigner, assignee, listing, channel, and sort order.

You can also duplicate tasks, change their status, and add costs or resolution notes to them.

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