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Airbnb Rules in Park City, Utah

Airbnb Rules in Park City, Utah

Are you contemplating the idea of opening your home to travelers?

Park City, Utah, a magnet for visitors year-round, boasts breathtaking scenery, endless outdoor adventures, world-class ski resorts and a cultural calendar that's the envy of many.

Becoming an Airbnb host in Park City isn't just about opening your doors – it's about embracing the chance to share its magic and earn some income along the way.

Why Park City, Utah?

Park City, surrounded by the stunning Wasatch Mountains, is not just a winter wonderland but a year-round haven for outdoor lovers and culture enthusiasts. Whether it's hiking, mountain biking or the renowned Sundance Film Festival, there's always something happening against the backdrop of majestic mountains – a postcard-worthy view, no matter the season.

From a business standpoint, Park City has a strong demand for short-term rentals and Airbnb is the go-to choice for many travelers. This means your place is likely in high demand and you can adjust your prices during peak times or local events to earn extra income.

Investing in Park City's real estate also means your property appreciates in value over time. The city's popularity drives up property values, a great bonus. The best part? You become part of the Park City community. Hosting on Airbnb lets you connect with the locals, immerse yourself in the city's culture and build great relationships with neighbors and fellow hosts.

The Lowdown Airbnb Rules in Park City

The Lowdown Airbnb Rules in Park City

Local government regulations and zoning laws

Like many other cities, Park City has specific regulations governing short-term rentals. These regulations are outlined in the Land Management Code, which defines zoning requirements and use definitions.

Understanding terms such as "accessory apartment," "bed and breakfast inn" and "nightly rental" is important to ensure your listing complies with zoning laws. If you need more clarification about your property's zoning status, it's advisable to contact the Planning Department for guidance.

Building and housing standards

Safety first! Park City enforces rules on construction, design and maintenance standards for buildings. Whether your property is residential or non-residential, it's crucial to comply with guidelines on habitability, health and safety.

To get a full grasp of these regulations, refer to Title 11 of the Municipal Code or contact the Department of Building Safety directly.

Nightly rental license

If you plan to offer lodging for a fee for less than 30 days, you must obtain a Nightly rental license from the City. This license is crucial and involves inspecting your property to ensure it meets the necessary safety and zoning requirements.

Additionally, you'll need to follow specific management standards such as providing a local contact person for emergencies or neighbor complaints. Visit the city's website or contact the Planning Department to start the application process.

Noise ordinances

Keep the peace! Be aware of any noise ordinances in Park City, as loud disturbances can lead to complaints. Communicate these regulations to your guests to ensure harmony with the local community.


The State of Utah authorizes the collection of transient room taxes, which apply to hotels, inns, vacation homes and short-term rentals, defined as stays of less than 30 days. If you're using platforms like Airbnb or VRBO, they may handle tax reporting on your behalf.

However, it's essential to understand these tax implications and fulfill your responsibilities. You can find more information on Utah's official website.

Other rules

Don't forget the fine print! Check your lease agreements, condo board or co-op rules, HOA regulations or any rules set by tenant organizations. Review your lease and chat with your landlord or relevant authority if needed.

Making Hosting a Breeze with the Right Vacation Rental Software

Managing an Airbnb can be a handful but with the right vacation rental software like Hostaway, an all-in-one solution, is a whole lot easier. It streamlines everything from bookings, payments and guest communications.

Also, it automates many time-consuming tasks such as updating calendars across multiple listing sites to avoid double bookings and optimizing pricing based on market trends.

For hosts, it means less stress and more time to focus on improving their service, making it an indispensable tool in today's competitive short-term rental market.

Is Park City, Utah, Your Airbnb Hotspot?

Is Park City, Utah, Your Airbnb Hotspot?

With its vibrant tourism and the wealth of opportunities it brings, Park City, Utah, is an ideal spot for your Airbnb venture.

But remember, responsible hosting is key. By following the local regulations outlined in this guide, you'll ensure a seamless hosting experience and contribute positively to Park City's welcoming community.

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