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Airbnb Review Templates & Guide | 20+ Airbnb Reviews

Airbnb Review Templates & Guide | 20+ Airbnb Reviews

Airbnb reviews are not the sole preserve of guests. Hosts can review their guests too. In fact, hosts can use guest reviews when screening for bad guests. Writing reviews however can be a stressful experience, resulting in many hosts not taking the trouble to leave reviews for their guests. But reviewing your guests is not only a nice gesture of appreciation of your guests but can help improve your Airbnb listing. Let us help you make this chore a breeze while still sounding authentic.

How To Review Your Guests

Once your guests’ checkout is complete, Airbnb will prompt you to write a review of your experience with the guests. You have 14 days to submit the review but you can edit it later. Your review will be posted once the guest submits their review or the 14 days are up. If a reservation has more than one confirmed guest, your review is meant for the guest who made the reservation. However, the review will appear on the profiles of all the other confirmed guests.

You can also rate your guests 1 to 5 stars on a few criteria as well as provide feedback privately.

The Importance Of Reviewing Your Guests

Good reviews are important to improve your SEO rankings on Airbnb. However, a majority of Airbnb guests don’t take the trouble to write reviews. When you take the initiative to write a review for your guests, they are further prompted by Airbnb, making them far more likely to leave a review for your listing. Guests will also appreciate the gesture and be encouraged to review you in turn.

Top Tips When Writing A Review

Writing a review well is both an art and a science and can leave you in a tizzy. Here are our top tips to keep in mind to ensure you do a good job.

  1. Don’t write the review as soon as the guest leaves. Check your property to make sure everything is in order. Being in too much of a hurry could mean you miss something. This is even more important if your guest wasn’t great. While you are allowed to write a negative review when guests have been bad, you should be careful and thoughtful in how you phrase it.

  2. Be professional. Don’t exaggerate or over-elaborate. Stick to the facts. If your guests were only annoying, consider not mentioning that in the review. You can always bring it up in private feedback that only they will see.

  3. Make it helpful. Let other hosts who may read your reviews know the important things, like if guests followed house rules, were considerate, left the property in good condition, etc. If you feel you would host the guests again, mention it. It’s an important vote of confidence to other hosts.

  4. Reply to all reviews. If your guest has taken the trouble to write you a review make sure you respond in kind by writing a review for them. This is even more important if your guest leaves a negative review.

  5. Create templates. Having guest review templates on hand, both positive and negative, makes it so much easier to keep those reviews going out.

Top Tips When Writing A Review

Templates For Guest Reviews

Here are some templates you can use when writing guest reviews, both positive and negative. Don’t be afraid to adjust and make it your own.

Templates for positive guest reviews

When you have a good guest let them know you appreciated it. Let them know what it was about the experience of hosting them that you enjoyed.

  1.   It was a pleasure hosting you. You were so thoughtful about everything. You made our jobs really easy. We’d love to host you again!
  2.   Five stars for the 5-star guest. Respectful, clean, organized, and quiet, we couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank You!
  3.   Excellent guest. Very considerate of our belongings and property. The home was just as clean when they left as when they checked in. Come back any time!
  4.   You were very communicative. Straightforward, polite, and responded without delay. It was so easy to schedule checking in and out times. It was great having you!
  5.   A really nice guest. Left the place neat and tidy and respected our space and privacy during the stay. I’d recommend them to any other host.
  6.   Super-friendly and respected the space. Followed the house rules to a T. We’d love to have you again!
  7.   It was great to have you back! An exemplary guest as always. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and consideration. Come back any time!
  8.   Fantastic guests. Easy to be around. Respected all the rules. We hope they book us again!
  9.   I have nothing negative to say about this guest. They left our flat clean and tidy. All the dishes were cleaned, dried, and put back in their places. They even vacuumed. Top notch!
  10. We really enjoyed hosting you. It was such a breeze to deal with you. Highly recommended!

Templates for negative guest reviews

If you have a bad guest then don’t be afraid to leave a truthful review. You don’t want them to book you again anyway. And you’ll be helping other hosts out.

  1.   The guest arrived 3 hours after the check-in time and then complained about there not being anyone to check them in at the time.
  2.   Didn’t follow the house rules. The dishes were left out on the dining table rather than in the dishwasher. The towels were left on the bathroom floor.
  3.   We are very clear about our no smoking policy with even signs displayed prominently in the apartment. The guests chose not to follow this, leaving bad smells and cigarette butts.
  4.   The party included two more people than specified and then complained because we had not made bedding arrangements for the extra guests. We were inconvenienced and didn’t get paid for the additional guests.
  5.   Not recommended! We almost lost our vacation rental permit because of all the chaos they caused in the neighborhood. They parked illegally on the street, made too much noise, and left all the lights on when they left.
  6.   They damaged several belongings and furniture including a burned kettle and a broken chair.
  7.   We had a disappointing experience with this guest party. When we returned to clean the house, it was obvious that they had had a party with empty beer cans left lying everywhere and streamers littering the garden.
  8.   We would have appreciated it if the guest responded in a timely fashion. The guest messaged us asking for a delayed check-in but didn’t respond for 2 days when we asked for the time, forcing us to cancel our plans for the evening.
  9.   The guest had no respect for others in the shared space. They played music loudly in their room even though they were asked to lower the volume several times. They ate another guest’s sandwich, clearly labeled with their name, in the refrigerator. And left used utensils and cutlery lying in the sink unwashed. We had to constantly apologize to the other guests and even offered them a discount on their booking to compensate. Not recommended!
  10. The guest followed all the house rules and left the flat neat and tidy. Except they didn’t lock the door and left it slightly ajar.

Key Takeaway

Using review templates will help you write more reviews and reap the benefits of that to your Airbnb vacation rental business. Make sure you personalize each review to the guest/s however. Mention them by name and include one fact about the guests so they really feel appreciated.

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