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Airbnb Review Templates & Guide | 20+ Airbnb Reviews

Airbnb Review Templates & Guide | 20+ Airbnb Reviews

Airbnb reviews aren't just for guests– hosts have the opportunity to review their guests as well. This can be particularly useful for hosts looking to screen potential problem guests. However, writing these reviews can sometimes feel stressful and time-consuming, leading some hosts to skip this step.

Reviewing your guests is not only a nice gesture of appreciation for your guests but can help improve your Airbnb listing. Let us help you make this chore a breeze while still sounding authentic.

The When, Where, Why and Hows of Airbnb Reviews

When to leave an Airbnb review?

You have up to 14 days after checkout to submit your review. Remember, you can also review any reservations canceled on or after the day of check-in (starting at 12:00 AM in your listing's timezone).

Your reviews will be posted as soon as you and your guest submit them or when the 14-day period ends, whichever comes first.

Where to find Airbnb’s review link?

After the stay you’ll receive an email from Airbnb inviting you to leave a review for your recent guest. Inside the email you'll find a link that takes you straight to the 'Reviews' page, so you can share your experience with the community. If the link isn’t in your email, don’t worry—you can still write a review directly on Airbnb by visiting the 'Today' section or checking your 'Airbnb Messages'.

Why is it important for hosts to leave a review on Airbnb?

Writing a review for your Airbnb guest is a valuable step you shouldn't skip. If the stay was positive, a favorable review might inspire your guest to reciprocate, enhancing your listing’s reputation. On the other hand, if the experience was less than ideal, sharing an honest review can serve as a helpful heads-up for your fellow hosts.

How to leave a review step-by-step guide

  1. Navigate to your Inbox
  2. Choose a pre-written message from the guest you’d like to review.
  3. Click on "Get Started" to begin writing your feedback.
  4. Once you’ve completed your feedback, click "Submit" to post it.

Note: If you need to step away you can save your progress by clicking "Save and exit." This way you can resume exactly where you left off. Just remember that you must complete and submit the review within 14 days after checking out of your stay.

Only guests can leave reviews for Experiences.

How to edit Airbnb reviews

To ensure reviews remain honest and fair, Airbnb has set rules about editing reviews once they've been written.

If you're the first to submit your review you can edit it anytime within the 14-day review window up until the other party submits theirs. Once both reviews are in or the 14 days are up (whichever comes first) the reviews are locked in and automatically published and no further edits can be made.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Navigate to your Profile
  2. Click on "Reviews you've written"
  3. Select "Reviews by you"
  4. Find the review you want to edit and click on "Edit"

Airbnb Reviews and The Algorithm

Once your guest leaves it's important not to overlook the power of leaving Airbnb host reviews. Posting reviews showcases your engagement as an active and attentive host and boosts your listing's performance in Airbnb's search rankings. This happens because Airbnb recognizes your listing as actively managed and is likely to promote it more frequently to provide a great guest experience.

Airbnb Reviews and The Algorithm

Airbnb Review Guide - Positive Review Templates

  1. "It was an absolute pleasure hosting [Guest Name]! They were friendly, communicative and respectful of our space. They left the place just as they found it. We'd welcome them back anytime and highly recommend them to other hosts."
  2. "Hosting [Guest Name] was a breeze thanks to their great communication. They kept us updated about their arrival and departure times and were very easy-going. We’d love to see them again in the future!"
  3. "[Guest Name] was the perfect guest. They were quiet, clean and very considerate during their stay. It was a pleasure to host them and we hope they choose our place again on their next visit!"
  4. "We highly recommend [Guest Name] as a guest. They were courteous, tidy and respectful of our home. We thoroughly enjoyed hosting them and would gladly welcome them back anytime."
  5. "[Guest Name] was a gracious guest who maintained the cleanliness of our home throughout their stay. They were polite and respected our property, making them a pleasure to host. We look forward to their next visit."
  6. Hosting [Guest Name] was a truly pleasant experience. They were kind and appreciative of the amenities we provided. Their positive attitude was evident throughout their stay and we would happily host them again.
  7. I can't say enough good things about hosting [Guest's Name]. They were incredibly respectful of our home and went above and beyond to ensure everything was in order during their stay. Communication was excellent and they were a pleasure to host. I highly recommend to any Airbnb host.
  8. "It was a joy to host [Guest Name]. Not only were they friendly and respectful, but they also brought a great energy to our space. They left everything in immaculate condition and we would love to host them again in the future."
  9. "[Guest Name] was a delight to host! Very respectful and tidy. They took great care of our place and we would not hesitate to host them again. Highly recommended to any host!"
  10. “Hosting [Guest's Name] and their group was an absolute pleasure. They were perfectly respectful of our home, followed all the guidelines and left the place in pristine condition. Their thoughtfulness and consideration made hosting effortless. I would host them again in a heartbeat. Highly recommended guests!”

Airbnb Review Guide - Negative Review Templates

Airbnb Review Guide - Negative Review Templates

When leaving negative feedback, consider using the "compliment sandwich" approach. This strategy involves framing your criticism between two positive comments.

Start with something positive about the guest's stay, follow with your constructive feedback and then end on another positive note. This method helps soften the impact of the critique and can make your comments seem less severe.

  1. Disruptive party

"It was great having [Name] choose our home for their stay. However, they hosted a wild, disruptive party, which was against our house rules. This has created some challenges for us. Nonetheless, I hope they had a pleasant time in [Town]."

  1. Unreported damage

"[Name] was a courteous guest upon meeting. Regrettably, they left without reporting damage to our furniture. This oversight has led to unexpected repairs. They were very polite when we addressed the issues."

  1. Late checkout

"I'm thankful to [Name] for selecting our place for their stay. Unfortunately, they checked out much later than agreed upon, causing scheduling difficulties for us. I wish [Name] well and hope they found [Town] welcoming]."

  1. Noise complaints

"[Name] was pleasant during their stay. However, we received several noise complaints from neighbors which were quite distressing. They were very kind upon check-out."

  1. Extra guests

"I appreciate [Name] for staying with us. Sadly, they brought extra guests without prior approval, which violated our agreement. Their initial interaction was very pleasant."

  1. Smoking in non-smoking area

"[Name] was respectful during their stay. Unfortunately, they smoked in a non-smoking area, which is against our house rules. This required extra cleaning. I wish them well and hope their stay was enjoyable."

  1. Pet policy violation

"It was nice hosting [Name]. However, they brought a pet without informing us, contrary to our policy. This caused some issues we had to address. I hope [Name] and their pet had a pleasant stay in [Town]."

  1. Improper use of appliances

"I was happy to host [Name] recently. Unfortunately, they misused some kitchen appliances, leading to damage. They were apologetic when the issue was brought to their attention."

  1. Lack of communication

"[Name] chose our home for their getaway, which I appreciate. We faced challenges with communication that led to misunderstandings during their stay. However, their overall demeanor was very friendly."

  1. Failure to clean up

"Thank you, [Name], for staying with us. However, hosting [Guest's Name] negatively impacted our household. They displayed a lack of regard for our other housemates, causing tension and discomfort within our home. I hope [Name] still managed to enjoy their visit to [Town]."

Responding to Reviews

Responding to Reviews

Once you've posted your review, your job isn't over. The next step is to respond to your guest's review of your hosting. This shows that you are actively engaged and attentive to feedback

Responding to positive reviews:

Getting a positive review from a guest feels wonderful. Take a moment to reply and thank them—it shows you care and strengthens your connection. Letting them know you’d welcome them back could encourage future bookings and recommendations

Sample review:

"Thank you so much for your kind words, [Guest's Name]! It was a pleasure hosting you. I'm thrilled to hear you enjoyed your stay and everything was to your liking. Looking forward to welcoming you back on your next trip to [Location]! Safe travels and take care!"

Responding to negative reviews:

Receiving a negative review can be tough, especially when you've worked hard to create a great guest experience. While it's tempting to ignore it or respond negatively, the best approach is to reply professionally and concisely. Start by thanking them for their feedback—this makes you sound like a mature and welcoming host committed to improving.

Sample reviews:

  1. Addressing concerns and offering solutions

“Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. I sincerely apologize for the issues you encountered during your stay. Your concerns are important to me and I am working diligently to address the issues you've mentioned. We have taken steps to ensure such problems do not recur in the future. I appreciate your feedback, as it helps us improve our services. If you decide to stay with us again, I can assure you a more pleasant experience.”

  1. Reassuring guests and expressing willingness to improve

“Thank you for bringing your concerns to my attention. I'm truly sorry to hear about your disappointing experience. Your feedback is crucial in our efforts to improve and I want you to know that we take your comments seriously. We are working diligently to address the issues you mentioned to ensure a better experience for our future guests. I hope you might consider staying with us again, allowing us the chance to demonstrate the improvements we've made.”

Responding to false reviews:

In some cases, you can get a review removed if you can prove to Airbnb that it violates Airbnb’s Content Policy or Airbnb’s Review Policy. This includes reviews that encompass issues beyond the host’s control, like the weather, are discriminatory, contain hate speech, and/or are inherently false.

If you are not able to get Airbnb to remove a review, however you can still use your opportunity to respond to detail your side of the story.

Sample reviews:

  1. “Thank you for your review. I would like to address a few points mentioned in your review that do not align with the facts. [Clarify the inaccurate statements made by the guest.]”

  2. While I understand that everyone's experience can be subjective, I'd like to correct a few inaccuracies in your review. [Clarify the false statements made by the guest].

Despite this, I'm pleased to hear you enjoyed [mention any positive aspects of their stay, if applicable].

Key Takeaway

Review templates will help you write more reviews and reap the benefits of that to your Airbnb vacation rental business. Make sure you personalize each review to the guest/s and you can even combine one or more of these templates to create the perfect review for you.

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