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What is Airbnb Plus and How Does it Work for Hosts?

What is Airbnb Plus and How Does it Work for Hosts?

What is Airbnb Plus?

Airbnb Plus is a tier of Airbnb properties that have been verified by the company for both quality and comfort. It is a middle tier, in between Airbnb Luxe and regular Airbnb.

Airbnb Plus provides guests the opportunity to book a verified experience while hosts can make their listings stand out and gain a competitive edge.

What are the Benefits of Airbnb Plus?

  • Hosts receive an Airbnb Plus badge that shows at the top of the listing page, helping promote the verified listing

  • The line “Every Plus Home is reviewed for quality” shows right below the listing title, giving listings extra credibility

  • Guests can filter their search results by Airbnb Plus providing greater visibility

  • Airbnb Plus listings are not restricted by the length of their listing description

  • Hosts can choose features and amenities from a refined list of options

How to Know If Your Property Qualifies for Airbnb Plus

To become an Airbnb Plus property, Airbnb requires it to be unique and follow a set of standards and guidelines. Airbnb will verify that each prospective property qualifies by inspecting it against a 100-point checklist. This will cover style, comfort, and hospitality.

Airbnb’s inspectors are professionals who will look for things like:

  • If the home is well-designed and reflects the personality of the host

  • If the property includes a fully-equipped kitchen

  • If the interior has a consistent style

  • If it's clean, uncluttered, and well-maintained

  • If it has a fully-featured bathroom including all necessary amenities

  • If it is comfortable

  • If the self-check-in process is easy

  • If the home has a TV with a remote control and media entertainment such as Netflix or cable

All standards must be maintained, even as Airbnb updates them from time to time. Updates are shared periodically with hosts.

What is Airbnb Plus and How Does it Work for Hosts?

Is Airbnb Plus Available Everywhere?

Airbnb Plus is currently available in major cities around the world. They include but are not limited to New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Bali, London, Shanghai, Rome, Melbourne, Toronto, Sydney, Milan, Cape Town, and Chicago.

How to Become an Airbnb Plus Host

To become an Airbnb Plus host, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Host an entire home or a private room with a private bathroom

  • Have a home that meets or exceeds the standards of an Airbnb Plus property. This will be verified by an Airbnb inspector

  • Your listing must be located in a city where Airbnb Plus is available

  • Have already hosted at least one stay

  • Have an average rating of 4.8 stars

  • Have a booking acceptance rate of 95% (i.e. cancellations not exceeding 5% of all reservations)

  • Have not canceled at the last minute in the past year

How to Apply to Be an Airbnb Plus Listing

Property managers interested in their properties joining the Airbnb Plus tier can apply here. However, availability to apply is limited from time to time. Airbnb may also invite hosts of listings that qualify.

Can You Opt Out of Airbnb Plus?

Hosts can always leave the Airbnb Plus program. While you will lose the Airbnb Plus badge and other benefits associated solely with the program, your listing information including photographs, reviews and ratings, and even reservations will remain.

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