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Airbnb AirCover | Everything to Know

Airbnb AirCover | Everything to Know

Last year, Airbnb introduced AirCover for hosts, protecting them from damages and liability. However, Airbnb’s recently launched Summer Release 2022, which is the biggest change in a decade, has evolved the way travelers travel with Airbnb Categories - a new way of searching for homes that you never knew existed, Airbnb Split Stays - a ground-breaking feature providing more options for longer stays, and AirCover - expanding protection to guests.

According to Airbnb, the new AirCover protection for guests is designed directly into the Airbnb app and website, making it easy for guests to contact an agent and resolve issues rapidly. Moreover, Airbnb created a team of specially trained agents to assist with last-minute rebookings.

That being said, this article will guide you through:

  • What is Airbnb AirCover?
  • How does AirCover work for guests?
  • How to send a request for refund?
  • What is and isn’t protected by AirCover?
  • Key Takeaways

What is Airbnb AirCover?

What is Airbnb AirCover?

AirCover is comprehensive protection tailored to Airbnb guests available free with every booking. This includes safeguarding from host cancellations, imprecise listings, a 24-hour safety line, Airbnb's rebooking and refund policy, and other issues such as guest difficulty in checking in.

Additionally, with the recent improvised upgrades of Airbnb customer service, AirCover is designed to address the concerns and issues of Airbnb guests that may occur during their stay. However, this does not include minor inconveniences such as a non-functioning toaster. According to CEO and Co-Founder of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, AirCover is created for guests to give them the confidence to book knowing Airbnb's got their back.

That being said, every time a guest books on Airbnb, they'll be entitled to:

  • Booking Protection - Within 30 days, if a host cancels a booking, Airbnb will find a replacement home that is similar or better or a refund will be issued.

  • Check-In Guarantee - If the guest is not able to check in to the vacation rental and the host is not able to solve the matter, Airbnb states that it will provide guests a similar or better home for the length of stay or be given a refund.

  • Get-What-You-Booked Guarantee - At any point, during the guest's stay, if they found listings are inaccurate, the guest is given the opportunity to report the issue within 72 hours and Airbnb will either find a replacement or a better home or be given a refund. For instance, the washing machine stopped working or the rooms listed on Airbnb are falsely advertised.

  • 24-Hour Safety Line - Feeling unsafe? Airbnb's got your back by helping the guest have priority access to well-trained safety agents or local emergency authorities who assist day or night with your welfare matters.

How Does AirCover Work For Guests?

During the guest's stay, if faced with any issues, the very first step is to first reach out to the Host directly and see the possibility of resolving the problem between the two parties. However, if the issue can't be resolved, the guest can contact Airbnb via email or message through the app within 72 hours after the discovery of the issue.

Take note, that if AirCover covers the issue, Airbnb will take steps to either find the guest a similar or better replacement home or offer a full or partial refund depending on the circumstances.

How to send a Request for Refund?

1. Collect Evidence

It is important for a guest if at any point during the stay finds any broken or missing amenities in the short-term rental to possibly document the issue by taking videos or photos as evidence.

2. Submit your request

Describe the issue while providing evidence to the host and preferably suggest how the issue should be resolved.

3. Wait for a response

If the host declines or does not respond, Airbnb gets involved and helps the guest pertaining to the matter. Moreover, for Airbnb to determine what help can be provided, it will refer back to Airbnb's Rebooking and Refund Policy.

What Is and Isn’t Protected By AirCover?

Guests are provided AirCover protection with every booking from high gravity travel issues that may occur during their stay. This includes:

  • If the host cancels the guest reservation within 30 days of the check-in date
  • If the host fails to mention in the listing description that a pet or another guest is in the vacation rental during the guest's stay
  • At check-in, if the listing is not liveable for the guest due to cleanliness, safety, or health reasons
  • If the host's listing description is inaccurately false. For instance, if the vacation rental falsely proclaims basic amenities such as a washing machine or advertises a false number of rooms

Note: AirCover does not have travel insurance. That being said, it is highly advised to seek third-party travel insurance policies for extra coverage during travels.

Key Takeaways

Airbnb's introduction of AirCover for guests certainly sounds good, especially when it addresses the concerns and extends its booking protection of the guests. However, AirCover is basic free insurance protection with every booking. The risk is that AirCover does not protect the guests entirely. Think about it?

Airbnb states that they got your back. However, if Airbnb chooses to refund, the guests will be left hanging trying to find new accommodation at very short notice and that may cost more.

Apart from that, even if Airbnb finds the guests a replacement accommodation, the reason behind booking the previous accommodation was either the location, surroundings, or convenience that has not been accounted for.

Putting aside the pros and cons of Airbnb's introduction to AirCover is no doubt a mile toward giving the guests the confidence to book with Airbnb knowing that issues or concerns are being heard.

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