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5 Essential Airbnb Home Security Gadgets

5 Essential Airbnb Home Security Gadgets

We've all come across nightmare Hosting stories: out-of-control parties, pilfered valuables, ruined property, and so forth. Thankfully, technology can be an ally in making you feel more secure as an Airbnb host.

With today’s latest security devices and gadgets, you can have peace of mind that your property is well looked after. You can also pass along the security benefits to your guests, promoting your properties’ safety features in your listings.

The Role of Cameras and Recording Devices in Airbnb Properties

Airbnb permits security measures such as surveillance cameras and noise monitoring devices for the mutual comfort and reassurance of both hosts and guests. However, they must be clearly indicated in the property description and must not violate any individual's privacy. These regulations pertain to all cameras, recording devices, smart devices, and monitoring devices.

What security devices does Airbnb permit?

Devices that monitor only public areas and shared spaces (like the front entrance or driveway) are allowed, as long as they are clearly disclosed prior to the reservation.

What security devices aren’t allowed in your Airbnb?

  • Hidden and unannounced devices observing shared spaces

Any device that monitors a shared space must be conspicuously installed and included in the listing description.

  • Devices positioned in or observing private spaces

Devices must never observe private locations (such as bedrooms, bathrooms, or shared areas utilized for sleeping, like a living room with a sofa bed). Inactive devices are permitted, provided they are switched off and preemptively revealed to guests.

With these regulations clearly laid out, let's delve into some home security gadgets that you, as a host, can make use of. These gadgets not only ensure security but also strictly adhere to Airbnb's legal terms and conditions.

5 Essential Home Security Gadgets for Airbnb Hosts

Here are some must-have home security gadgets that can help you better manage your Airbnb property:

1. Smart Door Locks

Smart locks provide you with keyless access to your property, minimizing the risk of lost keys. A popular choice among hosts is the August Smart Locks. It allows you to control and monitor your door from anywhere.

With this device, you can grant guest access for specific durations, track who comes and goes with a 24/7 activity log, and even integrate it with your Airbnb account for the automatic generation of unique entry codes for guests.

2. Surveillance Cameras

Outdoor security cameras, which can help monitor the exterior of your property. They’re wireless, offer color night vision, and have a built-in spotlight and siren.

Remember, cameras should be visibly placed and their presence disclosed in your Airbnb listing. They should only monitor public areas like the front yard, driveway, or backyard and not infringe on guests' privacy in any way.

3. Noise Monitoring Devices

Noise monitoring devices like NoiseAware can help you ensure that your guests are abiding by the house rules without invading their privacy.

This device monitors the noise level in your property and sends you alerts if the noise exceeds the threshold you set, helping you prevent potential disturbances or parties.

4. Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Devices like the Google Nest offer an extra layer of safety by providing smart smoke and carbon monoxide detection. It not only sounds an alarm but also sends notifications to your phone in case of any danger. This means you can act quickly even when you're away from your property.

5. Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights are useful security features that deter unwanted visitors from your property. Models such as the Ring Floodlight Cam offer motion-activated security lights, along with an integrated camera that sends alerts to your smartphone. You can also communicate via two-way audio, enabling you to deter trespassers or address any concerns your guests might have.

To Conclude

Remember that the use of security devices comes with responsibility. Always respect your guests' privacy and adhere to local laws and Airbnb's policy. The presence and purpose of all devices should be clearly disclosed to guests in your listing description.

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