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39 Blog Ideas for your Vacation Rental

39 Blog Ideas for your Vacation Rental

A good blog can work wonders for your vacation rental. A great marketing tool, it can drive search to your vacation rental website, cross-pollinate marketing content for other platforms and increase brand awareness and booking. And you don’t have to be a gifted writer. As long as your posts provide relevant/useful content to your potential guests, your blog is likely to do its job.

How Blogging Helps Your Vacation Rental

Hosting a modest blog related to your vacation rental can reap immense benefits to your vacation rental business, slowly but surely accumulating to greater effect. As long as you blog regularly and create quality content (and not necessarily long or complicated content) you can enjoy numerous advantages:

  • Get the word out on your vacation rental

  • Encourage guests to book directly with you

  • Generate content for your social media

  • Building relationships with potential guests

  • Keep steady traffic coming to your website

  • Rank higher on Google search

How to Blog Better

  • Consistency is key. Don’t expect readers to keep coming back if you take long breaks. Ideally, post content on set days, so readers can easily form a habit of reading your blog.

  • When figuring out what to blog about, you need to keep in mind why you are blogging – to promote your vacation rental – and who you are blogging to – guests.

  • Always make sure you are providing value to your readers, whether that is helping them plan their trip better or giving them an inside look into your vacation rental. Don’t forget to use lots of pictures.

  • Don’t feel the need to write too lengthy posts. As long as you are delivering worthwhile information to your readers, it doesn’t matter if it is only 400 words.

  • Sometimes photographs can tell a story better than words. You can choose to feature a great photo with just a caption to accompany it. Or a photo essay, chronicling a favorite guest’s stay at your vacation rental with short captions providing additional context.

  • Keep your ideas fresh. You can always update certain blog posts to reflect the current situation but don’t repeat yourself too often. Readers are less likely to return.

Blog Ideas for your Vacation Rental

Blog Ideas for your Vacation Rental

Here are some ideas to get you started and keep blogging successfully.

Showcase Your Vacation Rental

  1. Feature your top amenities

Showcase the top amenities in your vacation rental, from your swimming pool and outdoor rain shower to your vintage fireplace and jacuzzi.

  1. Mention your additional services

Write about the extra services you offer guests, like airport pickups, mountain bike rentals, or scuba gear.

  1. Why guests should choose you

Share the top reasons why guests should stay at your vacation rental, from the top sights and activities in your location to the best bits about your vacation rental.

  1. Feature top employees

Write about longstanding employees and those who handle key roles and how they contribute to making your guests’ stays memorable.

  1. Share your milestones

List out your vacation rental’s milestones. Share what each achievement means to you and how it contributes to bettering your guests’ stay.

  1. Showcase your vacation rental by season

Take lots of photographs of your vacation rental in the different seasons. Curate and post a photo essay showcasing the possibilities offered by your vacation rental during spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Things to Do in Your Area

  1. Outdoor/Adventure activities

Write about the top activities available for guests who have a sense of adventure and enjoy the outdoors. Go beyond the obvious things your area is known for. Don’t forget to mention the best times to enjoy each activity.

Art and Culture

  1. Art and culture

Even if your location is not known for its art and cultural offerings, there’s bound to be enough offerings that only the locals will be aware of and guests will appreciate knowing.

  1. Family activities

Showcase all the activities and attractions that family groups can enjoy when staying at your vacation rental and nearby places. Make sure to cover all the age groups, from young children to seniors.

  1. Couple activities

Whether they are looking to get away for a weekend or spend quality time together in celebrating an anniversary, couples will value a list of the most romantic attractions and spaces in your area.

  1. Attractions by season

Talk about the top sights and activities available to travelers available in and around your vacation rental by the season. For example, skiing and snowboarding during the winter and kayaking and mountain biking during the summer.

  1. Special events

Write about the different events held in your area and the many activities that can be enjoyed by different travelers. This can be a recurring blog, by season, month, or even event.

  1. Sports tourism

Tell your readers about the different sports events that take place in your location as well as the sports activities available to your guests.

  1. Things to do for free

Budget-conscious travelers of all stripes will appreciate a compilation of attractions and activities they can engage in for free or only a very small fee.


  1. Best places to dine

Everyone loves to eat. Whether it’s the best fine dining restaurants, top organic spots, vegan bistros, or diners, guests will appreciate the inside knowledge on satisfying culinary experiences.

  1. Best bars

From posh wine bars to old-school pubs, tell your guests where they can find the best beer, cocktails, and atmosphere to enjoy a drink.

  1. Best co-working spaces

If your vacation rental is located in a bustling city rather than a more rural location, it is likely that you will also host business travelers. Listing out the best co-working spaces will help these guests and even encourage them to stay longer.

Best Cafes

  1. Best cafes

List out the top coffee shops, tea bars, kombucha spots, and other beverage hot spots in your city.

  1. Best places to shop

Shopping is a favorite pastime for many a traveler. Tell your guests where they can find the best deals, best souvenirs, and region-specific products.

  1. Best places for photography

Whether your guest is an amateur photographer or just wants amazing photographs for their Instagram, provide a list of the best places to photograph or take photographs in your location.

  1. Best free wi-fi spots

If you cater to digital nomads and longer-term guests who are working remotely, they will appreciate the best cafes and other spots that provide free wi-fi.

Top Tips

  1. Tips for a budget-friendly vacation

From the cheapest places to dine to budget-friendly sights and activities available as well as the best ways to get around without breaking their budget, budget-conscious guests will appreciate the insights to help them have a great holiday.

  1. Tips for a safe holiday

Take your readers through the best tips to ensure they stay safe while having a great holiday.

  1. Tips for a kid-friendly holiday

Traveling with young children is hard. Tired parents will appreciate all the help they can get in ensuring their children enjoy their vacation so they can too.

  1. Tips for traveling in a group

Traveling as a group can be loads of fun but also involves navigating everyone’s choices in things to do and where to eat. Travel necessities can also get forgotten with everyone assuming someone else has taken responsibility for them.

  1. Tips for packing

Packing is the least fun aspect of getting ready for a holiday. Packing tips, personalized to stays in your vacation rental and area, will be of great value to all travelers.

  1. Tips for a pet-friendly vacation

If you are a pet-friendly vacation rental, you should definitely provide your top tips for guests to make the best out of their holiday alongside their beloved pets.

The Guest Perspective

  1. Share your best reviews

Showcase your top reviews from your guests over time. If possible, include a picture of your guests alongside each review.

  1. Guest blogs

Ask your repeat guests to write a guest blog post, describing their stay at your vacation rental and all the fun activities they got up to in the location.

Airbnb Guest Photos

  1. Guest photo stories

Feature photo essays of your guests’ stay at your vacation rental. Use short captions to add context.

How-to Guides

  1. How to plan your destination wedding

Write out a comprehensive guide on how potential guests can hold their destination wedding at your location or even your vacation rental if it can.

  1. How to plan your honeymoon

Provide a guide on how couples can organize their honeymoon at your location and property. Include the most romantic places to dine, activities to do as a couple, and spots to take the best photographs for the gram.

  1. How to plan a birthday for your loved one

Write out a full guide to help your guests organize a birthday trip for a loved one. Take into account the different age groups and traveler group-type (family, friends, etc).

  1. How to plan your anniversary

Post a broad guide on how couples can plan their perfect anniversary celebration at your vacation rental. Make sure you offer personalized tips by age category. For example, a newly married couple in their 20s will have a very different idea of an anniversary trip than a long-married couple in their 50s.

Engage Further

  1. Promote discounts

Your blog is also a great place to feature special offers, from one-off discounts and seasonal offers to last minute deals, to reward your readers with great offers.

  1. Host a competition

Engage your guests even more with contests. Pick the best photograph taken at your property, the best vacation story from staying at your vacation rental, etc.


  1. Talk history

Explore the history of the location of your vacation rental in an interesting way. Don’t forget to mention important days that are still celebrated in your town/city with events and activities. If you are well versed in your area’s history, you can even offer an Airbnb Experience which in turn will help you bring in more guests to your vacation rental.

  1. Explore myths & legends

Write about the myths and legends that haunt your region, from the hiding place of Excalibur to the legends of the Timucuan legends in Jacksonville, don’t be shy about trumping up the historical richness of your location.

  1. Colloquialisms

Guests enjoy knowing about the culture and lexicon of each region and colloquialisms are a fun way of showcasing that.

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