Best Airbnb Vacation Rental Cities in Tennessee

Best Airbnb Vacation Rental Cities in Tennessee

Tennessee is one of the most beautiful states located in the South-eastern region of the United States. Being the 16th most populated state in the country, it also has a reputation of being the 36th largest state too. It is beautifully surrounded by eight different states and Nashville being the largest city is also the state’s capital with most of the population. Nashville is recognised as the country music mecca of the world. Tennessee’s second-largest city is the mesmerizing Memphis city which is recognised for the Beale Street Music Festival. Being one of the finest states in the country, it is also regarded as one of the most visited tourist destinations because of its beauty and diversity.

Why do people visit Tennessee?

Tennessee is certainly a must-visit place owing to its diverse beauty. Starting right from its excellence in music and profound historical facts, it also has a lot of potential to attract visitors and to surprise those who are already living in it with its irresistible charm. It is a perfect place for an art and music lover or to some history enthusiast who would like to dive deeper and explore further in pursuit of knowing more and to gain some experiences which would last for a lifetime. It is a haven for families on vacation or the couple seeking some pleasure and togetherness.

What are the Best Vacation Rental Cities in Tennessee?


Having earned its name as the birthplace of Country Music, Nashville is certainly a good place to live-in and a great place to visit, as it’s known to showcase an excellent variety of musical and arty cultural attractions. Guests can hear and rediscover some of the best music in the state by visiting the Bridgestone Arena, the TPAC, the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. As much as the city boasts its excellence in music which they did receive in their inheritance, it is nowhere lacking when it comes to visual arts either. There are plenty of wonderful art centers where the visitors are lovingly welcomed to join for a feast of art.

If you are looking to start an Airbnb in Nashville, do not forget to mention the Adventure Science Center and the magnificent Nashville Zoo. Especially in September, the Music City Food and Wine Festival is undoubtedly the most amazing thing one should never miss.

Most guests seen: From April to October


Another beautiful city located in the heart of Tennessee is the fascinating Memphis. It is widely popular for musical heritage and attractions such as Graceland, Sun Studios and the Memphis Rock ’n Soul Museum said to have the spirit of Elvis “The King” is for sure the places not to be avoided at any cost.

Again, for history lovers, the Cotton Museum, the Victorian Village and the Davies Manor Plantation are exactly the places which can make you visualize life dated back to the 1800s. Furthermore, Dixon Gallery, the Belz Museum of Art and the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art are certainly a haven for the art enthusiast. For solo visitors or those with friends and family are recommended to visit the Memphis Botanical Garden or Shelby Farms Park to have a quality time.

If you do have an Airbnb in Memphis, make sure you mention jogging or cycling in Overton Park in your listing description. Families with kids can find utmost joy and educational fun while at the Children’s Museum of Memphis, the Lichterman Nature Center and the Fire Museum of Memphis.

Most guests seen: During April and May or October and November.


Clarksville is the fifth-largest city and one of the most beautiful places to visit in Tennessee. This historically blessed city has a wide collection of 1870’s buildings and visiting the Customs House Museum and Cultural Center will for sure take you back in time. Precisely for outdoor enthusiasts, visiting Dunbar Cave State Park for some hiking and taking a tour of Dunbar Cave should be counted as no less than some sort of blessings as they are for sure to have the best time of their lives. There are several parks and recreation areas such as Clarksville Greenway for hiking or cycling, the Liberty Park and Marina for boating, hiking and fishing which are nevertheless great for exploring to its depths. Especially for children, Edith Pettus Park is a must-visit where they can have quality time if not great.

Most guests seen: From March to June.


Gatlinburg is known to be one of the most popular mountain resort towns with a lot to offer visitors beholding some of the most fascinating attractions they might have ever witnessed. Art enthusiasts can find their true haven along the amazing 8-mile Route 321 loop through the Gatlinburg Arts Community where you can drive the loop or opt for taking a historic trolley.

Taking the Gatlinburg Aerial Tramway from downtown to the Ober Gatlinburg Ski Area and Amusement Park is certainly rewarding as year-round family fun. Some of the other family-friendly attractions include Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies, the famous Guinness World Records Museum and the Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster where one can find their true happiness that lies within.

Most guests seen: Pretty much through-out the year however September and October are known to be the best time of the year to make the most out of this paradise.



This beautiful city is situated right in the halfway between Memphis and Nashville which does encourage the visitors to explore Tennessee’s famous Civil War and music heritage. To get an insight into Jackson’s history and its role that it played during the Civil War can be witnessed by visiting the Lane Cottage Historic District, Riverside Cemetery, Britton Lane Battlefield and the Parker’s Crossroads Battlefield.

For arts and history enthusiasts, the Carnegie Center is a paradise whereas the Rockabilly Hall of Fame is a haven for the music lovers. Besides those who are seeking for some outdoor fun, Cypress Grove Nature Park is perfect for hiking and wildlife watching. Century Farm Winery and Vineyards can be quite fun for a family trip while the Donnell Century Farm Adventure is recommended for enjoying the corn maze, hayrides and pumpkins precisely during October. Jackson is said to have an endless number of visitors traveling throughout the year and almost everyone has nothing but words of praise for this heaven like city which is known for its beauty in diversity. Hence, it may be worth a shot to start your Airbnb Vacation Rental in Jackson.

Most guests seen: April, May, September and October are said to be the best months while for a skier, winter is nothing but perfect.


Bristol was recognized as the official birthplace of Country Music in 1988 by the U.S. Congress, and has always been gracious and humble to all the visitors allowing them to learn all about the genre and is often considered to be the uncrowned emperor in the kingdom of music. BCM is known to offer some fun and informative interactive exhibits for all given ages.

Additionally, the Paramount Center for Arts which is known for the ballet or a symphony concert, truly and undoubtedly worth a visit. Bristol also offers some exciting outdoor activities, a tour of the Bristol and Appalachian Caverns and watching a NASCAR rally at the Bristol Motor Speedway is a great way to lure guests into your Airbnb. The bustling Historic Downtown is widely popular for shopping, while the Steele Creek Park is perfect for hiking or boating. Bristol, being a popular tourist attraction, has many places and things to offer to its visitors while they are on a family vacation or a solo holiday trip.

Most guests seen: Throughout the year, however, considering the weather, April to September is certainly the best time of the year.


It is well-rested just southeast of Nashville which makes it nothing but perfectly an ideal base for visitors seeking to explore the history of the Civil War. The Oaklands Historic House Museum and the Stones River National Battlefield Museum are certainly the places which reveal a lot if not all about the region’s role in the Civil War. Families with kids are recommended to take a tour to Cannonsburgh pioneer village to experience a blissful hour at the Discovery Center at Murfree Spring while strolling around the historic downtown area is worth your time and visit. Hiking or biking along a paved trail in the Stones River Greenway is a great place to be in for any outdoor enthusiast. Boro Beach Water Park is at its best during summers and is known to give the visitors a dozen of memories to cherish for a while if not forever. There has been a remarkable increase in the number of visitors flowing down here throughout the year to catch a glimpse of the past and to live a bit more than just being alive in their present. If you have been looking for the best places to visit in Tennessee then make sure that you include Murfreesboro in your list.

Most guests seen: From April to June.


Out of all the many places in and around Tennessee, Cleveland has earned its reputation for being one of the finest tourist attractions which have a lot to offer to the visitors. Situated in Bradley County and popular for having a blend of a rich historical legacy combined with amazing and remarkable outdoor attractions, Cleveland is a great place to experiment starting your Airbnb Vacation Rental. A decent tour will include Historic Downtown where Victorian homes rub shoulders with antebellum churches. Infact, in October, visitors can join the Fort Hill Cemetery Walking Tour. Hiking in the part of the Appalachian Trail in the Cherokee National Park can be quite an adventure and guests will have the pleasure of admiring the beautiful landscape too. A visit to the Red Clay State Historic Park and the Cleveland County Greenway would be a good idea and families can enjoy some water activities right on the Hiwassee River or on Parksville Lake.

Most guests seen: Between April-May or September-October.

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