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Hostaway Marketplace

The Hostaway Marketplace is the largest integrated marketplace for vacation rental tools and software. Hostaway is integrated with more than 100 apps, all designed to help short term rental managers and hosts automate, scale, and grow their businesses. Hostaway’s marketplace is a curation of the best vacation rental software and tools within the industry. Each tool is connected via API into Hostaway’s property management or channel management systems and meet our high bar for integration quality and reliability.

Sparrow Intel

Elevate your property rankings and click-through rates with Sparrow Intel. Amplify your performance by harnessing positive sentiment and increasing your host engagement. Attract more potential guests, deliver exceptional experiences, and unleash the full potential of your rental revenue. Simplify review management with Sparrow Intel’s powerful unified inbox enabling you to quickly read, filter, and respond to reviews from sites like Airbnb and Booking.com. Save time and craft personalized and impactful responses to reviews with customizable templates or Sparrow’s innovative Chirp AI. Monitor your property’s success with Sparrow’s comprehensive dashboard, offering a clear view of your portfolio’s review performance over time. Uncover hidden opportunities by leveraging AI to analyze guest feedback, predict review outcomes, and pinpoint key areas for improvement. Discover emerging trends and preferences by categorizing and analyzing specific aspects of your property or guest experiences. Sparrow is user-friendly and organized like an inbox to make reviews filtering simple. Sparrow leverages AI to offer pioneer features: reviews predictions and comprehensive insights that can lead to actions such as triggering messages to your guests or property-related enhancement tasks. - Unified Review Management - AI-Powered Review Predictions - Review Categorization & Analysis - Performance Dashboard - Portfolio-Wide Insights - Sentiment Tracking - Rules-Based Engine - Automated Task Creation - Comprehensive Team Integration - Policy Compliance & Review Removal - Property Performance Overview - Report Card & Goal Setting - Soon-to-Expire Review Filtering


Review and reputation management