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Hostaway Marketplace

The Hostaway Marketplace is the largest integrated marketplace for vacation rental tools and software. Hostaway is integrated with more than 100 apps, all designed to help short term rental managers and hosts automate, scale, and grow their businesses. Hostaway’s marketplace is a curation of the best vacation rental software and tools within the industry. Each tool is connected via API into Hostaway’s property management or channel management systems and meet our high bar for integration quality and reliability.

KS Ingresos

KS Ingresos stands as a beacon of expertise in the realm of short-term rental revenue management. The firm diligently crafts strategies for financial growth, embracing a holistic approach that transcends traditional boundaries. Beyond mere pricing, the focus spans to vital aspects such as listing visibility and optimization. KS Ingresos is steadfast in its mission to fill the educational void in finance and revenue within the industry. The services offered, including outsourced revenue management, coaching, and consulting, are tailored to meet diverse needs, ensuring that each client experiences robust financial growth and enhanced revenue. By understanding the intricate dynamics of the short-term rental market, KS Ingresos provides indispensable insights and comprehensive solutions that empower every client to navigate the complexities of the industry, driving sustained success and profitability. - Outsourced Revenue Management, - Revenue Management Coaching for Individuals and Teams, - Consulting Services, - Financial Sustainable Owner Agreements, - Cleaning Fee Calculations, - True Cost of Acquisition Analysis, - Investment Planning, - Owner Retention Strategies


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KS Ingresos