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Keycafe is a key exchange service that allows you to share your keys with visitors, family or service providers. By using a nearby SmartBox location, Keycafe users have an accessible and convenient way to pick up or drop off keys.

Keycafe provides cutting-edge property access management tools for everybody from individuals renting out their home to enterprises building their own sharing economy applications. In 2012 founder Clayton Brown had the idea for Keycafe when he had a midnight call from a rental guest who couldn't get into his apartment due to a missed key handoff from the cleaner. He thought there had to be a better way, so he set out to create a solution to help himself and others who had the same need. Keycafe began in a single cafe in Vancouver where the barista would hold keys for local apartment owners and has since evolved into our global network of key exchange locations, enterprise offering, and other solutions including real-time photo ID. Keycafe is very proud of our caring and dedicated team of engineers, support and management who have now helped facilitate over 1 million key exchanges in 1,700 locations in 49 cities worldwide. Our mission is to ensure our customers have a seamless access experience.


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