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Youpartments Saves 50% Time Spent On Guest Communications & Stay Management With Hostaway

Founder & CEO, youpartments
Münster, Germany
Youpartments Saves 50% Time Spent On Guest Communications & Stay Management With Hostaway

Turning your long-term rentals into short-term rentals is a good choice. But just because it’s a good choice doesn’t mean it’s all sunshine and rainbows.

Short-term rentals have different challenges — challenges that are much easier to overcome with the right software solution. And if you’re like Kilian and the team at Youpartments, Hostaway is that solution. 

Youpartments Bio

  • Founded: 2020 

  • Headquarters: Münster, Germany 

  • Listings: 13

  • Locations: Germany

  • Employees: 3

Life before Hostaway

Youpartments offers all the basic amenities and more. Add to that a reputation for quality and stylish design, and you’ve got a winning formula. 

The switch to short-term rentals created a need for a software solution. But before they landed on Hostaway, they worked with a smaller player in the industry. While it helped Youpartments with some tasks, their old solution simply didn’t have enough of the features they needed to grow how they wanted. 

I wanted to have cooler features, like SMS, mobile app, ID verification and automated invoices

Kilian Fenneberg, Founder & CEO, youpartments

Once it became clear the previous PMS could not deliver on the features they needed, the search was on for a new property management system. And luckily for us, that search led Youpartments to Hostaway. 

Choosing a PMS

The search for a PMS started where most searches start, online. Beyond a few keyword searches on everyone’s favorite search engine, Kilian scoured internet forums for recommendations. 

When it came time to choose, it was all about getting the most bang for your buck. So while alternative solutions were considered, Hostaway was the winner. 

Hostaway had good value for money compared to Guesty. And the platform had the features I was looking for that my previous PMS didn’t have

Kilian Fenneberg, Founder & CEO, youpartments

The choice was made and Youpartments’ Hostaway journey was underway. After a smooth onboarding process, Kilian and team quickly started experiencing the Hostaway advantage. 

The Hostaway experience 

A little less than a year has gone by and Youpartments is settling in nicely. They’ve added a new listing, a new team member and have saved a ton of time in their day-to-day operations. 

Hostaway is a robust system that does automation well. I’ve spent about 50% less time on guest communication and ‘stay management’ (e.g. creating an invoice or sending messages)

Kilian Fenneberg, Founder & CEO, youpartments

Unlocking efficiencies through automations and new features has created a new ceiling for growth — if there’s a ceiling at all. 

Youpartments is dead set on growing as much as possible with Hostaway. And their advice for companies going through similar challenges:

Switch to Hostaway!

Kilian Fenneberg, Founder & CEO, youpartments

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. 

Ready to find out how Hostaway can transform your business?

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