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Tips to Buying an Airbnb Out of State

Tips to Buying an Airbnb Out of State

Are you looking to expand your business into other real estate markets? And is it worth investing in Airbnb out of state? The simple answer is Yes! With the right knowledge and the right real estate investment tool, owning Airbnb out of state can definitely succeed.

The article will guide you as to why Airbnb remotely will be a great idea. Let’s take look at:

  • The benefits of buying an Airbnb out of state
  • Successful tips
  • Recommendation on how to manage your Airbnb out of state

What Are The Benefits Of Buying An Airbnb Out Of State?

Let’s take a look at the benefits and reasons why buying a property remotely gives higher returns:

Better Real Estate Market

There are other real estate market opportunities existing. Hence, why limit yourself within the local real estate market? And the most obvious reason why people are keen on investing in Airbnb out of state is for better returns. It could be even for a better economy with greater tourism.

The real estate market is just one of the determining factors of success or failure in investing in Airbnb real estate. By doing so, it requires a local market analysis. It may sound complicated however it is quite simple for a local real estate investor who lives locally, who will have an understanding of the local market analysis. To simplify, a local market analysis lets you know about prospective population growth, job growth, and the tourism industry.

Airbnb Investment Property

Not all investment property is great for Airbnb rental strategy. One key profit factor is location, location, location- depending on where the investment property is. An Airbnb investment should be located where the tourism industry is- tourism attractions.

Other than the location, also consider qualities that allow for a return of investment such as:

  • Size
  • Number of rooms
  • Condition and age
  • Price, etc.

In other words, when investing in Airbnb out of state, think about these qualities. An example would be if you consider buying a property in Myrtle Beach, think about the price of the property. If the price is too high, then your monthly mortgage payments split with your Airbnb rental income. As a result, you might consider investing in affordable investment properties, in better-suited locations.

Airbnb Regulations

Consider that owning an Airbnb property in your local real estate market may be illegal. As a result, it is always important for real estate investors to be updated with Airbnb regulations and restrictions in the area.

Even if Airbnb in your local area is not illegal. Listing a property on Airbnb, depending on the area, may be highly regulated, with licensing costs, higher taxes, inspections, and more; resulting in a limited Airbnb occupancy rate.

That’s why investing in Airbnb out of state is ideal. However, do check Airbnb regulations by city and choose the right one, allowing the best occupancy rates and high Airbnb rental income.

Successful Tips To Buying An Airbnb Out Of State

Let’s get into how you can succeed in buying an Airbnb out of state by simply following these steps below:

Top Real Estate Investing Tools

With a lot of thorough research and local market analysis on other real estate markets, it would sound like a lot of work. However, it’s really not with an Airbnb profit calculator. Based on key determinants, you can easily compare real estate markets of interest on:

  • Median property price
  • Cash on cash return
  • Cap rate
  • Airbnb rental income
  • Occupancy rate

Airbnb out of state investing is likely to succeed if these return on investment (ROI) metrics look good for a location for tourism in that particular real estate market.

Tip: Use analytical software tools like AirDNA (calculates average daily rates) and Mashvisor (works out key ROI metrics like cash flow and cap rate) in making the process easier.

An Investment Property Promising Higher Returns

After you have selected the right real estate market, the next step is finding the right investment property. The rental strategy requires Airbnb out of state property to be located in the right neighborhood. These include characteristics of short-term rental necessity such as size, number of rooms, condition, age, and amenities as well as attracting tourists. For it to be successful, Airbnb out of state relies on tourism. What’s the point in owning an Airbnb if there are no tourists at that particular location?

Moreover, with Airbnb real estate investing tool, it can help identify top-performing investment properties in the real estate market of interest. Though, again this depends on the occupancy rate, rental income, and cash on cash return.

Factors in considering Airbnb out of state investment property:

  1. Proximity to tourist attractions
  2. Low competition and seasonality
  3. Tolerant Airbnb rules and regulations
  4. Access to public transportation and amenities
  5. Affordable management costs
  6. Get advice from Airbnb business professionals

Professional Airbnb Property Management

Managing Airbnb properties out of state can be difficult though not impossible. It requires you to design your short-term rental business to be more proactive and collaborative. With that said, hiring a professional property manager is ideal, saves time, and grows your business. Professional property managers should have the qualities below:

  • Experience in the real estate market and Airbnb real estate investment management
  • Reasonable fees
  • Good track record in Airbnb real estate investment management
  • Common goals such as an increase in Airbnb occupancy rate, rental income, and ROI

Recommendations On How To Manage Your Airbnb Out Of State

Guests expect a clean home, easy check-in, and important information at hand. However, what confounds it all is being physically absent from the property. As a result, you ask yourself; how do you manage Airbnb out of State?

By just following these simple tips below, you can run and smoothly manage your Airbnb remotely.

Hiring Property Managers

Owning an Airbnb out of state, as a host, you are expected to be on call 24/7 for guests. Being available means you have to be ready to take & respond to calls, and emails after hours.

And if you are not keen on being available, you might want to consider a co-host, a family member or friend, or hire a property manager. This way you can take care of guest relations while being away. When appointing someone, do consider if he/she is reliable, easily contactable, and cares about your Airbnb as much as you do. For communication to run smoothly with your guests, the appointee must have a decent understanding of English and the local language.

Manage Airbnb with Vacation Rental Software

It can be challenging when managing your Airbnb Out of State. However, Hostaway, a vacation rental software will allow you to automate and optimize your business remotely. With Hostaway, you can:

  • manage and monitor day-to-day property management operations
  • efficiently distribute all your listings across all distribution channels
  • synchronize rates, availability, and keep calendars up-to-date and manage them all in one place
  • every stage of the booking process, the guests are notified by taking advantage of automated messages
  • create invoices and receive payments and so much more

If you want to learn more about Hostaway, check out:

Offer Self-Check-In

It is frustrating waiting around all day for guests to arrive especially when you are coming further away. It restricts your movement and is very inefficient.

As a result, it is ideal to offer guests self-check-in. By doing so, think about investing in a remote key system. That way, guests can access your Airbnb without the need of you being present.

Consider Keyless Entrance

Consider installing smart locks on your Airbnb especially if it is out of state. That way, guests can gain access by entering a pin or password allowing them to enter and leave as they please during their stay.

By doing so, you don’t have to worry about guests locking themselves out or losing the keys. For more tips, check out: Top 5 Airbnb Smart Technologies for Vacation Rentals

Hire Professional Cleaners

Hire Professional Cleaners A huge advantage in installing smart locks in your Airbnb, professional cleaners can easily access the property without a hassle. That way, they can prepare and clean the property before the next guest arrives.

With that said, it is important to hire a professional cleaning service/cleaner that is highly reliable. A professional cleaner/cleaning service will take care of the commonly overlooked areas. As well as ensure your Airbnb is glistening clean. For tips, check out: Building your Vacation Rental Team| Hiring Airbnb Cleaners

24/7 Maintenance Vendors

24/7 Maintenance Vendors One of the most important aspects of your Airbnb out of state is maintenance. No matter what happens, guests always expect immediate action. If it is prolonged, the guest will leave bad reviews resulting in decreased revenue.

As a result, it is required to have a list of maintenance vendors on your speed dial available 24/7. When selecting the right vendors, consider someone you can trust, rely on and take care of urgent repairs right away. A team of maintenance vendors is essential to effectively manage your Airbnb out of state. Check out: Building your Vacation Rental Team| Hiring Qualified Handymen

Welcome Guide Book

One of the best ways to manage Airbnb guests is by providing them with an Airbnb Welcome Guide Book upon arrival. Airbnb Guide Book is crucial information listing anything and everything relating to your property. This way guests will have no reason to contact you with inquiries during their stay. To learn more, check out: Airbnb Welcome Book: How to wow your guests?

Bonus Tip: You can email a digital Airbnb Welcome Book before guests check-in. Though be sure to also provide a printed copy and leave it out at your property for them to see.

Bottom Line

Owning an Airbnb out of state is a great idea with successful possibilities and advantages of real estate investment. With the right strategies, investment tools, local market analysis, and professional property management nothing can stop you from a blossoming short-term rental business.

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