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Mistakes To Avoid Making When Managing Vacation Rentals and How to Prevent Them

Mistakes To Avoid Making When Managing Vacation Rentals and How to Prevent Them

It's simpler than you’d think to start an Airbnb business and become a host! Although owning a vacation rental might be lucrative and success is never assured, keep in mind as a first-timer, it has its own set of challenges and difficulties that one may stumble over common roadblocks that hinder their operations.

Having said that, let's delve into the most common mistakes that property managers or hosts should avoid:

  • Disregard for all Laws and Regulations
  • Not listing your vacation rental on multiple sites
  • Underinsuring the property
  • Putting together a poor listing
  • Absence of a security deposit
  • Accept all bookings
  • Not asking for reviews
  • Charging the wrong price
  • Unsatisfactory customer service
  • Taking on too much on your own

What Are The Top Common Vacation Rental Management Mistakes To Avoid?

What Are The Top Common Vacation Rental Management Mistakes To Avoid?

Disregarding Laws and Regulations

The local laws, rules, and regulations relevant to vacation rentals must be well understood by hosts, therefore it is imperative that you invest the time and effort necessary to become familiar with them. Be sure to also carefully research the short-term laws governing trash disposal, excessive parking, and noise disturbance before you start out.

The Airbnb rules and regulations applicable in your area regarding tax collection, registration requirements, and occupancy restrictions should be considered as well. By doing this, you can prevent any difficulties and penalties from arising in the future as the host.

Not Listing Your Vacation Rental on Multiple Sites

By placing all your eggs in one basket, you could be losing out on a significant amount of money by only listing your vacation rental on one platform. Listing your vacation rentals on multiple platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo, Expedia, Booking.com or Homeaway increase your chances of higher visibility and bookings, leaving more money in your pocket.

Furthermore, you can automate the process of listing your vacation rental across multiple platforms via a channel manager/property management software like Hostaway to help you save time, and effort as well as avoid double bookings.

Underinsuring the Property

There are always potential risks involved with hosting guests in your home and managing a vacation rental business. Having said that, always have insurance in place to safeguard you in the event that something goes wrong with your vacation rental property. Don't rely on your Airbnb AirCover exclusively. Be sure to think about expanding your vacation rental insurance, but also do some research, weigh your options, and choose the one that is best for you.

Putting Together a Poor Listing

Putting Together a Poor Listing

Vacation rental owners frequently make the mistake of creating poor-quality listings with errors, misspellings, and blurry photos that were taken in low light.

Make sure the titles and descriptions of your listings are factual and compelling to prevent creating low-quality listings. In addition, ensure that the listing photos are of high caliber to help stand out. Alternatively, consider hiring a professional photographer and copywriter.

Absence of a Security Deposit

Starting a vacation rental can be stressful and overwhelming, especially considering the enormous amount of work that must be done. Creating a set of house rules and requiring guests to sign a rental agreement are generally neglected. But it's crucial to establish rules explaining the security deposit policy that guests can agree to before staying at your Airbnb.

Remember that failure to seek a security deposit from guests may result in risks of property damage for which you will be held financially responsible. Having said that, it is crucial to put these rules into place in order to contribute to security and peace of mind. Not to mention that putting these measures in place means guests will be less inclined to mistreat or damage your property if they know that their security deposit will be reimbursed at the end of their stay.

Accepting all Bookings

Accepting every booking that comes in is a pitfall that property managers frequently make. This prevents you from accepting bookings that would be more profitable. For instance, you could no longer rent it out for the entire weekend if a guest books your Airbnb for a Sunday night.

Furthermore, by accepting every booking, you also potentially carry the risk of causing harm to your Airbnb. Remember, some young guests are willing to pay more than the actual price to book a property for a party. That being said, it is important to put in place a screening process, decide the number of guests you're willing to accept, the minimum age requirement, and abide by those restrictions.

Not Asking for Reviews

Not Asking for Reviews

Neglecting to ask for reviews is one of the biggest blunders a property manager/host can make as they are essential to a vacation rental's success. Decisions made by guests are influenced by previous reviews written by other guests.

Not to mention, reviews are a great source to learn about what works effectively and what could use improving in your vacation rental. It’s crucial to kindly remind guests to leave reviews after checkout as generally it is frequently forgotten to do so unless they've had a truly bad experience.

Charging the Wrong Price

Setting your pricing accordingly can be challenging especially if you set your nightly rates too high, guests may undoubtedly choose the less expensive property over yours. Then again, if you set your prices too low, you may attract guests but lose on profit.

In light of this, implement dynamic pricing in your vacation rental using a tool like PriceLabs, Beyond Pricing, or Wheelhouse. Dynamic pricing determines your nightly rates based on demand depending on seasons and events.

Bear in mind, dynamic pricing necessitates research, calculations, and continuous modification which can be challenging and time-consuming to stay current on your own. Thankfully, the process may be automated with a number of solutions, saving you time and effort.

Unsatisfactory Customer Service

One of the biggest and most frequent mistakes made is failing to prioritize offering exceptional hospitality and customer service to guests. Remember that you are not merely a property owner.

Therefore, the best approach for avoiding such a mistake is to solely focus on delivering on treating your guests with respect and professionalism. For instance, extend a warm welcome to your guests, go above and beyond with welcome gifts, or tailor their vacation to make the most of their experience. Be sure to respond to guest messages and inquiries as soon as possible.

Additionally, remember to treat your guests with empathy and make an effort to maintain your composure when speaking with them, despite the fact that guests might occasionally be demanding and dissatisfied.

Taking on Too Much on Your Own

Taking on Too Much on Your Own

Even if your business is modest and manageable, trying to do too much on your own—like cleaning, managing guest communications, handling bookings, etc.— is a common mistake made by property managers. Thankfully, the time and effort spent on various tasks can be automated by utilizing property management software like Hostaway which will help save you a lot of time and costs.

Furthermore, because of all the time and effort you've devoted to running your Airbnb on your own, you prevent yourself from concentrating on growing your business as well as providing your guests the best experience and memorable stay.

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