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How To Get Airbnb Customer Support Help As A Host

How To Get Airbnb Customer Support Help As A Host

Guests are not the only Airbnb customers. Hosts are too. Hosts also have bad experiences – with guests, with payments, with the app, etc. Or they may have general queries about using the platform, particularly after a major update. No matter how good a host you are and no matter how great a run you are having with your Airbnb guests and the platform itself, there will always come at least one time when you will need to contact Airbnb customer support for help. Let’s take a look at how you can do just that.

6 ways to contact Airbnb customer support as a host

  1. Use Airbnb self-service
  2. Email Airbnb
  3. Call Airbnb
  4. Use their website
  5. Tweet Airbnb
  6. Ask fellow hosts for help

1. Use Airbnb Self-Service Support

If the reason you need to reach out to Airbnb is for general support, like ‘how do I cancel a reservation?’ or ‘how do I change my payout method’, your best choice in terms of ease and speed is to try the Airbnb host support page. The Airbnb Help Center has a plethora of information in the form of frequently asked questions and detailed how-tos under the different categories, from ‘Calendar and bookings’ to ‘Managing your listing’ and ‘Safety’.

2. Email Airbnb Customer Support

If you have an inquiry that cannot be resolved with the information on Airbnb Help Center and you are not in too much of a hurry, emailing Airbnb may be the best option for you. Don’t expect, however, to receive a response to your email immediately or even the same day. Be prepared to wait a day or two or three. Make sure your email is as comprehensive as possible so you don’t have to engage in a chain of emails as the Airbnb agent requests for further information or documentation.

You can email Airbnb customer support at support @airbnb.com.

3. Call Airbnb Customer Support

Still the most popular means of customer support offered by businesses, phone calls give callers the sense of dealing with another human (unless they are automated answering services) which cannot be replicated by email for instance. For hosts based in the US, the Airbnb customer support numbers to call are

1-855-424-7262 1-844-234-2500

It is always advisable to be prepared with your query before making the call so you don’t waste time trying to figure out how to explain your problem while on the call. Also, keep a notepad and pen on hand so you can take notes of your customer support agent’s response.

Calling Airbnb customer support is best for urgent issues such as when you want to report an issue with a booking, are experiencing a problem with your guests, or need to file a complaint. Don’t always expect to have the issue resolved with the one phone call however as you may be asked to upload/email certain documents/images to relevant people at Airbnb admin. Live chat with Airbnb Customer Support

4. Live Chat With Airbnb Customer Support

If you don’t have the luxury of waiting a few days for a response to your email but don’t enjoy calling a customer support agent and perhaps being made to wait till they can get to you, Airbnb live chat may be the best option for you.

Go to the Airbnb website, log into your account and go to the main contact us page where you will be prompted to chose the topic on which you need support. Choose the topic that most closely resembles your question, narrow it further until you are presented with the option to pick ‘It’s something else’. Clicking this will lead you to a page with articles designed to be helpful. Choose ‘I still need help’ to finally end up on a screen that gives you the option to ‘Chat with us’.

Describe your issue in as much detail as possible in a clear and coherent manner before sending. Usually, you can expect to receive a response within an hour though this can take longer if Airbnb is experiencing a high volume of messages. Make sure you have push notifications turned on so you will be alerted when the response arrives in your Airbnb inbox.

5. Tweet Airbnb Customer Support

Airbnb is particularly active on Twitter and direct messaging them has been found to garner a quicker response. You can direct message Airbnb customer support through their Twitter account dedicated to customer support: @AirbnbHelp. You can also try direct messaging them on Instagram or Facebook though these, unlike the above-mentioned Twitter handle, are general accounts.

6. Ask Fellow Hosts For Help

If you are only looking for information related to being a host on Airbnb or on how to best go about resolving an issue you are experiencing as an Airbnb host, your best bet may be fellow hosts who have already been through what you are experiencing right now. Airbnb’s Community Center is a forum open to hosts from all over the world, where you can find answers to your questions in discussions that have already taken place (just type in your keywords in the search bar on the top of the page) or post your own questions. With over a million members and counting, you are bound to get a plethora of practical and helpful advice in no time. The Community Center is also a great forum to meet and connect with your fellow hosts through online get-togethers and discussion rooms.

Facebook is another great platform to find host groups, particularly in the area where your property is located. The Airbnb Community Center itself has its own local host clubs on Facebook which can be very worthwhile joining. If there isn’t one for your area you can always be the host to initiate starting one.

And you can always try searching on Google for more. Just make sure you read the guidelines of any host forum before you start conversing to ensure your post is not deleted or you don’t get kicked out of the group altogether.

Key Takeaway

Trying to access customer support is hardly ever an enjoyable experience. Always make sure your query can’t be answered on Airbnb’s Help Center page before moving on to any of the other options. Decide what’s best for you based on the type of your query or issue you are experiencing and the urgency of its resolution to you. And don’t forget to ask your fellow hosts for help!

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