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Hostaway Support Forum Launched

Hostaway Support Forum Launched

Thank you for all the great feedback and questions you have been sending us. We apologize for not being able to answer all requests in a timely manner, and made a plan to massively improve our customer support this summer. Due to the rapid development of our software, and the massive amount of advanced features, we weren't always able to document everything. Now we are.

Hostaway Support Page

On support.hostaway.com, we have gathered information, FAQ's and user guides that helps you get the most out of our platform. You can search for topics and find guides for frequently asked questions. For new users, we have created a page to help you get started using Hostaway.

Why wasn't this done earlier?

As you may have noticed, in the past months we have released new features several times a week. This is not coincidence, nor are we pushing out features without extensive quality control. In fact, we have planned and implemented these for more than a year now.

We knew these requested features that save money and time and increase the revenues of our users were coming. Instead of documenting soon-to-be obsolete features, we decided to document them when they were ready so we could focus on bringing you the most powerful property management system available.

Finding out how to use Hostaway

When you "find yourself in times of trouble", here are the steps you can take to find out how a certain aspect of the software works.

Page Tooltips


These blue toolbars give you an introduction to the page. You can always close them once you've read them.

Feature Tooltips


If you hover on the blue question marks, you will find additional information about the field or feature.

The support forum

This support forum is the best way to find detailed instructions on how to use all of our features.

Contact Customer Support

If you cannot find an answer in the tooltips or the support forum, the most effective way is to send a message to support@hostaway.com either by email or by using the Contact Us form in the dashboard.

When you contact us, please make sure you include the following information:

  • Your account email address (unless you're using the dashboard)
  • What you were trying to do
  • What happened, and what did you expect to happen
  • How you were accessing Hostaway: Mobile app or web browser? Which mobile phone? Which operating system and browser? Did you try with another computer/browser before contacting us?

When you contact customer support, all of our team members get an instant notification. If you do not hear from us immediately, do not worry. If a serious issue is reported, we will work on it with the highest priority and let you know when we have fixed it.

If you send a support ticket to a question answered in the User Guide, we will send you a link to the page that answers the question.

Should you contact an individual member of our team, please be aware that your request may go unanswered. Each of our members get hundreds of messages a day, and using our Support email is the fastest way to get a response.

Thank you for your support!

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