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Dos and Don'ts for Themed Vacation Rentals

Dos and Don'ts for Themed Vacation Rentals

Every day, more vacation rentals are coming into the market, which increases competition. Statistics show, as of 2022, there were +28M vacation rental listings available worldwide. What does this imply for hosts? To get bookings, hosts must therefore consider and plan how to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Looking for a creative strategy to give your guests a one-of-a-kind experience? Or perhaps, intend to transform your property into something more imaginative? If so, themed vacation rentals are one of the best approaches to giving your guests a memorable experience that can increase bookings, revenue, and reviews.

Who wouldn't appreciate a fantastic staycation or a weekend spent in a castle feeling like royalty? Keep in mind, an entertaining theme might draw guests to your vacation rental and overlook other accommodations. So, why not add unique features to your vacation rental, such as theme or personal touches, rather than settling for the appearance of "just another Airbnb"?

Having said that, while there are many helpful tips and techniques, hosts need to be aware of the ins and out of theme vacation rentals, including the dos and don'ts. Let's get straight to:

  • Determining your Airbnb’s theme
  • Establishing a color palette
  • Remodeling your space
  • Buy or recycling custom-made furniture
  • Interior design and natural lighting

Determining Your Airbnb's Theme

When choosing the theme, there are a number of things to consider. Using the vacation rental's location as an example. You probably decide on a theme that is based on one of their movies if your vacation rental is close to the Warner Bros. Studio. Also, your Airbnb's location and theme should go well together.

Hence, think carefully about the theme you want for your interior design and, more crucially, your budget before you fully renovate your vacation rental. Going overboard with costs you can't handle is the last thing you want to do.

Do: Identify your Target Market

Identify who your prospective guests are. Do you want to attract couples? Families? Nature lovers? Or perhaps adults?

If families are your target market, pick a theme that will appeal to them in particular. Consider well-known children's films like those produced by Disney and Pixar as an example. Also, while more universal themes like pirates, fairy tales, and dinosaurs are also highly popular, you can be as creative as you like with your design!

However, picking a theme would probably be approached differently if you are addressing adults. For adults, themes from well-known movies or television shows are a great place to start. Classics like Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Barbie are the inspiration for some of the world's top-themed vacation rentals.

Also, areas associated with greenery or themes centered on nature are wonderful options for luring nature lovers. Keep in mind that most guests appreciate the utilization of plants, recycled fixtures, and furniture.

Though all of these are fantastic suggestions for themes, keep in mind that they also present smart marketing opportunities. Having said that, think about creating entertaining Instagram and TikTok reels that promote your Airbnb and interact with prospective guests resulting in getting bookings.

Don’t: Enter unfamiliar territory

It can be challenging to distinguish between being trendy, tacky, and downright nuts; forgo it. Moreover, too narrowly focused and niche themes ought to be avoided.

In particular, if you want to use them as a key selling point, choose themes or designs that are well-known and where they can appeal to the target demographic. Consider this: a Marvel superhero theme would appeal to families with children, whereas a theme with overt wall mirrors and clowns everywhere could be too much to wake up to every morning.

Establishing a Color Palette

Establishing a Color Palette

Do: Organize your thoughts beforehand

The first step in selecting the right paint colors is to take into account all of the colors you wish to use in your Airbnb as well as the theme chosen. Making a mood board with your theme and identifying repeated colors and tones is a great strategy. Look for inspiration on Pinterest.

Alternately, create collages out of prints and cutouts of your ideas to get a better feel of what colors work well together. You can sample colors from photographs with the aid of some helpful tools as well.

Furthermore, it only makes sense to select a handful of more calm and neutral base colors for larger surfaces. Vivid greens and rich browns are fantastic color selections for Airbnbs located in natural environments. Nevertheless, ensuring colors that are picked gives guests a welcoming feeling and ease.

Don’t: Overlook the basics

While it's important to select hues that go with your theme, you also need to consider how the guests will perceive the space as well as how visually appealing it is.

Too-bright or too-dark color schemes could have a detrimental effect on what you were trying to achieve. Also, adopting too many distinct colors in one space might overwhelm the eyes and turn away guests.

Remodeling Your Space

Do: Keep it as natural as possible

With having your design closely resemble the "natural habitat" of your theme will accomplish the most realistic appearance. For example, consider turning your flooring into beachy sand and your ceiling into a pure blue starry sky. Also, you can alternately choose a coordinating carpet to achieve the same effect instead of new flooring.

Get suggestions on how to make your concept come to life as well. If you are artistic or know someone, consider adding artwork- a great approach to making your theme lively. If not, consider hiring a professional artist to give your Airbnb that extra edge. By doing this, you may differentiate your Airbnb from the competition and, more crucially, perhaps attract more guests.

Don’t: Take the concept too far

Limit your theme to specific rooms especially if your time or finances prevent you from remodeling the entire property.

Make a compromise and concentrate your efforts on one to two rooms. Also, it's preferable to go all out in those specific areas rather than have the theme only partially carried out across your home. Doing so will be considerably more beneficial for your guests' experience.

Buy or Recycling Custom-Made Furniture

Buy or Recycling Custom-Made Furniture

Do: Explore customized alternatives

In an ideal world, guests wouldn't pass by without noticing custom furnishings in your Airbnb. Most crucially, it advances to the next level for your theme. But remember you do not need to spend lavishly on brand-new installations or hire a designer to produce expensive custom goods.

Why not modify your existing furniture with do-it-yourself alternatives? A brand-new coat of paint does wonders! And if you have crafty skills, you may even try making your own additions using materials from the hardware shop.

Don’t: Let safety be compromised

Despite the fact that tackling a DIY project improves your theme, be sure that all of your handcrafted furniture is totally secure and child-proof. The last thing you would want is for families with kids or pets staying on your Airbnb unintentionally wounded with an exposed nail on the custom-made furniture and leave you with a bad review.

Take note that there shouldn't be any risk to the guests' health or safety from any furniture pieces falling off or splintering. Having said that, get it checked consistently, even with each additional installation, at least twice or three times. Quality is always preferred over quantity.

Also, don't let budget or time discourage you. Remember, a single magnificent centerpiece makes a much bigger statement than a collection of items with a poor appearance.

Interior Design and Natural Lighting

Do: Allow your creativity to flourish

To come up with fresh ideas for your interior design, use your imagination. For instance, if your theme is from the movie 'The Little Mermaid', why not gather some real sea shells and scatter them around the room? Pearls and even old-fashioned forks would make wonderful complements. Remember, whether or not it is totally functional, it will undoubtedly improve the atmosphere. Simply make sure that your listing has this information.

Don't forget to take into account adding natural lighting to set the ambiance, especially in the evenings when guests are likely to want to unwind. For creating a cozy environment, warm tungsten is perfect. Having said that, look for colored light bulbs that will complement the concept.

Don’t: Disregard what your guest truly wants

Less is more, always! The area will feel overly cluttered if you overcrowd it with trinkets, pictures, and posters, and this will not necessarily improve the quality of your theme as a whole. Also, don't call it a day by just hanging some posters.

Remember, your guests can immediately tell how much thought you put into your home's decor. Having said that, based on that essential first impression, guests will decide whether or not to book your themed vacation rental.

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