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Building Your Vacation Rental Team | Hiring Airbnb Cleaners

Building Your Vacation Rental Team | Hiring Airbnb Cleaners

The golden rule to any fruitful vacation rental is cleanliness. As hosts, it is required to constantly keep up to the Airbnb standards whilst maintaining any property in your portfolio. There is more to do than vacuuming and polishing the floor before guests arrive. Guests expect high standards when booking vacation rental properties.

But of course, why should you hire Airbnb Cleaners?

Cleaning is just one responsibility and at times, managing your daily tasks along with your property or multiple properties can be overwhelming. Hire Airbnb cleaners to make sure that the property is cleaned and maintained properly to attract guests, prevent negative reviews, and provide guests with the best experience possible.

If you are thinking of hiring Airbnb cleaners and unsure, where to go from here onwards? Read below to learn more on:

  • Top 5 Reasons in Hiring Airbnb Cleaners
  • Finding a suitable Airbnb Cleaner | Top 5 Airbnb Cleaning Service Options to Check Out!
  • What to look for in Airbnb Cleaning Services?
  • Tips in Hiring the Best Airbnb Cleaner

Top 5 Reasons In Hiring Airbnb Cleaners

Do you know that cleaning your Airbnb property regularly can be a load of work? Think about when a guest stays for the night and you have a new guest arriving the next day. Keep in mind guests stay for different periods; meaning guests may stay for the night whereas others may stay for a week or more. Not to mention, Do-It-Yourself cleaning may not personally take care of the few spots you have missed, resulting in guests leaving a negative review.

Is it worth it?

Yes! By all means, hiring an Airbnb cleaner is a good idea. The reality is that not only do you welcome guests but also have other responsibilities at hand as a host. Moreover, you may not have the right equipment and know-how to perform an inclusive vacation rental cleaning. Hence, here are reasons why hiring an Airbnb cleaner is essential:

Guest Satisfaction

Take note that one of the biggest mistakes a host can make is to think that they can undertake cleaning their vacation rental as same as cleaning their own homes. Know that your guests are paying and have high expectations of their stay.

Not only the pandemic has made it worse. Imagine, if the property isn’t disinfected regularly, your guests will quickly leave a bad review, not getting their money’s worth; resulting in not renting your property in the long run. Keep in mind, bad reviews can damage your business for future guests. To avoid this, make sure the property is professionally cleaned before a guest checks in.

Saves Time and Energy

Cleaning is such a huge responsibility especially depending on how large, unclean the property is or multiple properties you may have, and how many guests your vacation rental gets. Cleaning may take you hours of your time and energy; adding stress and giving you less time in doing things you love. Simply devoting your time may not be ideal as a full-time host.

Having an Airbnb cleaner lessens your obligations, allows you to have more free time for other responsibilities.

Enhanced Cleaning Protocol

Enhanced Cleaning Protocol

In having a flourished vacation rental business, Airbnb released an enhanced cleaning protocol against COVID-19 that hosts are strongly advised to follow. With that said, it is advised to leave the cleaning to the pros if you are unable to meet the requirements.

Peace of Mind

Hiring Airbnb cleaners allows you to have a sense of relief. Not worrying if this or that gets done right or if it is up to the guest's standards. By using Hostaway, a vacation rental software, you can automate your Airbnb cleaning and be rest assured that your vacation rental is being cleaned by top professionals; gets the job done right.

Tip:- With Hostaway feature, you can stay in control of the cleaning tasks. Additionally, Professional Airbnb Cleaners notifies you of any damages to your property and supplies that need to be restocked.


You may be thinking of the Do-It-Yourself cleaning routine however, take note that the chances may instead end up costly for you. Why?

Think about the infinite purchase of cleansers, towels, sprays, mops, and other equipment that are required in keeping your vacation rental squeaky clean. And even with that, you may not even achieve the cleaning standard and in the process not worth the time and cost you have invested.

By simply hiring an Airbnb cleaner is cost-effective and gets the job right!

Finding a Suitable Airbnb Cleaner | Top 5 Airbnb Cleaning Service Options to Check Out!

Convinced yet? Finding the right Airbnb cleaning service may slightly be difficult at first however no doubt with advanced technology, hunting for a suitable and reputable Airbnb cleaning service will come as easy it can be. Here are some popular searches to go about:


By exploring successful Airbnb host forums, you may come across multiple cleaning services that are reliable and recommended. Make note, to take the time and ask for details when exploring this option. On top of that, do your research on these companies and consider reading online reviews to get an idea of their cleaning services provided.

Not to mention, a referral is also a way of finding a professional cleaner. Be sure to ask friends, family, and fellow hosts you know!

Cold Calling

Do some online research and call a list of cleaning services one at a time. However, this may not be an effective route in finding Airbnb cleaners as it may lead to dead-end calls and voicemails; with the hopes of being able to get a callback.

Online Advertising

This is an effective way to go about searching for a professional cleaner however think about how costly it would be. Whether advertising in Craigslist ad or social media listing, take note, the risk of potentially awkward or possibly dangerous situations you may encounter when finding the right cleaning service.

Cleaner Marketplace

An online platform created to connect service suppliers with customers. Not only do you have to settle with one but have the option of choosing multiple networks available in your area. With that said, the marketplace makes it easier and reliable in finding a suitable cleaner in just one click away.

With that said, here are the top 5 Airbnb cleaning service options to check out:

  • HomeAdviser
  • Angie’s List
  • MaidThis
  • AirTasker
  • Handy

In finding the right Airbnb cleaning service, there are numerous approaches. Through these platforms, it shows you detailed information of their facilities provided, package and pricing, and reviews that will assist you in picking the right one. Tip: Be sure to keep your options open and do thorough research before settling with one.

What to look for in an Airbnb Cleaning Service?

Here are a few key factors to consider when choosing an Airbnb cleaning service:


When choosing the right company in hiring Airbnb cleaners to work with, take note that the two traits you should be on the lookout for are experience and reputation. Research if the company has:

  • Experience in the vacation rental industry
  • Credentials
  • Reviews from past customers with regards to staff and services

On top of that, it is wise to make sure if the company currently exists resulting in avoiding fraud. It is safe to associate with reputable cleaning service companies or trusted online sources.


Excellent communication between the host and cleaner is crucial, especially in unpredictable situations. Keep in mind, you might face issues where guests check out later than the expected time or last-minute cancellations that lead to conflict in a scheduled cleaning service.

Be sure, before committing to a cleaning service, ask if they are adaptable to changes or last-minute calls. Other criteria include:

  • Reporting any damage to the property or other possible issues
  • Confirming receipt of schedule and confirmed each appointment


It is important that before committing to a cleaning service, be sure that they are reliable. Knowing that you can depend on your cleaner to show up, will allow you to focus on other things like growing your Airbnb business. Note that, Airbnb cleaners should come as scheduled and perform all the duties professionally. Keep in mind that if a guest leaves a negative review, it means that the cleaner is not doing it right. Hence, when hiring a suitable Airbnb cleaner, be assured that they are experienced at their job and guarantee timely services.


Take into consideration that the pricing structure varies from one company to the other. Some charge based on the hours required though this may not be the best option as prices may differ from cleaning to cleaning. Keep in mind, the fluctuating prices can make it difficult to manage the cost. Some professionals operate by reviewing the premises and deciding on a given flat rate after completion of the job.

This may seem complicated however it is important to search and compare price quotes from various cleaners. The bottom line is to select appropriate cleaning services according to the income of your vacation rental property.

Tip: Use cleaning services offering flat rates to avoid unnecessary expenses. Avoid low-cost options; cheaper isn’t always better. And lastly, in helping the cost involved, consider adding a cleaning fee to your listings.

Tips in Hiring the Best Airbnb Cleaner

When hiring Airbnb cleaners for your vacation rental property, here are some tips that you can take into consideration:

  1. Research and check out their credentials
  2. Listen to your gut. Ask yourself, ‘Do you trust them?’
  3. Make sure you feel good working with them
  4. Referrals are ideally the best.
  5. Inquire about the payment structure and make sure it is understood and agreed upon.
  6. Be clear on the years of experience in the vacation rental industry and also importantly check their work especially to start with.
  7. Observe, observe, correct and observe

Key Takeaway

Hiring Airbnb cleaners is ideal in keeping guests happy, receiving 5-star guest reviews, and offering guests an exceptional experience. Not only do you save time, cost, and effort, but you will also increase your chances of having more bookings if you meet the required Airbnb cleaning standards. So, don’t hold back and maximize your vacation rental profits. Take note, it is also a great way for you to free yourself to do things that matters to you.

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