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Best Vacation Rental (Airbnb Keyless) Smart Locks

Best Vacation Rental (Airbnb Keyless) Smart Locks

In today’s world, smart locks and keyless entries are the new norms. Host and property managers look at solutions that offer a bigger and better vacation rental experience to the guests. Apart from that, traditional locks are slowly eradicating in the market as smart locks offer streamlined, flexible, secure, and hygienic solutions benefiting both guests and property managers.

That being said, let’s take a deep dive on the following:

  • Are smart locks and keyless entry the future for vacation rentals?
  • Do smart locks require Wi-Fi?
  • What are the top reasons for property managers to switch to keyless entries?
  • What to look for in a smart lock?
  • What are the best smart locks for vacation rentals?

Are Smart Locks and Keyless Entry the Future for Vacation Rentals?

In a post-COVID world, guests expect the host to provide a vacation rental experience that is contactless, easy to check-in, convenient, safe, and hygienic. Let’s admit, managing multiple properties is a challenge, especially when you are managing all the guest's check-ins and are unable to have the resources to hire staff. Even so, it is time-consuming, and if a situation where keys are mishandled, the host will require to come in person to the vacation rental to hand over spare keys.

That being said, smart locks are the future of vacation rentals. It replaces traditional locks and guests can simply unlock doors with passcodes prior to their arrival and enjoy self-check-in at their convenient time. Moreover, it saves a lot of time and costs for hosts or property managers as they can focus more on growing their business and not worry about the security of the guests as well as the property.

In addition, considering that smart locks are the new norm, guests look forward to vacation rentals that are hygienic and do not foster the spreading of germs. Honestly, keys are not considered sanitary. Who knows how many times have keys been handled by guests? And with the indefinite social distancing measures in place, meet and greet guests are not ideal in this new norm we live in. Thus, smart home technology including smart locks is the future proof of vacation rentals leading to a better guest experience.

Do Smart Locks Require WiFi?

Do Smart Locks Require WiFi?

With smart home technology evolving, the era of traditional locks is slowly disappearing in the industry. Property managers mostly consider smart locks in the long run for their vacation rentals as it is convenient and cost-saving. Though, what initially comes to your mind is do smart locks require a WiFi connection?

Truth be told, not all smart locks use WiFi as there are other technology options such as smart locks that use:

  • Bluetooth- connects to guests' phones or laptops. Uses less power than WiFi and longer battery life.
  • Z-Wave- operates as a mesh network and requires a separate Z-Wave hub that connects to an internet router.
  • Zigbee- similar to Z-wave

Smart locks that use WiFi offer more features that connect with PMS (Property Management Software) allowing property managers to monitor activities, carry out remote operations, and connect to security systems. That being said, WiFi smart locks go simply beyond locking and unlocking a door remotely though, of course, depending on the property management needs. It is a matter of picking what smart lock executes your vacation rental requirements.

What are the Top Reasons For Property Managers To Switch To Keyless Entries?

1. No more keys and less risk of lockouts

A common situation that any property manager could face is when guests are locked out due to reasons for either key being misplaced or stolen. That being said, a keyless entry system eliminates changing locks and lessens the risk of being locked out as the guest can simply enter the code via smartphone through Bluetooth or Z-Wave technology and enter the property.

Moreover, in case of emergencies or malfunctions, there are manual overrides or backup systems. In addition, keyless entry puts an end to the need of fumbling around guests' bags or pockets in search of the key.

2. Improved Security

The biggest benefit of having a keyless entry or smart lock is keeping track and monitoring who enters and leaves the property. Moreover, with a keyless entry, depending on the role, the property manager can assign and deactivate access codes to different people such as guests and staff at separate times. For instance, if there is a repair required on the property, the property manager can assign a code to the Handyman and once it is all done, the property manager can deactivate his access codes to prevent future entries.

In addition, most smart locks can be integrated with an automated alarm system where guests and property managers will receive notifications with either an email or message if incase the vacation rental is breached.

3. Reliable and Convenient

Smart locks are convenient and reliable for guests as it simplifies the check-in process leaving an impression indicating a well-secured property and guests are well cared for.

That being said, guests can now enjoy a more flexible and independent check-in process on their own time, resulting in an improvement in guest experience and positive reviews.

4. Good Investment

Smart locks or keyless entry are a long-term investment as they save more time and money as there will be no need for replacement of keys and locks if guests' keys are stolen or mishandled, hire check-in staff, and more.

In addition, smart locks increase property value and are a great selling point knowing your property is highly secured and up-to-date with technology.

What to look for in a Smart Lock?

What to look for in a Smart Lock?


Do not overlook smart locks' features. Apart from monitoring the lock's activities, check out for smart locks that can integrate with PMS acting as a trigger that allows sending automated messages to your guests or cleaners which can be a great benefit to ensure a smooth self-check-in process.

Moreover, integration with smart home technology will be an added value to your vacation rental though may not necessarily be a must feature unless you use other smart home automation such as Noise control or Concierge devices. For instance, if say your smart lock links with Alexa or Google Assistant, you will be able to control locking and unlocking the door with your voice.


Most smart locks connect via smartphone either with WiFi or Bluetooth technology which is commonly preferred by property managers. Smart locks with WiFi enable property managers to monitor and track who enters and goes out of the vacation rental at all times. More importantly, you are not required to be in close range to monitor your lock's activities.

Though be aware, that there are smart locks with Z-Wave or ZigBee technology. Therefore, it is important to be familiar with smart lock features and what it has to offer to suit your vacation rental management needs.

Unique Access Codes

Smart locks that offer unique temporary access codes are important as it allows property managers to assign and deactivate codes for each and every guest once their booking is over. That way, you do not have to think about guests being unable to enter the property during their stay.


There are two types of smart lock installations: a full deadbolt lockset that includes the bolt, interior thumb lever, and plate, and an exterior keypad that replaces your current deadbolt entirely while the other type of installation only replaces the interior thumb lever and plate which is preferably easy to install and inexpensive.

That being said, it is important to understand the smart lock installation process before investing in one as it can lead to extra costs by hiring a professional to install it for you.


Research for smart locks that are durable for your vacation rental as it is of utmost importance. You do not want to invest in a smart lock that quickly wears and tears.

More importantly, what smart locks go on the exterior of the property's deadbolt? What factors should you consider before investing in a smart lock or keyless entry? Think about the temperature range of the smart lock? Does it cover most climates?

Apart from that, consider whether the smart lock can handle low-pressure water jets and if it's dust-tight.

What are the Best Smart Locks for Vacation Rentals?

1. Kwikset

Kwikset smart locks are known to be the best and offer different smart locks connectivity from Bluetooth to WiFi and even touchscreens that let guests type in eKeys to unlock doors. Apart from that, it integrates with existing intelligent technologies making it easy and convenient for guests to access and property managers to control locks from anywhere.

What's great, the installation of smart locks is simple and can do it yourself with just a screwdriver.

Price range: $79.99 – $249.00

2. August

It is easy to install and works with popular home automation platforms. It is no surprise August smart locks are award-winning and contactless solutions on the market. August smart locks come with built-in WiFi and combine with August Single Cylinder Deadbolt making the perfect secured door system for your vacation rental.

In addition, August smart locks are controlled remotely via app and feature smart programming capabilities such as a schedule automated unlocking system and models come with a sleek, simple design that integrates with your existing deadbolt.

Price range: $149.99 – $249.99

3. Honeywell

Only available in the U.S. Honeywell comes with a varied range of keypad smart locks from enabled Bluetooth digital door knob lock with a keypad that lets you control via a smartphone app or an electronic entry knob door lock with a keypad with traits of a convenient one-touch locking system.

Moreover, Honeywell smart locks are extra secured as it comes with an alarm sound system if ever entered multiple incorrect entry access codes. Apart from that, Honeywell is a great addition to your vacation rental as it is simply easy to install and allows for auto-locking.

Price range: $83.95 -$170.05

4. Yale

A leading lock manufacturer for over 180 years, Yale smart locks are known to be digitally-powered secured systems with remote functionalities powered with WiFi or Nest app integration. With that in mind, Yale Linus Smart locks seamlessly integrate with Airbnb and come with Doorsense technology that notifies users whether the door lock is closed secured, or ajar.

Apart from that, Partnered with Google's Nest, users can opt for Nest x Yale Smart lock as a great addition to their rental property management system.

Price range: $129.00 – $279.00

5. Lockly

Award-winning Lockly smart locks come with 3D fingerprint scanners and digital keypads permitting property managers/hosts to assign single-use or online access codes making it for guests easy and secure to check-in via a smartphone app.

Moreover, Lockly smart locks seamlessly integrate with smart home technology such as Alexa or Google Assistants allowing voice control to easily lock and unlock doors.

In fact, Lockly smart locks also offer exclusive high-end models with multiple access methods and a built-in HD video doorbell that streams live directly to your smartphone.

__Price range:__text in bold $199.99 – $749.99

6. Schlage

Compatible with any smart home system, Schlage is known to be the strongest deadbolt system on the market with a Grade 1 rating from the American National Standards Institute. Moreover, Schlage smart locks are sturdy, stylish, and offer advanced tech features from touchscreen keypads to voice assistant capabilities.

That being said, Schlage smart locks come with custom access codes using Z-Wave technology connecting to your smart hub or WiFi connectivity that activates locks with voice control and a touchscreen keypad code for guests to check-in and be able to monitor, set alerts, create codes, and manage the locks' activities via the Schlage app.

Price range: $159.00 – $249.00

7. Igloohome

Igloohome smart locks are highly-secured products and are designed specifically for commercial use. What is great about Igloohome smart locks is that they seamlessly sync with Airbnb and do not require WiFi connectivity eliminating the risk of hacking and more, still being able to access the system from anywhere.

In addition, Igloohome smart locks offer a variety of features from tracking lock activities to creating time-sensitive PIN codes and Bluetooth keys to setting auto-lock capabilities.

Price range: $250.00 – $499.00

8. Ultraloq

With over a million users worldwide and 5-star reviews on Amazon, Ultraloq smart locks are the number 1 Crowdfunded smart lock in the market and are recommended among users. Ultraloq smart locks are highly flexible and accessible via fingerprint identification, access codes, or enabled Bluetooth proximity sensors.

Moreover, Ultraloq smart locks offer a variety of deadbolts with a 6-in-1 keyless entry that includes a 'magic shake' that unlocks the door without unlocking your smartphone or the more traditional-looking handles that come with a keypad and 4-in-1 access to your vacation rental.

That being said, Ultraloq smart locks are easy to install and seamlessly integrate with home automation tools such as Alexa or Google Assistant.

Price range: $139.99 – $499.99

Final Thoughts

Depending on your preferences, no doubt Smart locks or Airbnb keyless entries are a great addition and the future for your vacation rentals. It amplifies security from monitoring to accessibility offering much better streamlined, safe, and fuss-free check-ins.

Don’t think for a second that Smart locks are considered costly but think of them as a long-term investment that benefits both guests and property managers alike. Apart from that, the drawbacks of installing smart locks to your vacation rentals are lesser in comparison to the beneficial traits and features it offers. Thus, smart locks or Airbnb keyless entries offer an easy and safe guest experience.

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