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15 Airbnb Vacation Rental Blogs to Follow in 2024

15 Airbnb Vacation Rental Blogs to Follow in 2024

Looking for the ultimate source where you can learn all the tips, tricks, and strategies to ace your Airbnb hosting journey?

As a host, keeping your finger on the pulse of guest preferences and trends is key. The good news is there's a treasure trove of websites and blogs ready to help you hit hosting success. Trust us when we say reliable blogs are your secret weapon for maximizing your listings, and the learning never stops within the vacation rental hustle.

Now, with a zillion blogs out there, how do you pick the best? If you manage several properties, go for heavyweights covering deep themes like strategy, growth, industry updates, and tech. Check out our list of must-follow blogs to keep you up-to-date on what 2024 has in store for you. Let’s dig in!



If you manage short-term rentals, Hostaway's blog is your new best friend. It's got tons of tips for managing short-term rentals. The topics covered vary from cleaning practices, automation, channel management, trend alerts and using Hostaway's vacation rental software for Airbnb and other platforms.

With an extensive range of articles, the blog serves as an all-in-one guide, addressing the challenges and opportunities in the vacation rental industry. Hostaway's blog focuses on marketing, optimizing vacation rentals, all for property managers, hosts, and vacation rental enthusiasts. With regular updates and a wealth of information, Hostaway's blog is the perfect place to stay on top of short-term rental trends.

As the fastest-growing vacation rental management solution in the industry, Hostaway is a robust, easy-to-use, and reliable vacation rental management solution. Hostaway was awarded Airbnb preferred partner in 2023 and is continuously working towards continued growth in the vacation rental industry.

Make sure to bookmark www.hostaway.com for daily blog updates. Stay on top of what's coming up so you don't miss out!

Lifty Life

lifty life

Lifty Life, based in BC, Canada, provides vacation rental management and digital marketing services for businesses. They work with homeowners, communities, businesses, and suppliers who share a passion for hospitality.

Their blog offers expert advice and tips on vacation rentals and hospitality, covering topics like hidden gem destinations in British Columbia and practical advice for hosts. The blog serves as a resource for vacation rental business owners and property managers, offering hosting tips, market analysis, and destination marketing articles. Lifty Life Hospitality's blog is a go-to destination for individuals looking to enhance their expertise in the world of vacation rentals. They also provide hosting tips, market analysis, and destination marketing articles, gleaned from managing Airbnbs over the years.

Make sure to bookmark www.liftylife.com and stay updated with the latest updates especially if you are looking for in-depth info on British Columbia & Alberta destinations!

Rental Recon

rental recon

Rental Recon is a current Airbnb Superhost who provides Airbnb tips & strategies to help boost your rental income.

The Rental Recon blog stands out as a trusted resource for Airbnb hosts, with tons of articles on everything you need to know about hosting. Whether it's management tips, house rules, or tips on improving guest experiences, Rental Recon has something for every host. There's lots of useful content on the blog, including how to deal with dirty sheets and how to set Airbnb house rules. It's not just informative, it's also well-structured, so it's easy to find actionable advice for both new and old hosts.

The blog roll at Rental Recon encapsulates a wealth of knowledge, making it a go-to resource for hosts.

Bookmark and follow www.rentalrecon.com today!



The go-to source for analytics and market research is AirDNA. Their blog covers a wide range of hosting tips categories, but they also provide some of the most in-depth industry analytics and these findings are reflected in the blog, resources, and case studies.

The platform's commitment to keeping hosts informed is evident through its user-friendly tools, making hosting and investing more accessible and efficient. The AirDNA Blog empowers hosts with the essential insights needed for successful hosting and real estate investment. Whether through market analysis, property research, or understanding the dynamics of the Airbnb platform, AirDNA serves as a go-to platform, helping hosts make informed decisions and navigate the competitive short term rental landscape.

To stay uptodate, bookmark your browser on www.airdna.co/resources



TurnoverBnB is a marketplace that gives rental operators access to cleaners in thousands of cities around the world.

The Turnoverbnb blog stands out as a valuable resource for hosts with a focus on the critical aspect of property turnover, the blog provides practical tips, strategies, and insights to help hosts optimize their cleaning and turnover processes.

What makes TurnoverBNB a great resource is its dedication to addressing specific pain points faced by hosts, specifically those related to property turnovers. The blog's content is relevant, up-to-date, and geared towards helping hosts enhance the overall guest experience while efficiently managing their properties. Hosts can rely on Turnoverbnb's blog for practical insights that directly benefit their short-term rental business.

Don’t forget to bookmark the web page www.turnoverbnb.com

Beyond Pricing


The Beyond Pricing blog, which focuses on revenue management and market statistics, is an excellent technical resource.

The Beyond Pricing blog stands as an invaluable resource for hosts navigating the complexities of the short-term rental market. In addition to providing hosts with insightful articles that cover a spectrum of topics crucial for success, Beyond Pricing also offers actionable insights backed by industry expertise.

What sets Beyond Pricing apart is its emphasis on data-driven decision-making.. Hosts can leverage this information to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the competitive short-term rental landscape.

It's a great way for hosts to keep up with technology while also finding out how to get, grow, and retain revenue from their vacation rentals! Bookmark the page so you won't forget beyondpricing.com

Get Paid For your Pad


Get Paid For Your Pad is a terrific website for advice, ideas, and expert opinions. A host looking to optimize their short-term rental business will find this blog incredibly helpful.

In his blog, Jasper Ribbers, an experienced Airbnb host, shares practical tips and strategies for hosts at different stages in their hosting journey. The blog covers a wide range of topics, from optimizing listings to setting competitive pricing to navigating the challenges of hosting.

Its founder's firsthand experience and success in the short-term rental industry makes it a standout resource. Jasper Ribbers shares his expertise, providing hosts with actionable tips backed by real-world results. Whether you're a novice or an experienced host, the blog's content caters to a diverse audience, making it a go-to destination for hosts seeking proven strategies to enhance their Airbnb experiences.

Learn how to get started on Airbnb, Airbnb tips to get more bookings by improving Airbnb SEO and hospitality and so much more.

Bookmark the page for all future references. In particular, if you are an aspiring Airbnb host, you will want to take note of Jasper's wisdom.



One of the notable strengths of Mashvisor's blog is its commitment to staying updated on real estate trends. Whether exploring market dynamics, technological advancements, or investment strategies, their blog emerges as a go-to destination for hosts seeking reliable and current insights to enhance their property management endeavors.

Hosts and real estate enthusiasts alike can benefit greatly as the blog offers a great deal of information, providing insights into the real estate market and valuable tips for hosts looking to optimize their property investments.

Among the top real estate investor blogs,they also guide buying a profitable property, financing it, renting it out, and managing it. For both beginners and seasoned hosts, there's a section dedicated to navigating Airbnb rentals. As part of its vacation rental guide, Mashvisor covers topics such as increasing revenue and legal regulations that apply to all vacation rental businesses.

Bookmark the website www.mashvisor.com for informed news in the vacation rental forums and stay up-to-date!

Learn BnB


Learn BnB is one of the most comprehensive sites for Airbnb and short-term rental hosts. They offer tips for Airbnb Hosts, news snippets, and educational content.

The expert Airbnb blog offers the latest best practices for hosting. Learn BnB offers a multidisciplinary approach when developing tips and insights that will help vacation rental owners improve profitability and maintain their competitive edge, drawing on their own experience in finance, real estate, and hospitality, as well as home-sharing experience from an extensive network of hosts.

In addition to its focus on practicality, Learn BnB explains pricing strategies, guest communication, and property management in depth. Through consistently delivering relevant and applicable content, Learn BnB has become a trusted hub for hosts looking to improve their hosting skills and navigate the short-term rental market.

Mark the webpage and follow for insights www.learnbnb.com

Rental Scale Up


On Rental Scale-up everything is covered - from news, newsletters, market trend studies, and analysis about the rental business.

As a premier resource for individuals involved in the short-term rental industry the blog provides a wealth of insights and in-depth reviews tailored to hosts, offering valuable perspectives on various aspects of the vacation rental landscape.

One of Rental Scale Up's blog's strengths is its commitment to staying current with industry trends. With a focus on relevant and up-to-date content, Rental Scale Up's blog emerges as a go-to source for hosts seeking actionable insights and a deeper understanding of the dynamic short-term rental market.

Keep up to date with their breaking news stories each week at www.rentalscaleup.com

Airhost Academy

Airhost Academy

AirHost Academy's blog emerges as a great source for Airbnb enthusiasts, offering a wealth of information and insights on various aspects of hosting and the short-term rental industry. With a commitment to providing relevant and up-to-date content, the blog covers topics ranging from Airbnb hosting strategies and market trends to practical tips for optimizing listings and guest experiences.

The academy's expertise in the field shines through in articles that delve into the intricacies of the Airbnb platform, helping hosts navigate challenges and maximize their hosting potential. The blog's user-friendly format and engaging writing style make it accessible to hosts at all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

Whether you're seeking advice on pricing strategies, guest communication, or the latest industry updates, AirHost Academy's blog stands out as a reliable and comprehensive resource, contributing to the success and knowledge of Airbnb hosts.

Keep up to date with their breaking news stories each week at www.airhostacademy.com

BNB Duck

BNB Duck

With insights into short-term rentals and practical tips, Airbnb Duck's blog is a valuable resource for hosts. One noteworthy aspect of the blog is its commitment to addressing current industry trends and challenges, providing hosts with relevant content to enhance their hosting experience. Keeping hosts informed about platform changes is a key objective of BnB Duck.

It stands out because of its user-friendly approach, offering both informative and actionable content that hosts can easily digest. BnB Duck's blog consistently offers valuable insights to empower hosts in their Airbnb journey, whether exploring strategies for optimizing listings or diving into guest communication best practices.

Here, hosts can find practical and relevant advice for elevating their short-term rental ventures.

Find out what's happening each week at www.bnbduck.com



The blog covers a diverse range of topics relevant for hosts, including insightful tips, strategies, and updates to enhance their hosting experience. The site provides practical advice based on the expertise of industry professionals. BookedHosts understands the evolving nature of short-term rentals and consistently delivers informative content to keep hosts current and ahead of the curve.

Hosts can rely on this blog for insights that can be implemented, making it a great go-to resource for navigating the ever-changing nature of vacation rentals.

Find them at www.bookedhosts.com

Vacation Rental Hosting 101

Vacation Rental Hosting 101

Founded by Airbnb coach & fellow host Alanna this blog stands as an index for hosts navigating the intricacies of vacation rentals. With a commitment to offering comprehensive insights, the blog caters to both novice and seasoned hosts. Notably, their articles delve into essential topics such as property management, guest experiences, and effective marketing strategies.

What sets VacationRentalHosting101 apart is its focus on practical tips and real-world experiences. Hosts can benefit from the firsthand knowledge that provides a nuanced understanding of managing guest interactions.

Through a blend of expert insights and practical knowledge, VacationRentalHosting101 becomes an indispensable resource for hosts looking to elevate their hosting game.

Find them at www.vacationrentalhosting101.com



This blog offers diverse insights, combining practical tips and industry trends that help hosts increase income from their Airbnb listings.

What sets Airbitics apart is its commitment to addressing the evolving needs of hosts. The blog regularly features content on market trends, guest experience improvement, and innovative hosting techniques. One notable strength of the Airbitics blog is its dedication to addressing contemporary challenges in the short-term rental industry.

Airbitics' commitment to educating hosts about the ins and outs of short-term rentals, coupled with their up-to-date content, positions their blog as a reliable and insightful resource. Hosts looking for a reliable source of information to elevate their hosting game can turn to Airbitics for practical advice and industry insights.

Find them at www.airbitics.com

As We Wrap Up

For hosts seeking success in the hospitality industry, navigating the landscape of short-term rentals can be a rewarding yet challenging adventure. This curated list is intended to be a valuable resource for everyone at every stage of their hosting journey. These blogs offer diverse information, insights, and practical tips, from property management and marketing strategies to industry trends and regulatory updates.

By tapping into the collective wisdom shared by experts, you can stay informed, inspired, and well-equipped to navigate the short-term rental world with confidence and competence. No matter what level of experience you have when it comes to short-term rentals, these blogs can provide you with plenty of useful tips to optimize your business.

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