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Airbnb Property Inspections | The Ultimate Guide

Airbnb Property Inspections | The Ultimate Guide

With the rapid growth of vacation rentals and Airbnb hosts, it is of utmost importance to provide guests with positive experiences whether you are just starting out as a host or a seasoned host. Take note that even if your Airbnb property is ready or has gone the extra mile, it is vital to ensure the safety and needs of the guests. Moreover, you would want your Airbnb to stand out and have the correct certification in place.

Yes! it is understandable managing multiple properties can be a lot to handle and no one wants to mislead guests with pictures and provide guests below the average standard. According to Airbnb’s internal survey, nearly three-fourths of the travelers on its service are willing to pay more for inspector-certified properties where inspectors review based on a checklist covering everything from the speed of the WiFi to the comfort of the bedding. Additionally, properties that fail can still be on the Airbnb listings and advised on improvements in enhancing their guest experience. Who doesn’t want a positive review at the end of each guest stay?

In a nutshell, this article will guide you through:

  • How Airbnb manages inspections?
  • Airbnb Home Inspection Checklist

How does Airbnb Manage Inspections?

As an experienced host, you are probably aware of the number of guests’ complaints in regards to the conditions shown in photographs displayed on property listings are untouched, however, in reality, the conditions are below average leaving a negative impact on the Airbnb business as well as receiving bad reviews from the guests. Of course, it will be unlikely to please each and every guest which therefore focuses on the solutions rather than the complaint.

Apart from that, this is actually has been of the largest challenges for Airbnb, which, therefore, introduces a guaranteed Airbnb inspection where Airbnb hosts deliver cleanliness, design and safety standards, amenities such as WiFi, and sanitary facilities.

In fact, for some properties, Airbnb hires inspectors to inspect properties confirming whether the property delivers the basic amenities, from the availability of toilet paper to one towel per guest as a minimum. More so, Airbnb believes offering experiences would enhance guests’ stay by selling additional services which are known as Airbnb Collections. Take note, when booking from Airbnb Collection, homes are expected to have a higher standard with complete essential amenities from self check-in for business trips to a well-equipped kitchen for family vacations.

Airbnb Home Inspection Checklist

Airbnb Home Inspection Checklist

In keeping up with the other competitors in the market, as a host, your property needs to stand out by ensuring guests your Airbnb property listing meets the highest guest standards. This can be done by using a checklist and ticking off items that are in good condition while making notes of those that are not. Doing so will allow you to do the needful improvements while enhancing your guest experience.

Purposeful Design

Check for property character and design:

  • Does each room have a variety of details working together to create a consistent style and design?
  • Does the property tell a story?
  • Is the room vibrant and visible whether it is functional or designed in detail?
  • Is each room layout and function carefully considered?
  • Does the property feature pieces uplift its look and feel?

General Maintenance

Guarantee the Airbnb property is well cleaned as well as complete with in-built and functional appliances:

  • Does every aspect of the space in the property clean and free from dirt, dust, stains, and hair?
  • Are all the electronics, appliances and lighting are functionally working and in good condition?
  • Are the wires and cables visible -should be hidden from sight?
  • Is each and every item installed properly and free of damage?
  • If there are outdoor spaces, does it have minimal clutter and weeds?

Guest Check-in

Ensure processes are in place to ease a smooth guest check-in:

  • Are there digital check-in instructions including photos?
  • Is there a printed house rules/manual to welcome guests to the property?
  • Does the welcome guide book include WiFi info, checkout procedures, and emergency contacts?
  • Is there a 24/7 check-in in place for guests who check-in after-hours? Ensure there is a lockbox, keypad, smart lock, or nearby host?

Privacy and Safety

Guarantee your Airbnb property is private and safe:

  • Is the entry to your property have a lock?
  • Are all bedrooms secured with a door and lock?
  • Do all the bedrooms and bathroom windows have window coverings?
  • Is the smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector functionally working and in good condition?
  • Is there a first aid kit available and visible for any emergencies?

Equipment Basics

Ensure your Airbnb listing provides guests with at least the basics:

  • Is there a functional TV with streaming?
  • Does the WiFi work properly and have download speeds of at least 5Mbps?
  • Is there an Iron board and good condition iron?
  • Is the air conditioner or fan working properly that adequately cools the space?
  • Is the heater in a good condition that works properly and heats sufficiently the space?

Beverage Items

Ensure your Airbnb listing is stocked with beverage supplies:

  • Is there bottled or filtered water available?
  • Is there a coffee maker provided along with coffee and filters?
  • Is there a tea kettle along with tea packets?
  • Are there sugar packets available?


If your Airbnb listing provides a kitchen, ensure to provide at least the following facilities:

  • Is there Microwave, stovetop, or hot plate available?
  • Are there at least two burners provided?
  • Is there a full-sized refrigerator available?
  • Is there a kitchen sink along with a sponge, dish soap, and cleaning brush?
  • Is the water pressure strong and provides both hot and cold water?
  • Are there any knives, bread knives, cutting boards available?
  • Are there at least two pots and two pans of any size available?
  • Are there at least utensil sets- fork, spoon, and knife available; each set for every guest?
  • Are there at least sets of plates, bowls, glasses, and mugs available- each set for every guest?
  • Is there a spatula?
  • Is there a bottle and wine opener?
  • Is there a paper towel at least one roll provided?
  • Is there a garbage can along with garbage bags provided?


Ensure the bedrooms are well cleaned and presentable:

  • Does the mattress squeak?
  • Are the sheets well-fitting the bed?
  • Are there extra linens, blankets, and pillows provided?
  • Are there two pillows available on each side?
  • Is there a luggage rack, drawer, or shelf available for the guest’s items?
  • Are there at least four non-wire hangers provided to hand clothes?
  • Is there a notepad and pen available at the bedside table?
  • Is there a box of tissues provided?
  • Is there a functional bedside lamp and in good working condition?
  • Is there a reasonable small size safe available for guest valuables and passports?
  • Is there a garbage bin at the side of the table?


Ensure the bathrooms are well stocked with supplies and well-cleaned:

  • Is there a bathroom sink?
  • Is there a functional and in good working condition flushable toilet with a seat?
  • Check for any leaks or pipe damages
  • Ensure to provide hot and cold water with strong water pressure
  • Is there a bathtub or shower? Check if it is in good working condition.
  • Is there at least two toilet roll papers provided?
  • Are there at least two hand towels, two bath towels, and two beach towels (if needed)?
  • Is there shampoo, conditioner, and body shower gel provided (should not be 2-in-1)?
  • Is there a disposable brush, razor, shower cap provided?
  • Is there hand soap available?
  • Is there toothpaste available?
  • Are there feminine products available?
  • Is the hairdryer in good working condition?
  • Are there built-in towel hooks?
  • Is there a built-in large-size mirror available (not hand-held)?

Living Room

Make sure extra facilities are provided especially for families or groups of friends:

  • Are there any books or magazines available?
  • Is there a desk or workspace provided?
  • Are there notepads, pens, and pencils available?
  • Are there any coloring books and crayons?
  • Are there any family games available such as playing cards, monopoly, etc.?

Other Areas

  • Is there a washing machine available and in good working order?
  • Is there a dryer or clothing rack provided?
  • Are there any cleaning supplies provided?

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