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20 Short-Term Rental Events You Should Check Out in 2024

20 Short-Term Rental Events You Should Check Out in 2024

The world of short-term rentals, and vacation rentals too, is always changing, and it can be tough to keep up with the latest trends and strategies. So we decided to put together a list for you!

Attending industry events is like having a secret weapon to stay in the loop, meet awesome folks, and pick up some fantastic insights into the vacation rental business.

In this blog post, we're going to spill the beans on the hottest vacation rental events for 2024. These gatherings are like a treasure chest of knowledge, covering everything from managing properties to rocking your marketing game and embracing the coolest tech trends.

No matter what aspect of the industry you're into, there's something here for you. So, let's dive in and discover the events that'll turbocharge your vacation rental game in 2024.

Why Are Events Important for the Short-Term Rental Industry?

Why Are Events Important for the Short-Term Rental Industry?


Events are forums for professionals in the vacation rental industry to connect, exchange ideas, and build meaningful relationships.

Networking opportunities at conferences, summits, and forums allow individuals to establish contacts with industry peers, experts, suppliers, and potential partners. These connections can lead to collaboration, partnerships, and access to a network of resources that can be instrumental in growing and improving your vacation rental business.

Learning opportunities

The vacation rental industry is constantly evolving with new technologies, market dynamics, and consumer preferences. Industry events offer a diverse range of learning opportunities.

Attendees can benefit from expert-led sessions, workshops, panel discussions, and presentations that cover the latest trends, best practices, regulatory updates, and innovative solutions in the field. Staying informed through education is essential for maintaining a competitive edge.


Attending industry events can be a source of inspiration for short term and vacation rental professionals. Hearing success stories, exploring innovative ideas, and witnessing the accomplishments of others in the industry can reinvigorate one's passion and motivation.

It's an opportunity to step back, gain fresh perspectives, and return to your vacation rental business with renewed energy and creativity.

Business Growth

Vacation rental events provide the tools and knowledge necessary for business growth. Through networking and learning opportunities, you can discover new technologies, marketing strategies, and operational techniques that can enhance the efficiency and profitability of your vacation rental business.

These events help you identify potential revenue streams, investment opportunities, and avenues for expansion, ultimately contributing to the growth and sustainability of your business.

Vacation Rental Calendar Events 2024

Vacation Rental Calendar Events 2024


The 2nd Annual Short Term Rental Forum (Winter)

The year kicks off with the 2nd Annual Short Term Rental Forum (Winter), a premier event that provides a platform for property owners, managers, and industry professionals to come together and discuss the latest market trends, regulatory changes, and innovative strategies in the vacation rental sector.

Additionally, the event features expert-led sessions, networking opportunities, and engaging discussions about the future of short-term rentals.

Date: January 9-10 Location: Aventura, FL

Why should you attend? When you attend, you're not just showing up; you're diving into the nitty-gritty of market trends and regulations, picking up the latest property management tricks, and mingling with industry insiders.

It's the place to be if you want to stay ahead, gather insights, and set your vacation rental business on the path to success.

Website: More info here

Rebook Conference

The Rebook Conference is an annual event designed to empower industry stakeholders with knowledge and professionalize the powerful economic driver that is the vacation rental industry.

This conference creates a platform where industry members can come together, share their expertise, and showcase the industry's products and services.

Date: January 27 Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Why should you attend? When you're at the event, you're in for a goldmine of knowledge that's essential for mastering vacation rentals. You'll be learning some seriously competitive strategies from the top dogs in the field, and who knows, you might even hatch some promising partnerships along the way.

Moreover, it's a recurring opportunity to stay updated and engaged in the industry's growth and evolution, ensuring your continuous success.

Website: https://www.rebookconference.com/


STR Wealth Conference

The STR Wealth Conference is a unique 4-day event aimed at inspiring and empowering attendees on their journey to success. It offers an immersive, high-energy atmosphere filled with surprises.

The event focuses on providing fresh perspectives to elevate both personal and professional life, unique and innovative learning, extensive networking opportunities, and actionable insights from dynamic speakers.

Date: Feb 5-7 Location: Nashville, TN

Why should you attend? It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in inspiration and connect with industry leaders and like-minded peers. Learn from dynamic presenters, leaving with actionable insights.

Elevate both your career and personal life by gaining the knowledge and strategies to build wealth and achieve your goals.

Website: https://strwealthconference.com/

ShortStay Conference

The ShortStay Conference is a significant event in the hospitality industry, particularly for Short Term Accommodation Managers Association of Greece Rental (STAMA Greece).

It's an election year for STAMA Greece, and the event focuses on challenges and changes in property management companies. It offers tailored content for industry professionals, aiming to enhance their services.

Date: Feb 9-10 Location: Athens, Greece Ticket: Early Bird €20.00

Why should you attend? Interact with industry peers, gaining insights on the latest developments. Attend talks to stay updated on market trends and improve services.

Join the Greece STAY Awards to honor exceptional properties for their outstanding service and hospitality.

Website: https://shortstayconference.gr/en/


SCALE Spain is the premier conference exclusively dedicated to Spanish short-term rental professionals with aspirations for growth. This two-day event focuses on Day One, tailored for operators with 20+ units, and covers best practices to successfully scale multi-unit operations.

Attendees can expect to hear from leading Spanish property management companies, gaining insights into market knowledge, growth strategies, and fresh content from both regional and international experts.

Date: Feb 21-22 Location: Marbella, Spain Ticket: Early Bird €69.00 2 x Ticket Bundle - Early Bird €59.00 3 x Ticket Bundle - Early Bird €49.00

Why should you attend? You'll benefit from insights tailored for scaling your short-term rental business and gain essential market expertise from industry leaders and property management experts.

This event offers a unique opportunity to network with peers, explore collaborations, and access exclusive content from both local and international speakers, ensuring you stay at the forefront of the industry.

Website: https://spain.scalerentals.show/en/show/


ALP Conference & Marketplace

The ALP Conference & Marketplace stands as a pivotal event for the independent lodging industry. This gathering, considered the largest of its kind, provides a platform for rental property owners to connect, share ideas, and foster business growth.

Date: March 2-6 Location: Orlando, Florida Ticket: $849- $1449

Why should you attend? With a diverse range of conferences, the event caters to both aspiring and established property owners, offering specialized insights. The marketplace, a highlight of the conference, showcases the latest industry products to enhance rental properties.

Attendees can also explore culinary expertise in a dedicated conference, learning to elevate their breakfast offerings in a professional kitchen.

Website: https://www.alplodging.org/conference-marketplace/

2024 VRMA European Conference

The 2024 VRMA European Conference is a platform for sharing your knowledge and expertise gained in the holiday home rental industry. It's an opportunity to contribute to the collective wisdom of professionals in the field.

Date: March 4-5 Location: Paris, France

Why should you attend? It is a unique opportunity to share your experiences and insights with industry peers, fostering knowledge sharing. It's a chance to elevate your reputation and expertise in the holiday home rental sector while connecting with like-minded professionals and building valuable connections.

Additionally, attending other sessions will provide fresh perspectives and keep you updated on industry trends.

Website: https://www.vrma.org/page/europecallforproposals

Level up your listing Summit

The Level Up Your Listing Summit is a 3-day short-term rental conference that embodies the values hosts stand by: design, hospitality, and guest experience. It's a platform where attendees can enhance their hosting skills, learn from industry leaders, and gain inspiration.

Date: March 11-13 Location: Scottsdale, AZ Ticket: VIP $1,697.00 GA $697.00

Why should you attend? It is an opportunity to learn from industry leaders and top hospitality brands, while networking with 300+ hosts and real estate investors.

Moreover, elevate your listings alongside powerhouses in the field, evolving from a regular host to a super host.

Website: https://www.levelupyourlistingsummit.com/

STRive to Thrive 2024

STRive to Thrive 2024 is an exclusive two-day extravaganza designed specifically for short-term rental proprietors, owners, and managers. It's a transformative gathering of like-minded professionals, offering a unique platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and growth.

Date: March 20-21 Location: Melbourne, Australia Ticket: Pre-release $429.00 VIP (both days) $899.00

Why should you attend? Join for a tailored experience, focusing on the unique needs of short-term rental professionals.

Network with peers, share knowledge with experts, and enhance your business through the latest trends and best practices, ensuring your professional growth. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your short-term rental business.

Website: https://striveconference.com/


STR Summit by the Real Estate Robinsons

STR Summit by the Real Estate Robinsons offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of short-term rentals (STRs).

Attendees can expect invaluable insights into off-market STRs and an in-depth breakdown of how to identify these opportunities before others. Learn from the experts behind a $10,000,000 STR business with 33 profitable properties in just two years.

Date: April 10-12 Location: Austin, TX Ticket: Early Bird $997 VIP $1,997

Why should you attend? Attendees willl get a unique inside scoop on the secrets of incredibly profitable off-market STRs, far beyond what you find online. Plus, you can supercharge your STR portfolio, guaranteeing it's a money-maker with advanced strategies. And the best part? You'll learn how to spot those goldmine markets before anyone else, putting you on the fast track to STR success.

Website: https://strsummit.com/

VRMA Spring Forum

The VRMA Spring Forum focuses on the vacation rental industry, offering a platform for professionals to explore, discuss, and gain insights. Featuring interactive workshops and hands-on training, it provides an engaging learning environment.

Date: April 15-16 Location: New Orleans, Louisiana Ticket: $550- $1200

Why should you attend? Engage in interactive workshops, connect with 730+ professionals nationwide, and leave inspired. Actively participate in discussions for maximum impact and networking opportunities.

Don't miss the chance to elevate your expertise and share insights with fellow property managers.

Website: https://www.vrma.org/events/vrma-spring-forum

Vitur Summit 2024

Vitur Summit 2024 is the definitive event for professionals in the Short Term Rentals, Serviced Apartments, and Alternative Accommodation industry. It's a global gathering of some of the brightest minds in the field, fostering conversations and collaborations that lead to innovative solutions for industry challenges and opportunities.

Date: April 17-18 Location: Malaga, Spain

Why should you attend? If you're up for some game-changing conversations, this is the event you don't want to miss! You'll get to team up with a bunch of diverse thinkers, and together, we're taking the European holiday scene to a whole new level.

Plus, you'll be rubbing shoulders with fellow industry pros, sharing knowledge, and having a blast celebrating our ever-evolving short-term rentals industry. It's a must for those who want to be in the know and part of the action!

Website: https://www.vitursummit.com/join-vitur-summit-2024/

Short Stay Summit ‘24

The 2024 Short Stay Summit is all about property owners and managers. It's a leading non-profit event focused on delivering valuable learnings year after year, and your input is crucial.

Date: April 24 Location: London, England Ticket: Early Bird £99.00+vat

Why should you attend? This is your chance to make your voice heard and actively participate in shaping the event's content.

What’s more, attendees can contribute to an event dedicated to enhancing the short-term rental industry, making it even more valuable for property owners and managers. Don't miss this opportunity to have a real impact on the future of the industry.

Website: https://www.shortstaysummit.org/


Everything Vacay Expo May 7th-9th 2024

Everything Vacay Expo features an AI-powered event app, a dynamic vendor floor and scheduled time for vendor meet-ups. On day 2, attendees will go on an excursion of their choosing.

Date: May 7-9 Location: Pigeon Forge, Tennessee Ticket: Early Bird $1,000 Regular $1,150 Late $1,300 One day $500

Why should you attend? This Expo provides a unique & one of a kind networking model. Attendees will be able to personally connect with other property owners to discover ways to optimise personal business needs.

Scale Show

Scale Show is the ultimate event for professional short-term rental property management companies. It's the world's only global conference entirely dedicated to this sector.

Attendees will explore industry growth trends and dive into crucial topics such as AI, data trends, profitability, property management systems, and more.

Date: May 14-15 Location: Barcelona, Spain Ticket: Single €99.00 2 x Bundle €89.00 3 x Bundle €79.00

Why should you attend? You're tapping into insights from hundreds of top accommodation providers, giving you a worldwide outlook on industry trends.

Not to forget, it is an opportunity to connect with industry peers and experts, opening doors for collaboration and growth. Don't miss the chance to stay ahead in the professional STR industry.

Website: https://barcelona.scalerentals.show/

The Book Direct Show

It is a must-attend for short-term rental managers, hoteliers, and serviced accommodation providers aiming to amplify direct bookings.

Moreover, this event offers top-notch direct booking strategy education and prime networking opportunities for industry professionals.

Date: May 16 Location: Barcelona, Spain Ticket: Early Bird €79.00 Pro Pass €299.00

Why should you attend? You'll gain double the value with access to both the event and the Scale Open for the price of one.

What’s more, you’ll have the opportunity to dive into a direct booking focus, free from OTA involvement, and get hands-on education from direct booking experts. Don’t miss out!

Website: https://bookdirect.show/


Maximum Occupancy

Maximum Occupancy is New Zealand's top-tier hotel and accommodation industry conference. It's crafted by industry leaders and caters to all types of providers.

With 50+ leading experts from New Zealand and beyond, this event is your go-to for achieving maximum occupancy month after month.

Date: June 5-6 Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Why should you attend? Grasp insights from thought leaders, acquire actionable strategies for immediate team implementation, and network with over 300 professionals, fostering valuable connections. Don't miss this chance to elevate your business to its full capacity.

Website: https://maximumoccupancy.co.nz/

STR Summit by the Real Estate Robinsons

STR Summit by the Real Estate Robinsons offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of short-term rentals (STRs).

Attendees can expect invaluable insights into off-market STRs and an in-depth breakdown of how to identify these opportunities before others. Learn from the experts behind a $10,000,000 STR business with 33 profitable properties in just two years.

Date: June 23-25 Location: Denver, Colorado Ticket: Early Bird $997 VIP $1,997

Why should you attend? Attendees will get a unique inside scoop on the secrets of incredibly profitable off-market STRs, far beyond what you find online. Plus, you can supercharge your STR portfolio, guaranteeing it's a money-maker with advanced strategies. And the best part? You'll learn how to spot those goldmine markets before anyone else, putting you on the fast track to STR success.

Website: https://therealestaterobinsons.com/strsummit/


NoVacancy Expo & Conference

It is the pinnacle annual gathering for hotel and accommodation professionals. It’s an opportunity to access the latest in new brands, product launches, crucial education, industry insights, networking, and business deals.

Date: September 18-19 Location: Sydney, Australia

Why should you attend? You'll have the opportunity to dazzle guests with suppliers enhancing experiences. Explore AI tech, sustainability, and tackle direct bookings. Join summits, learn design insights, and witness the 45,000-room development pipeline.

Website: https://novacancy.com.au/


Vacation Rental World Summit 2024

A premier event designed to connect the global Vacation Rental community, bringing together hosts, property managers, and industry professionals.

Originating in 2013, VRWS has evolved into both online and physical editions, fostering a community that shares insights on upcoming trends, booking strategies, workflow optimization, and maximizing rental income.

Date: October 3-4 Location: Alfandega Do Porto, Porto, Portugal Ticket: € 297 (40% discount - full price €497)

Why should you attend? With top-notch presentations, a high-value agenda, and invaluable networking opportunities, VRWS is a must-attend for those seeking business improvement and innovation in the Vacation Rental industry.

Website: https://vacationrentalworldsummit.com/

VRMA International Conference

The largest and most comprehensive event, serving as a one-stop-shop for education and networking. From fundamental basics to large-scale operations and growth strategies, it addresses diverse needs.

Organized by a non-profit trade organization, the event focuses on advancing the profession through education, information, and advocacy, supporting the industry's growth and protection.

Date: October 14-17 Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Why should you attend? Join the VRMA International Conference for unparalleled insights and networking in the vacation rental industry. Whether you're a startup or a large company, gain knowledge on operating at a larger scale, improving efficiency, and developing effective growth strategies.

Website: https://www.vrma.org


Scale UK

Scale UK is the premier event exclusively designed for professional short-term rental property managers in the United Kingdom.

Focused on the unique needs of property management companies with ambitions to scale, this conference covers essential topics such as property acquisition, owner relationships, technology integration, exit strategies, and more.

Date: November 7-8 Location: UK Tickets: Early Bird £99.00

Why should you attend? Connect with industry leaders and accommodation providers across the nation gather.

Moreover, you can dive into vital discussions shaping the future of short-term rental management. Whether it's property acquisition or improving owner relationships, Scale UK provides insights to keep you ahead in this dynamic industry.

Website: https://uk.scalerentals.show

And More to Come!

We’ll keep adding to the list of 2024 Short Term Rental events you should check out as they become available. Stay tuned.

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