Integration with PriceLabs and Webinar announcement

May 22, 2018

Partner Announcement: PriceLabs + Webinar

We have some exciting news to share! Hostaway has recently partnered with PriceLabs. They offer an innovative (and very easy to use) revenue management solution for your properties, suggesting the best rate possible for each day. Their data-driven pricing approach scans supply & demand trends for your specific market for supply to automate pricing and this can be customised to suits your needs too.

But, what does this partnership (PriceLabs + Hostaway) means for our customers? This integration allows you to maximise both your pricing strategy and distribution strategy at the same time! If you’re working with both of us, we’ll be able to automatically take your smart prices (and LOS) from Pricelabs and push them to all of the channels you are connected to (and that support this feature) with the adjusted percentages for each. Easy!

Connecting your Hostaway account with PriceLabs is extremely simple, just follow the steps in this guide:

Webinar (31st May): How to achieve more revenue with your vacation rental properties

In addition, they have the same vision as ours: saving time and having your back and this is one of the reasons why are we so excited about being partners. We’ve also asked them to provide us with a few insights and will be offering a webinar together on Thursday 31st May at 5pm CEST (Barcelona) / 11am EDT (New York) / 10am CDT (Chicago) where PriceLabs will give us the best tips for achieving more revenue with your vacation rental properties.

You can register for the webinar here:

Spaces are limited so join now and don't miss the opportunity to find out how to save time and maximise revenues with Hostaway and PriceLabs!

If you have any questions before the webinar about this integration, don't be shy and email us at

We hope to see you there!

The Hostaway Team